Best Pond Fish Feeder

After spending about a hundred hours of doing data gathering, crowdsourcing, and hands-on testing, we have the Sweeney Feeders Koi Cafe Automatic Koi Feeder - 6 Pound Capacity as the best pond fish feeder for this review. You can get a 6-pound chamber for fish food that can be cast to five times daily, which can be useful for different fishes and pond sizes. It also comes with simple button operation and ensures accuracy with the screen display. These features are powered with strong battery and are backed with a solar resource.

One of my biggest frustration, when I was a kid, is that my pet fish won’t last a month.

With DIY fish bowl set-ups to outdoor ponds, our family has tried to raise mesmerizing fishes only to end-up floating dead.

It was only when we talked to our relative that we realized that we are feeding our fishes improperly.

Most times we are not at home to feed the fishes because we’re at school and the parents are at work. We also love going outdoors on weekends that we think leaving “extra” food is good enough.

If you are like us, you must be reached here because you want to give your fish the right meal. But, looking through the different products can be overwhelming and time-consuming. You can’t even test them out if you are buying online.

To help you out, we came up with a review of some of the pond fish feeders in the market and put them into a test.

It’ll help save time and frustration. Let’s begin!

Comparison Table

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1Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bikelinear pull brakes 7 speed28 lbsAluminum
2Vilano 20" Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike Foldable Bicycle V brakes6 speed29.5 lbsAluminum
3EuroMini Campo 28lb Lightweight Folding Bike V brakes7 speed28.5 lbsAluminum
4Durban 20-Inch Metro Special Edition Folding Bike V brakes6 speed29lbsAluminum
5unYOUsual U transformer 20" Folding City Bike V brakes6 speed30 lbssteel

How do they work?

Your fish will gobble up food every time you feed it. But, each kind of fish has their required feeding time. With this, overfeeding or underfeeding can be a problem. The pond fish feeder can help with regular and consistent feeding for your fishes, whether it be for a small, medium or large ponds.

The fish food is stored in chambers having different weight capacity. The feeder then has a mechanism to automatically throw in food into the pond contained in a chamber at regular intervals depending on your settings.

A pond fish feeder can be battery or electricity powered. For this review, we have battery-powered feeders, where you can set the amount of food and the feeding 

​Buyer’s Guide

Who can use?

Whether you are a fish farmer or a simple fish pet owner or a very enthusiastic hobbyist, you can find pond fish feeders useful.

For practicality, a fish farmer can make use of the feeder to make fish growing easier considering the vast area that he was to take care of. For those having fish pets at home, you may be out all day, or you are going on a vacation, you won’t have to worry about pet sitting.

No matter what your purpose for growing fishes is, you can take advantage of the product’s convenience. 


Here are some of the advantages of pond fish feeders:

  • The feeders dispense a specific food amount. You can set the feeders to dispense a particular quantity of food based on the kind of fish you are growing. Thus, minimizing over or underfeeding.
  • As an outdoor device, pond fish feeder can hold a large amount of food making your work more convenient.
  • Aside from the food amount, you can also schedule the time of feeding allowing you to get on with your busy day or get out for a few days of vacation.


  • Storing a huge amount of food in the chambers of the feeders can cause clumping due to exposure to moisture. 
  • When you have been too dependent on the feeder and don’t regularly check if the feeder is still working can result to overfeeding or under and even no feeding at all.
  • To a certain extent feeding the fish through feeders can minimize the bond that you have with your pet.

Here is a short clip of the pros and cons of automatic fish feeders. 

Buying Criteria

​#1 ​​​Cup capacity

Each feeder has different cup capacity. Some as small as 100 mL and others can accommodate as many as 6 pounds.

The cup capacity is an important factor in choosing your pond fish feeder because a too big capacity may cause degradation of food due to excess or lack of moisture. A smaller feeder can also cause food scarcity.

​#2 ​​​Frequency of food dispensing

As I have mentioned earlier, different fish have different food frequency requirements. Consequently, you might need a product that can have adjustable feeding frequency based on your fishes’ feeding needs.

#3 Ease of use

Some of you might be new to fish growing or even if you have been in business for long; an easy to use feeder makes a valuable product. It should provide simple buttons or setting mechanisms and an easy to refill process.

​How We Assessed & Evaluated These Pond Fish Feeders

We begin the evaluation process with the online research. First, we did a general search of pond fish feeders, which led us to the pages of online sellers, forums like the Pond Boss Magazine and Garden Pond Forum, and manufacturer websites.

These pages helped us understand how the product works, what are the most important features to consider and the highly rated products. In this phase, we have a rough list of products to select our top five.

For in-depth research, we also had our offline study, in which we talked to vendors, users and those who are experts in the field. With the crowdsourced data, we then had a list of 10 products and developed our criteria for our hands-on testing.

From 10 products, we narrow it to our top five by creating a scoring and rating system.

Once the top five is selected, we proceed with selecting out testers for the hands-on testing. We chose five testers who are users of pond fish feeders, professional fish growers, and some first-time users. The testers were asked to score each product based on our criteria. They were also interviewed as a group after the testing to provide their insights, opinion, and other observations. 

​Top 5 Pond Fish Feeder Product Reviews

The first impression of the testers with the Sweeney Feeders Koi Cafe Automatic Koi Feeder - 6 Pound Capacity is that it is heavy-duty and a little complicated.

The testers think that it is heavy-duty because first, it has a 6-pound food chamber capacity, which is among the biggest from the products in this review. You can enjoy this feeder for large ponds or fishes with bigger appetites.

Secondly, this pond fish feeder can feed your fishes for up to five (5) times in a day. It may not be the biggest considering other feeders have a 6-times feature; it is relatively higher. This feature complements the weight capacity making quite suitable for big ponds and fishes requiring more feeding.
This pond fish feeder has a screen display to show the settings you want for the pond. Like the other feeders, the testers think that it keeps the device reliable and accurate to your desired set-up.

The testers, however, find the buttons a little confusing because there are numerous of them. During the testing, each tester is given a chance to set their feeder to determine if it actually works. There were testers who took time because of the various button feature.

On the other hand, our testers like that although it is battery-powered with limited power, it has built-in solar power. Hence, you can have a steady source to keep the feeder working.

An issue that the testers found with the product is that it is challenging to install. The feeder comes out from the bottom needing it to install on the water. If you have a bigger pond and wants a good reach, you might have to install it on the center. 

What We Liked

  • Big food chamber capacity
  • Five frequency time feature
  • Includes solar power
  • Screen display for accuracy

What We Didn't Like

  • Buttons can be complicated
  • Can be difficult to install

Founded in Britain in 1959, the Hozelock brand brings various gardening and pond supplies. They have pumps, filters, filtration kits and even raised ponds. For a complete pond care, they also have the Hozelock Automatic Pond Fish Feeder.

This pond fish feeder can carry up to 1.68 pounds or 27 ounces of fish food. Compared to the products in the review, it is smaller as other can have up to 50 pounds of food.

Its feeding frequency is opposite its capacity because it is among the highest from the bunch. You can set your feeding time to up to six (6) times a day. Our testers think that it is advantageous for those who may have a smaller pond, but with fishes that requires several feeding in a day.

Our testers like that you can adjust the quantity of food dispensed. You will have more control over your fishes’ diet, especially if the species has complex food intake requirements. Hence, it can accommodate different kinds of fishes.

Also, the testers love that it has a simple operation. The controls allow you to adjust the amount of food and frequency, while also giving you the time. The testers think that it can help to get the settings accurate to your needs.

This product runs on 2 Lithium metal batteries, which makes it more convenient because you don't have to connect it to an outlet.

The testers also love the attached stand. It is beneficial during the installation because you have a ready hanger for the feeder.

One drawback that our testers have with the product is some parts of the product has an opening. It can be a problem as too much moisture might get into the food chamber. 

What We Liked

  • Good feeding frequency
  • Adjustable food quantity
  • Simple button operations
  • Promotes accuracy
  • Includes a stand

What We Didn't Like

  • Food capacity is a bit small
  • Some parts may expose food to moisture

For our third feeder in this review, we have the Moultrie 6.5-Gallon FeedCaster Fish Feeder. This pond fish feeder is the biggest in the batch with a 50 pounds capacity. The testers are all in the agreement that this product is meant for large ponds.

Aside from its 50 pounds chamber capacity, the feeder can also be set to dispense food for up to six times daily. Thus, it does not only for those with just large ponds but also with fishes that will need to eat more than other species of fish.

Another reason why this is meant to large ponds is the quantity of food it dispenses. During the testing, the testers have observed that it gives our quite large portions of food, which can both be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your pond and kinds of fishes.

The testers deemed that the feeding portions might cause overfeeding if used on fishes with minimal food intake. Hence, you might also need to take into account the kind of fish you are growing.

However, our testers love that it has an adjustable run time from one (1) to 20 seconds. This feature might help with minimizing the food cast into the pond despite a large amount of serving.

Its description provides that it can shoot out food reaching 25 feet. Our testers believe that this is advantageous for those with extensive ponds. For those with smaller ponds, there might be instances that food is cast way beyond the pond causing wastage. Meanwhile, the fishes might also not be adequately fed.

This product might also be hard to set-up because the buttons and operations are hidden. You have to dismantle a few parts before getting to the buttons. So, you have to make sure that it is set to the right mode. 

What We Liked

  • Large food capacity
  • 6 times feeding frequency
  • Long food casting
  • Adjustable food run time

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Food portion seems to be too big
  • exclamation-triangle
    25 feet food reach can be too far
  • exclamation-triangle
    Challenging mode settings

If the Moultrie 6.5-Gallon FeedCaster Fish Feeder is most suited for larger ponds, the Eheim Battery Operated Auto Fish Feeder is meant for smaller ponds and even aquariums.

The pond fish feeder has a capacity of 100 mL, which is less than one (1) pound. Our testers deemed that it is too small compared to the other products in the review. It, however, does not mean it is invaluable. This pond fish feeder can be used for smaller ponds or for fishes that have a less feeding requirement.

Its frequency for feeding time is up to eight (8) times in a day. It is the highest from among the products in this review. Some of the testers deemed that this feeding frequency can compensate for the capacity provided that you also have to refill regularly.

This pond fish feeder also has simple buttons to press for control and setting the modes for the feeding. Hence, the testers even the first-timers had it easy when setting-up the feeder.

Our testers also like the screen, which projects a simple display. It makes the time and the modes known for accuracy and consistency.

The testers also love that you can adjust the amount of food portion per casting. That is, you can also set the size of food that the feeder will shoot out. Thus, it allows you to feed various kinds of fish.

What they dislike with the feeder measurement is that it is not digital, but somewhat manual. You need to move the slider to set the size or portion manually. Some of the testers deemed that it might affect accuracy when the slider is moved with forces such as wild animals or other movements. 

What We Liked

  • Eight times feeding frequency
  • Non-complex controls
  • Adjustable food portions
  • Easy to install

What We Didn't Like

  • Smaller capacity compared to others
  • Food portion slider measurement seems dangerous

The next pond fish feeder is one of the feeders in the review with the biggest food chamber capacity. The Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder can carry with it up to six and a half (6 ½) pounds of food.

According to our testers, this capacity can be enough for bigger ponds or for when you cannot feed the fishes yourself. Hence, if you have a relatively bigger pond or if you are quite busy, you might consider this feeder for your needs.

In support of the large chamber, capacity is the three-times-a-day feeding settings. Some of the testers think that this frequency feature is enough for some kinds of fishes. There are also testers who believe that it is too minimal to other types of fishes. It is also considering that other feeders can be set to four, five and even six times in a day.

They, however, agree that the three teaspoon feeding sizes can also be too little for fishes needing more food. It could also be a drawback if you have large fish population.

As to the usage and control, the testers like the LCD screen display, which helps them with the accuracy of their settings. The buttons are also minimal and straightforward that can give you more convenience when setting your desired program for your kind of fishes and pond.

What has been challenging is the installation process. The testers have to install it themselves, and even the professionals and already-users find it difficult to set-up. They deemed that the instructions were hard to follow. However, once the feeder is up, the testers say that it is downhill from there.

This product runs on 4 C batteries, wherein its description says it can last for six to nine months. We were not able to test the product that long. However, there were no issues with power during the testing.

What We Liked

  • Large cup capacity
  • Easy to use buttons
  • LCD screen works
  • 3 times daily feeding can be good for some fishes

What We Didn't Like

  • Feeding frequency can be too minimal for other fishes
  • Seems difficult to install
  • Feeding portions quite small

Our Recommendations

​For our Editor’s Choice, we choose a pond fish feeder that not only gives a quantity but equally important is the quality of performance. So, our top pick for this product review is the Sweeney Feeders Koi Cafe Automatic Koi Feeder - 6 Pound Capacity.

It offers a large 6-pound food chamber capacity that is useful for large ponds or a variety of fish species. This feature is coupled with a frequency of five (5) times in a day.

The features can be accurately set with is operative buttons and screen display. All these powered by a battery and backed with solar energy.
lag already stand out from among the products in the review.

It proves to be a good choice for Editor’s Choice a line of features giving the users visibility, promise of durability and a painless installation process.

Though with smaller flag symbol, you will still be able to see the flag on your doorstep. It is also made from seemingly strong metal with a good coating that does not quickly bend and flake.

This product likewise fits different mailboxes and can be installed easily. 

The first Runner-Up is the Hozelock Automatic Pond Fish Feeder. This pond fish feeder is also a strong contender for the Editor’s Choice with its six (6) times a day feeding frequency; adjustable food sizes and easy-to-use operations.

This product also comes with a stand for the more natural installation process.

It could have made it to the Editor’s Choice if it has more food portions.

Our Second Runner-Up has the largest capacity and the highest casting reach. This, however, limited the kinds of users it can serve as it can use by those with bigger ponds.

Nonetheless, the Moultrie 6.5-Gallon FeedCaster Fish Feeder is still a valuable device. It gives a large food size and its run time is adjustable up to 20 seconds.