Electric scooters are fun things! It is even made more functional with the introduction of the electric variety that traveling is enhanced and made more exciting.

Before we hop on one, always remember that safety should be a priority.

Here are ten tips to keep you safe while riding an electric scooter.

Tip No. 1 Learn the operations and functions by reading manual

Despite the straightforward function and an easy to use mechanism, beginners and even professionals should always understand and know the functions of your electric scooters. This is very important if your ride is new to avoid damage to the scooter and most ​​​​importantly to keep you safe.

The user’s manual is one vital source in knowing the functions. Don’t commit the mistake of just looking and touching the scooter without the manual as this is often the reason why its functions fall short.

Tip No. 2 Check if functions work properly

This is the tip, where you will test what you’ve read from the manual. You need to locate the brakes, adjustments of handlebars, the batteries, motors and the likes.

Once you’ve located them and installed every part (correctly!), then you can start checking how it works. Not all scooters have the same functions although its parts are the same. For instance, there may be buttons on some while others don’t have.

There are riders who think that think that this is not important. But, it will help you be a safe driver for yourself and others.

Tip No. 3 Practice at home

Before hitting the main streets, you have to try practicing at home or on familiar roads like in your neighborhood.

The main reason is for this is for you to get acquainted with the scooter. It will help with balance and maneuvering especially if you are new to it.

Also, this will test the scooter’s performance whether the brakes work, the handlebars are fine and if the tires are good among others. So you can do adjustments and repairs to have a smooth ride on the big roads.

Tip No. 4 Scooter maintenance

Scooters, like other things, are subject to wear and tear. However, there are simple things you can do to maintain and extend their product life.

For one, you should regularly clean the scooter. Dust will accumulate on it causing problems with its parts. Thus, to ensure that each parts work properly you need to remove dirt.

Equally important are the motors and batteries. Charge the batteries as instructed and regularly check engines if there is something off about it.

If there are things not working and you don’t know anything about it, better call an expert.

Tip No. 5 Invest in gears

We all know the importance of gears.

According to Dr. James Young, even the supposed unserious injuries can have a lasting effect on our brains. It only means that even if we think there is no danger small accidents or you believe that your destination is not far, this will still cause damage and a lasting one at that.

When you are getting scooters, don’t also forget to have helmets even if you are only using the scooter for play. You can also add knee and elbow pads for additional protection.

Tip No. 6 Be a proactive rider

A proactive driver means a defensive driver who takes more than the necessary precaution to avoid harm. It is a combination of mental presence and reaction for efficient driving.

To be a proactive driver, you need to be alert and mindful even if others are not. You cannot rely on others for your safety. Some of the things you can do are be mindful of the surroundings, focus, observe road courtesy and always follows the rules and signs.

We may not have control when accidents are bound to happen. But, you can always lessen the effect on yourself and the other riders.

Tip No. 7 Drive or ride in safe places

When driving in cities, where there are lots of other vehicles, always drive on the designated lanes.

Don’t drive where you can disrupt the main traffic because the electric scooter has a limited speed to go with automobiles. Also, scooters might be too small to be seen by big cars or trucks. It would be advisable to drive where you are most safe.

If you are driving for leisure, don’t join on the main roads. You can go to parks, beach promenades, and free sidewalks. But, also be mindful if the local government allows you to drive on these places.

Tip No. 8 Don’t do stunts

Electric kick scooters are are motor-powered, which makes it inappropriate for you to use it for flips and jumps. Unlike the standard push scooters, doing tricks can damage the motors and batteries when subjected to impacts.

Even if minimal tricks are allowed, I suggest that you don’t do them still if you don’t have the skills. It will damage the scooter when you don’t do the tricks properly and it can also injure yourself and the people around you.

If you want to perform stunts, then this is the the scooter for you.

Tip No. 9 No towing with other vehicles

Tricks or stunts are not limited only to jumps and flips. There are also others who will attach the scooter or through their hand to a running vehicle.

Remember, the scooter does not have the same speed as the other motorized vehicle. Running beyond the scooter’s speed capacity can affect the motors or the wheels or everything all together.

Also, it is a safety hazard when you fail to coordinate with the vehicle pulling you. It is even more difficult when you are using your hand as tow since it will affect balance and control.

Tip No. 10 Ride alone

Finally, don't ride with anybody on a single scooter. It is not meant for double riding no matter how romantic.

Electric scooters have a weight capacity, and two persons might push its capacity to breakage. So, don’t add more weight than that of yourself. Your friend or family can always have another one, or you can share yours with them.

Aside from capacity, it is also a problem of balance. Even the most professional riders are susceptible to making mistakes. And it is multiplied when you are a beginner.