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Three words Skateboardhere.com defines the culture of skateboarding transcending different eras and a great influencer of sports, lifestyle, and clothing.

And skateboarding is nowhere near stopping.

It has embraced the changes and adapted to technology as seen in the introduction of the electric skateboard.


What are these electric skateboards all has been talking about? We’re also giving you a peek at the top brands and what each has to offer.

Let’s find out!

What are electric skateboards?

Electric skateboards are what the name says it is. A motor-powered skateboard packed with batteries.

To accommodate the motor and the batteries, the board is longer than the traditional skateboards. The engine allows the skateboard to move without the need to pushed. Instead of pushing with your foot, you can use the remote control take position and begin rolling.

The batteries, on one hand, is what powers the motor. And yes, it needs to be charged from time to time. Some boards can run up to 21 miles in a single charging and others with only 5 miles.

Electric skateboards can be used by anybody whether for leisure or transport. But, it might not be very suitable in skateparks or with lots of impact activities. The board like in the video are quite durable. You must, however, consider the motors and batteries.

What are the top brands?


While electric skateboards may not be good friends with stunts and jumps, the Boosted brand has created powerful electric skateboards that can climb uphill. So if you’ve seen boards specked with orange colors zooming past and upwards, these are probably the Boosted Boards.

Boosted understands the limitations of an electric scooter. To resolve this issue, they offer an extended battery range that extends their e-skateboards battery capacity from the standard 6 to 7 miles to 12 miles.

Their electric skateboards are also equipped with their trademark belt drive, which increases the wheels’ powers, motor torque, and the boards precision. All these are coming together to create one of the top performing electric skateboards on the market.

So watch out for their boards like the 2nd Gen Boosted Board that comes in Dual and Dual+ options.


Thirteen years since they’ve launched, Atom has mastered the creation of electric skateboards for different kinds of lifestyle. Atom got you covered whether you need an electric skateboard for fun rides or your transport means.

They have the H4 meant for in-campus rides, B10 for the city or urban areas, H10 for all around commute, B10x when going off road and a combination of all these is the H16D.

Over the years, they learned to adapt to market needs and answered to the need for compact rides. Now, they have the H series with motors inside the boards’ special wheels, minimizing the bulkiness.

With their strong portfolio, you might expect their products to be expensive. You’re wrong. Atom positioned itself that it cuts down ‘unnecessary’ business process to ensure that they create top quality boards that their market can afford.


The Yuneec brand is not a new player in the market, which started in 1999 as a remote controlled aircraft company. This background gave them a solid foundation in the creation of the E-Spyder, drones and the electric longboards.

This award-winning manufacturer created the E-Go and the E-Go 2. While seeing orange skateboards climbing up is associated with Boosted, orange longboards running in puddles probably are E-Gos.

The waterproof feature is a patented casing that is uniquely Yuneec that conforms to the board’s body. This makes their boards more compact and convenient.

To further prove their power in remote technology, the electric longboards can also be controlled using smartphones. The E-Go app allows you to see battery juice, speed controls and odometer among many things.


Combine outdoor lifestyle, skateboarding and surfing culture and you’ve got Blitzart. This Southern Californian electric skateboard manufacturer has one of the longest range e-skateboard (from our review) of up to 17 miles on a single charge.

Their selections of electric skateboards also fit different kinds of users depending on the lifestyles their leading. They have a smaller 28 inches board, which may be perfect for school children whether for play or school commute. Adults also get to enjoy heir 38-inches e-skateboard options.

From the Mini Flash to the Tornado, to Hurricane and up to the Xplore, you’ll get to see and feel the durability of their boards with five to seven layers of maple with two additional layers of bamboo. Such a beast!


Airwheel believes in “Free Intelligent Life” by providing consumers not only high-technology devices, but intelligent ones to further enhance human capacities. It is no wonder how they’ve easily expanded over the world in 68 countries serving millions of people.

With their smart rideable comes their electric skateboard, M3. It is the convergence of their expertise, research and having a youthful heart that they develop a vehicle that is made for adults.

It can be used in the city or dirt roads with their all-terrain rubber tires staying true to giving adults their fun. Their product comes with a simple, but the multifunctional controller that provides dual-direction for the riders.

To make things more exciting, you can contact them to customize your deck with your own designs.


When you talk about Acton, think of firsts. The Acton brand was first to bring into the market the smart electric skateboards. Aside from the remote control, it was the leading brand in taking advantage of mobile technology to mobilize electric skateboards.

Their Blink Lite 2, sounding very youngish and exciting, is dubbed as the lightest fun electric skateboard. It weighs only about 7 lbs that even the kids can enjoy riding on them.

Its other electric skateboard includes the Blink Qu4tro, a 4WD electric skateboard with a speed of up to 23 mph and a 22-mile range. There is also the Blink S and Blink S2 that are made for students with a capacity of 15 mph and 18 mph, respectively, making it best for campus rides.