As an exercise equipment, it is expected that an outdoor elliptical bike will have some advantages for the users.

What many might not know is that its rewards extend beyond one’s physical body, but also to other aspects such as body healing, convenience, enjoyment and even to the wellness of the community.

Today, we are giving the center stage to the unseen benefits of using the outdoor elliptical bikes.

No. 1 Eco-Friendly exercise equipment

There are numerous means for an outdoor elliptical bike to be environmentally-friendly, whether you talk about the energy input to the supposed emission (Spoiler alert! None).

The equipment needs no electricity nor batteries or whatever form of energy-giving technology. All it needs is the power of your feet to propel it forward. Hence, you don’t need to charge or plug it into an outlet for it to work.

The human energy is what it needs; no burning of our fossil fuel resources just the extra calories from our late night desserts. Thus, it a powerful equipment for fat burning and weight loss activities among the other kinds of exercises.

Since outdoor elliptical bikes have no dangerous inputs, it is only natural that there are also no gaseous emissions. The unwanted calories burnt are turned into sweat discharges. In the end, it is a win-win situation for you, the environment and the rest of the community.

No. 2 Exercise without hurting joints

By looking back at the history of the outdoor elliptical bike, we’ll find out that this equipment is primarily made to imitate the motion of running. The idea came when the inventor was filming his daughter run, while he is on board his car running on the side.

It is modified though to eliminate if not lessen the impact brought by the constant pounding of the feet while running or jogging. In effect, the joints are protected, while still getting the beneficial effects of running.

Now came the outdoor elliptical bikes that allow you to do feet or lower body exercises with minimal strain to your joints. Your feet do not leave the mounting steps. These steps are just pushed with the lower leg, wherein the action is similar to running without the hammering.

Aside from the joints, the equipment is also friendly to the back, knees and the hips because the pedals or steps move fluidly. From our reviewing and testing, we also found that it is helpful for posture because there is less crouching like when cycling. 

No. 3 Portable

Portability is among the greatest advantage of the outdoor elliptical bike. Unlike the traditional or the standard elliptical machine, the bike variety can actually roll in the streets. Although there are elliptical bikes with stationary options like the Streetstrider so you can still use it indoors.

It also works like a bike minus the seat and the strenuous movements of the legs. When pushing the pedal steps down and slightly forward the wheel follows and rolls. You are like biking and running with the use of the elliptical bike.

Apart from the bike function that lets the equipment move, outdoor elliptical bikes are portable in a way that some can be folded or easily kept. It is most useful when you want to ride on a different place.

Some of my friends even make use of the equipment for their last mile solution or other short distance travel like inside the campus or in the neighborhoods. It can easily fit under bus seats, in schools, dorms, or offices with small space for storage.

No. 4 Different exercises in one

As simplistic as it looks, the elliptical bike can provide different kinds of exercises depending on your preference, purpose, and goal.

The single act of standing up while cycling is already performing a mix of cycling, indoor elliptical training and running as its core benefits. That is why I personally love outdoor elliptical cycling because you don’t have to do so much, but you gain a lot from it.

However, athletes and even non-professionals have found ways to maximize the use of the outdoor elliptical bike by incorporating in different trainings and exercises. Some of these include cross training and to build-up muscles and cardio for marathoners and elite athletes. There are also other professionals that actually uses it when racing and not just for training.

Leisure riders can also benefit in keeping their hearts healthy and their postures proper. They can use the equipment for core muscles such as the abdomen, hips, as well as the upper and lower body.

No. 5 Adjustment of difficulty levels

The more modern outdoor elliptical bikes have more settings and functions that let the riders choose their difficulty level precisely.

The level adjustments can also be done in running and cycling. However, with the outdoor elliptical bike, it can be more accurate because there are features that the rider can set.

For instance, if you want a more rigorous training, you have the option to adjust the incline or the resistance of the equipment. Even its speed can be tailored to your training needs. Then you can record and observe the actual figures (i.e., range or levels) from the equipment against your training plans. Therefore, you get an accurate result, which is very useful if you have targets.

The adjustments features are likewise important to attune the equipment to the physical surroundings. Remember! You are doing the exercises outdoors, where there are distinct physical conditions you need to consider.

No. 6 Suited for different riders

Do you want the outdoor elliptical bike for yourself? Okay.

For your mom and dad? Okay.

For gran and gramps? Okay.

For brother or sisters? Okay.

This equipment is quite flexible that it can be used by different riders. You don’t have to be a professional. From its low-impact on joints to adjustability, to portability, anybody can ride it, even with those who have injuries (especially them).

It is lightweight and easy to use or operate. So even those with limited force or who are just looking for ways to keep their bodies moving, they won’t have a difficult time in exercising with the outdoor elliptical bike.

The challenge, however, is to have balance if your bike only has two wheels.