Best Portable Hair Washer

We have spent more than 110 hours doing research and testing and deliberation, in which led us to believe that the GHP Pro Portable Shampoo Basin Height Adjustable Salon Hair Treatment Bowl. Its lightweight character and the compact body, gives good mobility and portability, while still ensuring that it is stable enough to work on different clients or patients. These features are coupled with a large shampoo bowl or sink that enables you to get the job done properly and does not give strain to your client’s or patient’s back and neck.

If you’ve been on the Internet, I bet you know Kylie Jenner.


No? Well, she is famous for her cosmetic empire and equally popular with her outlandish hairstyles from blonde, silver, unicorn, pink, to ombre, from long, to short and to wavy.

Now, if you also love to style your hair like Kylie here or is a budding hairstylist following the steps of Jonathan Colombini (Kylie’s hairdresser), one of the most important equipment you need is the hair washer sink.

The catch though is that sinks do not come cheap and it will require major commitments with all its plumbing, drainage and a secure place to put them.

If you’re having some commitment phobia, the answer is a portable hair washer sink.

Also just throwing this out there: this is also a useful equipment for patients who are limited with their movements needing to stay in bed and cannot wash their hair.

I’m quite sure you don’t think it’s easy to look for the best portable hair washer sink. It gets even worse because there are several selections out there.

With this review, we provide you with the best five in the market today. We also give our recommendation for you to choose.

Let’s go!

Comparison Table

Razor Electric Scooter ModelE90E100E100 GlowE200E300
Max Load120lbs120lbs120lbs154lbs220lbs
Product Weight21.75lbs29lbs32lbs40lbs46lbs
Max Speed9 mph10 mph10 mph12 mph15 mph
Max Use Time40 mins40 mins40 mins40 mins40 mins
Kick Start RequirementYesYesYesNoNo
ThrottlePush buttonTwist gripTwist gripTwist gripTwist grip
Retractable KickstandYesYesYesYesYes
Rubber GripsYesYesYesYesYes
Break TypeRear Foot BreakHand Operated Front BreakHand Operated Front BreakHand Operated Rear BreakHand Operated Rear Break

How do they work? 

All if not most us have been to a salon and has been treated like royalty while others are washing our hair. ‘That’ complicated-looking chair is what we call the hair washer sink.

This equipment is, however, not only used for beauty activities. It can also be used for health and wellness, such as when you cannot wet your body because of injuries and similar instances.

While those from the salon is attached to the floor due to plumbing, the portable hair washer sink or shampoo bowl can easily be transported either by carrying or rolling it.

The portable hair washer sink can be carried indoors or outdoors where you have access to water.

Its main parts are the bowl with a neck brace, where you do the washing with neck. Most of them have adjustable legs depending on your desired height. It also has drainage to drain the water from the bowl. 

​Buyer’s Guide:

Who can use

For those who love doing do-it-yourself hair projects, the portable hair washer sink is your best ally. It is very useful when doing treatments of your hair, or that your friends or family.

But, more than just for beauty purposes, it also comes valuable for the injured. The bedridden with limited mobility are advised to use this kind of equipment for hair washing.

Hence, this equipment is suited to different kinds of individuals from DIY enthusiasts to care providers or anybody who may find good use of the product. 


Looking for an alternative to hair washer sink can be hard. For instance, bathroom and kitchen sink may be too tall or short or simply uncomfortable. Hence, the need for portable washer sinks. So, here are a few advantages of this equipment:

  • For salons, it adds more sink without the need for complex (or more expensive) plumbing systems.
  • You don’t have to move customers or patients as it is lightweight or have wheels for easier mobility.
  • It is easy to redesign or rearrange your salon without breaking the pipes or plumbing system.
  • Most of them have adjustable heights to fit in different kinds of users.
  • You can wash (just) your hair with no to minimal mess around the washing area. 

Buying Criteria

1. ​​​Stability

Since this product is made to be portable, it is expected to be lightweight. However, stability should not be compromised with mobility. You will be putting weight on the sink, and an unstable one may create injury or more injury as the case may be. Thus, it is important also to consider if the sink is stable enough.

2. Accessories

One of the essential accessories for a portable hair washer sink is the drainage. A majority of the products we have found have drainage pipes for the water to flow. For convenient work, it might be useful for having free drainage flow, especially if it is regularly used.

3. Adjustability

Adjustability adds more value to the product. That is, you can add more comfort as it can minimize the stra​strain​​​in on the neck or the back of the person getting the treatment. This feature is also important because not all users are of the same height. 

4. Bowl size

The bowl dimensions of the hair washer sink we found online are varied. It can be as wide as 19 inches and be as deep as 10 inches. Most of us may want a bigger and deeper bowl to make our work easier as you can move around it freely. But, you also have to consider your space whether it can accommodate the size that you want. 

​How We Assessed & Evaluated These Portable Hair Washer Sinks

We thought the evaluating portable hair washer sink would be easy considering that we have an idea or background knowledge about the equipment. Reading through forums such as the mobile hairdressing led us that this equipment has a more serious use.

Consequently, we probe further by reading through various websites to help us understand the product and determine how we can choose the best ones.

After our online research, we crowdsource opinion to gain more information. We talked with vendors and users of portable hair washer sinks from our local sellers, family, and friends. They helped us weigh the pros and cons, determine selection criteria and show a demo of how it works.

The challenge for us is when we choose our top five. We first have 15 products on the list, which is a lot. We then rank them according to the criteria and came up with five.

With our top five list, we gather five pairs of testers who will both test the portable hair washer sinks as the one being treated and one who is shampooing. This method will give each tester the feel of the product in different conditions.

Another difficulty we have is scheduling the testing. We scheduled each in five days because not all of them are available on similar days. We also find it beneficial to have them in different days to ensure thorough testing. 

​Top 5 Hair Washer Sink Product Reviews

1. GHP Pro Portable Shampoo Basin  (Editor’s Choice)

The GHP Pro Portable Shampoo Basin Height Adjustable Salon Hair Treatment Bowl is one of the two hair washer sinks with clam like design instead of the square basin.

Its bowl is comparatively bigger and deeper a 19×15-20×10 inches, which doubles the depth of the Anself Salon Portable Shampoo Sink and Minerva Portable Salon Shampoo Bowl Sink. Thus, our testers enjoyed that it is easy and liberating to work with patients or clients with longer hair. They said that with this size, they could reach the back of the head seamlessly.

There are testers who have smaller bathrooms or spaces at home, who noted that this bowl size might be a problem to those like them. In choosing your hair washer sink, you might also have to consider the possible are you will place it or the general area. This is to determine if it will not be blocking your area.

The bowl of this equipment also has adjusted angles allowing you to move it up and down. The testers are of the opinion that it provides added comfort to conform to the person’s neck and back.

The adjustable bowl angle goes with the adjustable trunk that holds the bowl. It can be adjusted from 37 to 54 inches. Therefore, children or those who are bedridden can make use of this equipment.

This GHP Black Pro Portable Shampoo Basin Height Adjustable Salon Hair Treatment Bowl weighs about nine (9) kilograms. It is comparatively heavier than the other products on review, and thus, it is also more stable when weight is added. 

What We Liked

  • Big basin or bowl
  • Adjustable trunk
  • Adjustable bowl angles

What We Didn't Like

  • Bowl might be too big for some

​The first thing you can notice with the Anself Salon Portable Shampoo Sink Spa Hair Shampoo Bowl Basin Adjustable Height Sink with Drain, Black is the supposed ‘bowl’ of this portable hair washer sink. Instead of a rounded basin, it has a square-like design.

Our testers like that this bowl design extends ( where the water is likely to flood before draining. Thus, the user can do the treatment without water flooding, and the head of the other is not doused in the water.

What they dislike from this design is the shallow depth. Though the carer or hairstylist will not worry about water accumulation, they have limited space. It is most apparent when the patient or customer has long hair.

The testers appreciated that Anself Salon Portable Shampoo Sink Spa Hair Shampoo Bowl Basin Adjustable Height Sink with Drain, Black is compact. That is, it has a decent size trunk that does not get in the way. It weighs about three (3) kilograms, so it is convenient to move around sans wheels.

There are reports that this equipment is a little bit unstable. During the hands-on testing, some of the testers feel like the sink is falling down when they first lay their heads. However, there were no issues that the equipment has actually fallen.

Our testers deemed that you just have to be careful when laying down he head, most importantly if you are dealing with patients.

Another feature that the testers like with this portable hair washer sink are the adjustable trunk (up to 42.5 inches). They noted that it made the work easier while also ensuring that the person, whose hair is washed, is comfortable. However, they all agree that you should make sure that the adjusting knob is well locked to prevent falls or accidents.

What We Liked

  • Long basin body
  • Adjustable trunk
  • With drainage pipe

What We Didn't Like

  • Shallow bowl
  • A bit unstable at first

Monsam PSE-2005S Portable Shampoo Sink with Sprayer, Black is the most unique from the top five portable hair washer sinks. Instead of having an adjustable pole trunk, the body doubled as a holder for the water waste and water tank.

The testing revealed that this feature has its advantage and disadvantage about the other parts of the sink.

It is advantageous primarily because despite being a portable equipment, you would not have to worry about where to get water and where the water goes. It can accommodate six (6) gallons of freshwater and seven (7) gallons for waste water. Thus, you just have to fill in and throw away the water without having to go near a shower or faucet and area to drain water.

The sink is also big conforming to the body. It measures 18×19×10 inches, which may not be the biggest in this review, but our testers have pointed out that it is enough for movements of the one providing treatment and thorough hair cleaning.

This sink also comes with a faucet that is connected to the freshwater gallon. The Monsam PSE-2005S Portable Shampoo Sink with Sprayer, therefore, is basically your standard hair washer sink with the faucet and drainage.

Another feature that the testers love about this hair washer sink is the caster wheels. It still gives the users portability and mobility even with the gallons of water that comes with the equipment.

An issue that our testers find disadvantageous is that it is not adjustable. It can accommodate most of the users. It will be difficult to those patients with very little mobility or are bedridden as it cannot level down to the bed.

What We Liked

  • With gallons for water source and waste
  • Decent size basin or bowl
  • Seems stable
  • With caster wheels

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Might be too bulky for others
  • exclamation-triangle
    No adjustable height

Without the labels, the HomeSmith Portable Height Salon Deep Basin Adjustable Hair Wash / Treatment Bowl Shampoo Sink Home or Salon Tool Black is very similar to the GHP Black Pro Portable Shampoo Basin Height Adjustable Salon Hair Treatment Bowl.

It also has the same clam-like bowl, adjustable trunk, five spider-like feet and a drainage pipe.

The bowl of this portable hair washer sink has almost the same size as the GHP Black Pro Portable Shampoo Basin, which measures 19×20×10 inches. Provided with these dimensions, the users will benefit from freer movements and more space to work on the head’s back side.

Its trunk is likewise adjustable, which the description said that it could be as low as 39 inches and as high as 55 inches. Its highest setting is not a very noticeable difference to the GHP hair washer sink. The most glaring difference is with the lowest setting that is still higher than the GHP.

The height can spell the difference in providing comfort to the user. With this equipment, you must also consider its height ranges in relation to your own.

Its description stated that it is about 15 pounds or 6 kilograms. It is in the middle weight range when compared to other products in this review.

Our testers expected that it might be unstable. During the hands-on testing, there are two pairs of testers who deemed that it is a bit wobbly upon their first trial. The product didn’t fell off though throughout the entire testing period.

There are also reports that there is leakage of with its drainage pipes. Our testers checked the entire pipe and found that its connection with the bowl is slightly wet. Though it does not cause overflowing, it can be dangerous when it drips to the floor. 

What We Liked

  • Decent bowl size
  • Adjustable trunk 

What We Didn't Like

  • Seems to leak

Minerva Portable Salon Shampoo Bowl Sink has the same sink design as the Anself Salon Portable Shampoo Sink Spa Hair Shampoo Bowl Basin Adjustable Height Sink with Drain. It also has a squared basin, adjustable trunk and with drainage pipe.

There is a slight difference as to the size of the basin. This portable hair washer sink has a measure of 17.5×18.25×5.5 inches. In contrast to the Anself Salon Portable Shampoo Sink, it is longer and deeper by a few inches.

Some of the testers felt that you can identify the difference in size, where there is more space. There are others who think that there is actually no difference that you are still limited to your movements. That is, they find it a little difficult to do the treatments.

Its trunk is adjustable from 32 inches to 50 inches. This height range is comparatively higher than the Anself Salon Portable Shampoo Sink. Our testers like that it can fit to different height comfort of the users.

To complement the adjustable height, the basin itself can also be adjustable like that of the GHP Black Pro Portable Shampoo Basin Height Adjustable Salon Hair Treatment Bowl, and HomeSmith Portable Height Salon Deep Basin Adjustable Hair Wash / Treatment Bowl Shampoo Sink. Like these two portable hair washer sink, it can be angled to fit the needs of the patient or customer.

It also has five legs to support nine (9) kilograms of weight. With this weight, it can hold up weight. However, like the other products in this review, the trunk is a bit wobbly when you first the client or patient on the sink.

What We Liked

  • Good basin length
  • Adjustable height
  • Angling basin

What We Didn't Like

  • Bowl a bit shallow
  • Shaky on first try

Our Recommendations

Our Editor’s Choice provides portability, stability and convenience. The GHP Black Pro Portable Shampoo Basin Height Adjustable Salon Hair Treatment Bowl gives its users portability with its compact build and a lightweight feature allowing you to smoothly transfer it from place to place. All these movements without the danger of it falling off because of its stable support and design.

At the heart of this equipment is the convenience it offers. It has a large and deep bowl that users can work on with less restriction. Thus, the portable hair washer sink helps with fully washing the hair.

The First Runner-Up following the GHP Shampoo Basin is the Anself Salon Portable Shampoo Sink Spa Hair Shampoo Bowl Basin Adjustable Height Sink with Drain, Black. It has similar features as the Editor’s Choice with its portable character as it is also lightweight. It has an adjustable trunk and solid support to give safety and comfort to users.

It was not chosen as Editor’s Choice because of its shallow basin. But, it can still give users enough space for deep washing. 

Our Second Runner-Up brings with it some capacities of the standard hair washer sink. The Monsam PSE-2005S Portable Shampoo Sink with Sprayer, Black has built-in gallons for water source and storage. Thus, you can work without worrying where to place the waste or where to get water for washing.

It also comes with a fairly large bowl for free movements. The sink has a faucet and washer making it more convenient.

This did not make it to the top two selection because it is bulky and not adjustable.