After spending days and nights researching, assessing, and evaluating numerous wrist ice packs available around, we have come to the conclusion that the NatraCure Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap stood out among the rest. It has a 3-in-1 feature that gives cold, heat, and compression therapy. It also has a long strap that makes it adjustable and versatile for any use. On top of that, it is washable and reusable. Simply, it delivers a great job.

Feeling like your wrists keeps you from doing your job? Is there a certain pain when you move it around?

Well, we are here to tell you to treat that immediately.

Your wrist is one of those sensitive parts of your body that can really take a toll with how you go about your daily routine, most especially in today’s world where typing in our computers is an important requirement for the job.

Now if you are wondering how you can put a stop to that pain, then grab yourself a wrist ice pack.

A wrist ice pack is a great compression device that uses cold therapy to relieve your wrist pain. It is also used and recommended by a number of health professionals.

And before you go about overexerting your hands and wrists by typing away on Google looking for the best wrist ice pack for you, allow us to give you answers now.

There is no need for you to go through time-consuming research because we have it covered for you. Below are some of the great and most recommendable wrist ice packs around. Simply read on to know more:

Comparison Table

RipStik Caster Board8 lbs. 34"x 9"x 4.5"urethane wheelsInclined 360 degree deck and pivoting deck
Razor RipStik Ripster4.5 lbs. 27" x 9"x 4.5"urethane wheelsInclined 360 degree deck and pivoting deck
Razor RipStik Bright Caster Board8 lbs. 34"x 9"x 4.5"urethane wheelsInclined 360 degree deck and pivoting deck
Deluxe Junior Caster Board in Amazing Blue Color 6.6 lbs. 31.5" x 8.25" x 5"urethane, illuminated wheelsNA*
Zoom Stik Caster Board5.5 lbs.9" x 27" x 4.5"illuminated wheelsNA*
Razor RipStik Caster G8 lbs. 34" x 9" x 4.5"urethane wheelsInclined 360 degree deck and pivoting deck
Street Surfing Wave Rider Sundown6.5 lbs. 34.65" x 16.93" x 11.42"NA*NA*
Dazling Toys High Quality Zooming Boards 6 lbs.33" x 9" x7" urethane wheelsNA*
Razor RipStik Air5.25 lbs. 32.5" x 8.5" x 4.5"urethane wheelsself-centering casters
Enkeeo Caster Board6.85 lbs.34.2" x 6.6" x 5"NA*NA*

How Does a Wrist Ice Pack Work?

Cold/Ice therapy has been proven to provide relief and healing benefits. With that, we have what we call ice packs that efficiently deliver the job. Among the many variations of these are wrist ice packs.

As what the name suggests, wrist ice packs are ice packs specifically made to target the wrist that has swelled or is in pain. By doing so, ice packs can hasten the healing process while at the same time offering relief.

It can be applied to treat thumb and wrist injuries such as sprains and fractures. Specific examples would be wrist strains and carpal tunnel syndrome.

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Wrist Ice Pack?

With the number of ice packs in demand these days, choosing the best one for you can be challenging. So it helps to know some tips and things to look out for in order to narrow down your search.

Luckily, you have come to the right place. Before you jump into buying the first wrist ice pack you see, take a look at these considerations below:

1. ​Size

The first most important thing to look at when buying your wrist ice packs is the size. Not everyone is made the same. This is a fact that we all know. Some have bigger wrists while others have small.

Therefore, in order to get the full benefits of your wrist ice pack, it helps to identify your own wrist size first. Measure yourself and take note of it when buying. Then, look for the one that can best wrap your wrist and hit the right spot.

2. Strap

Next is the strap. Of course we humans are subject to growth. And as time goes by, we might just find that the wrist ice pack you bought do not fit you anymore.

So buying one that has a great strap will enable you to use it even after some time. Also, it is great to have one that will allow other family members or friends to use.

3. Fit

The fit is necessary to consider since it is the one that will dictate how the wrist ice pack works. Basically, when your wrist ice pack does not fit well, it won’t hit the right spot or pressure points that it needs.

And if you are the type who likes to move around, you might not want to have an ice pack that keeps sliding off.

4. Comfort

Finally, we are down to comfort. Since we are talking about pain here, it is nice that the kind of healing you will get is also not irritating or even painful.

So comfort is key to have your wrist pain be relieved. Check if the Velcro strap keeps poking around. Also, determine whether or not the wrist ice pack is comfortable to wear.

What Problems are the Product Trying to Solve?

There are a number of things that wrist ice packs try to target. The wrist is probably one of the complex joints in the human body that has very delicate parts in it. So once you feel something there, it is bound to bother you for a period of time.

Unless you treat it well and fast. By using a wrist ice pack, you are able to this. And if you are quite unsure of the kind of pain it addresses, then these are some of them:

Wrist Pains and Strains

The most common wrist problems are wrist pains and wrist strains. Wrist pain is when the ligaments are overstretched or torn. On the other hand, wrist strain is when the muscle has problems.


Your wrist contains two large bones with eight small bones connected. When you have a wrist fracture, it could cause some very serious consequences.
Sometimes, people would easily dismiss this as mere minor sprain and leave it untreated. This is wrong, of course, since it stops the fracture from healing properly. This leads to surgery.
So when you have a fracture, have it check immediately while placing in wrist ice packs.


Just like what it is called, tendonitis is when your tendons get inflamed. This is usually caused by repetitive and minor impact on the affected area. It could also be from a sudden and more serious injury.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

People who have carpal tunnel syndrome are commonly the ones who spend their day typing on a computer or even writing. It can also be caused by repetitive stress in sports like tennis, badminton, and bowling.

​How We Assessed and Evaluated These Wrist Ice Packs

As we have stated somewhere above of this article, there is a demand with wrist ice packs that makes it challenging to identify the one that works best. Well, we have set out the task to actually find some of the products that can really deliver the job. Here is how we did it:

The first thing to do is research. We scoured through a number of wrist ice packs that we can get our hands on from the market—bot physical and online. From here, we list down those that are readily available. Of course, we got a ton of them.

So the next thing would be to narrow down the list. Here, we immediately eliminated those with more bad reviews as well as reputations from our inventory. It is evident that when a product has no favorable views, they usually don’t work well.

With a trimmed down list, we then began establishing the common buying criteria based on the feedbacks we received from users as well as friends. We consulted forums also from people who tend to buy this product like PhysioForum. Some criteria we gathered are those in the buyer’s guide above.
We then scored each of the products and tallied them in order to rank them from the highest to the lowest. Those who did not make it to the top 5 were removed. And so, we arrived at our final list.

To further assess the remainder products, we set on to test them ourselves. By the time we finished spending days with a product, we compiled our results and concluded our list by ranking them again.

Before you go on and proceed to know the ones that stood out, it helps to tell you that we did not receive any inducement from brands, vendors, or manufacturers. Everything we have written here are free from bias.

​Product Re​views

1. NatraCure Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap – ​​3-in-1 Editor’s Pick

NatraCure Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap tops our list among the many wrist ice packs we have assessed. This one offers 3 important therapeutic modes that helps those who are experiencing wrist problems.

This product can offer cold therapy, heat therapy, as well as compression. The gel inside the pack is freezer and microwave friendly. You can choose either of the two.

It is held by a compression strap that extends up to 24” in length for the size 5” x 10”. We like how you can easily wrap it around your problems areas not limiting to the wrist. Compression is great to assist with the swelling and inflammation.

And since it can be used anywhere, this product is adjustable and versatile. Together with the Velcro compression strap, you won’t be limited in the range of your motions. It will stay in place without constricting your hand movements.
This wrist pack is also washable and reusable. There is a hook and loop closure that allows for precise adjustments.

We honestly can’t find an issue with this product regarding to its effectiveness as a wrist pack. However, if you use it for your feet problems, then you might find it difficult to snugly fit.

What We Liked

  • Cold and Heat Therapy
  • Compression therapy
  • Long strap
  • Adjustable and versatile
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Stays put
  • Washable and reusable

What We Didn't Like

2. Bodyprox Cold & Hot Therapy Wrap – ​​2-in-1 Second Pick

Next here is the Bodyprox Cold and Hot Therapy Wrap. Just like the first one, you can also use this wrist pack for heat therapy. So it is freezer and microwave friendly.

This one has a non-toxic gel pack bag that measures 4.4” x 7.5”. It comes with a flexible compression wrap that you can adjust accordingly. Therefore you can use it beyond the wrist like your foot, arm, elbow, etc.

The product is very comfortable and stays in its place even after movements. Also, it is reusable.

The reason it fell down a place is that we find that it does not hold the cold as long as we expected. It would also have been nice if the strap could accommodate more people—from the smallest to those with larger built.

What We Liked

  • Cold and Heat Therapy
  • Compression wrap
  • Adjustable and versatile
  • Reusable

What We Didn't Like

  • Doesn’t stay cold long

3. TheraPearl Ankle/Wrist Wrap – Pearly Pick


If you are the type who likes pearly beads, then the TheraPearl Ankle/Wrist Wrap is your pick. This one has a Pearl technology that contains its cooling and heating abilities in order to help you with your pain.

It is microwave and freezer friendly and you can use either way according to the kind of therapy you want.

The wrist pack measures 14” x 4.25” with a strap that could extend up to 25”. So you can use it to your ankle and wrist and even lend it to anyone regardless of size.

Also, this pack is reusable and aims for a well-targeted kind of therapy. This product is made for your ankle and wrist only. There are other variations as well depending on the area.

The downside is that it warms up quickly just like the one above. Furthermore, we find it too large and heavy to be comfortably used by anyone.

What We Liked

  • Hot and Cold Therapy
  • Long strap
  • Adjustable
  • Reusable

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Warms up quickly
  • exclamation-triangle
    Too large
  • exclamation-triangle

4. Exerciser Elite Circulation Machine – Another Customizable Choice

Our fourth pick is the Exerciser Elite Circulation Machine. This Chi Machine is another very customizable choice that we think people will like.

It operates on 5 types of speed, which goes from 120 to 160 swings per minute. Also, it has a 16-minute digital timer and comes with a safety shut-off feature. The timer has 2 minute increments.

And if you want something more set, it has 2 pre-programmed settings. Program 1 is for relaxation while the Program 2 is for energizing.

We also like the digital timer screen on the controller that allows us to look at and read the time. It comes with a speed indicator lights as well.
Lastly, its ankle rest is wide enough and comfortable.

​​​​For its issues, we are not really fond of how heavy it is. This makes it harder to set up.

And lastly, as much as we don’t like basing our opinions on the price, we think it costs too much for the functions we can find with other devices. It is unfortunate that while it is great, not many might afford it.

What We Liked

  • 5 speed variations
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Complete controller functions
  • Digital timer and speed indicator lights
  • Wide and comfortable ankle rest

What We Didn't Like

  • Heavy
  • Expensive

The last but certainly not the list is the AW ACTIVEWRAP Hand and Wrist Ice/Heat Wrap. Rounding up the top wrist packs, this one stands out for its glove-like design. So this goes to those who want the therapy extended to their hands.

This product claims to be a one size fits all wrap, measuring 9” x 7”. To use, simply insert or slide your hands and push it down to your wrist. Then adjust the Velcro straps as needed. It acts like a brace that protects your hand and wrist from over-exerting when moving.

There are 2 pouches of removable gel packs that provide the heat and the cold. Simply remove these packs and stick it into the freezer or microwave.

While the product is nice and the glove wrap keeps the hand and wrist still, some people might find it constricting. Most especially if you just want to treat your wrist. It makes it harder to move around while wearing.

There is also the problem of it not staying within its temperature longer. It is also a struggle to adjust it.

What We Liked

  • Glove-like
  • One size fits all
  • Brace
  • Removable gel packs

What We Didn't Like

  • Constricting
  • Warms quickly
  • exclamation-triangle
    Difficult to adjust

​Our Recommendations and How They Compare

After everything is said and done, we have come to the final part of this article. Here, we discuss our topmost picks for the best and most recommendable wrist ice packs around.

For our editor’s choice, we have the NatraCure Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap. It is then followed by our two runners up: the Bodyprox Cold & Hot Therapy Wrap and TheraPearl Ankle/Wrist Wrap.

Our top pick simply stood out as it gives and delivers what it said it would do. The NatraCure Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap is a reliable wrap that offers not only one kind of therapy but three: cold, hot, and compression.

We also like its long strap that allows it to be used in any parts of the body. It is adjustable also and keeps in its place without being constricting. On top of that, it is washable and reusable.

For the following two, both offers great features and also gives an efficient job. However, their setbacks placed them down on the list.

The Bodyprox Cold & Hot Therapy Wrap does not stay cold as long. The same goes for the TheraPearl Ankle/Wrist Wrap but it also too large and heavy.