More than 110 spent on our research and testing, our top selection for this review departed from what is usual and focused on comfort and its impact on the pianist over time. We think that the Box Top Piano Bench Cushion, 2-inches Thick, 14 inch X 30 inch can give you style and functionality with its 14 x 30 dimension having a 2-inch thick foam covered in polyester velour with decent ventilation. These features combine to create a cushion that delivers its purpose.

Learning to play the piano is exciting as it is difficult.

Focus and attention is a necessary skill to master the keys.

But how can you concentrate when the bench is hurting your behind?

How can you be one with music when you have to keep fidgeting to be comfortable?

How can children be motivated to learn when they are perturbed with the hardness of the bench?

If these questions bother you, then it might be time to check if your piano bench cushion conducive to learning and hours of practice.

While we may think that the cushion is “just” a “minuscule” part of the picture, it is not.

The piano bench and its cushion have an integral part in being comfortable while playing the piano as it keeps the pianists focused on playing their only concern.

Since it is important, you cannot merely choose whatever cushion is readily available. It requires thorough research and contemplation, which takes time.

To help you save time while still having quality cushions, we scoured through online and offline stores, gather important data and narrow down your choices to five. In this review, we provide our recommendations from a comprehensive evaluation of the top five piano bench cushion today.

Let’s begin!

Best Piano Bench Cushions 2018 

E-Blue Mazer II 2500724910 x 3 x 7
Corsair Harpoon6914.4 x 2.7 x 1.6
SteelSeries Rival 100 Gaming Mouse61811.5 x 2.99 x 4.75
Redragon M801 Mammoth (1st runners-up)91504.8 x 3.2 x 1.6
Logitech G300s9824.5 x 2.8 x 1.4
COUGAR Minos X361984.8 x 2.8 x 1.6
HAVIT MV MS735191275.1 x 1.7 x 2.9
Combaterwing Gaming Mouse101905.1 x 3.1 x 1.2
TEAMWOLF Mechanical Gaming Mouse (2rd Runners-up)71735.8 x 4.3 x 1.9
Jelly Comb 400072045.5 x 4.2 x 2

How Do They Work?

It is said that posture and technique for pianist go hand-in-hand, where posture should support the pianist’s technique.

Hence, mastering good postures is as vital as learning the piano itself. And a vital element that influences a pianist’s posture is the piano bench and its cushions.

Cushions are one of those products that we think we know everything about. When you search for the definition or how these products work, it is described as a bag stuffed with soft material and covered on fabric or leather used for sitting or leaning on.

Its primary purpose is to provide comfort to the pianist as he or she sits for longer periods of time practicing and mastering his or her skills. Specifically, it can affect stability, positioning and skin temperature, which can further disturb the user’s comfort. 

​Buyer’s Guide

​Who can use?

It cannot further be emphasized how important the piano bench cushion can be for the pianist. That is, this furniture accessory is mainly geared towards them. By ‘them,’ it also includes the pianists themselves, a teacher for their students or the parents with pianist children or even those who are still learning.

However, aside from the comfort it brings, this product may also revive old and worn out benches, while adding more life to the entire room. Hence, even if you don’t own any piano and its benches, most of the cushions can be lodged in any small benches (such as ottoman) in homes or offices. 


Firstly, piano bench cushions give the user softer surface to sit on. Most of the benches are made from hardwood, and this can cause pain the longer you sit on them. The cushions provide the needed ‘soft’ support as it conforms to your buttocks.

Secondly, this furniture accessory has a thickness of one (1) to two (2) inches. As a result, it adds more height to the users. It is useful when you need an added height for playing to be more comfortable.

Buying Criteria

1. Thickness

Majority of the cushions we have found during our research are one to two inches thick. You may think that one inch is too small to make a difference. But, it can affect your height and level of comfort when used for long periods. Thus, you have to take into account, your height and weight, the height of the bench and the piano.

2. Length and width

Aside from thickness, you also have to take not of the length and width of the cushion. It should fit the height and width of your bench. Having the right helps with the aesthetic look of the bench and the entire room, while also ensuring safety blockage because of the extra length or width. 

3. Anti-slips (Ties)

Fabric and velour material can sometimes be slippery of smooth surfaces such that of the piano bench. Hence, when you choose or look for piano bench cushions, it will be helpful to have anti-slip mechanisms, which often comes in ties. These will be tied to the bench to keep the cushion in place.

4. Comfort

All the criteria identified above are designed to keep you comfortable as you sit on the bench for hours. However, it is also important to emphasize comfort because for children learning the piano as it can help with focus and staying still. 

​How We Assessed & Evaluated These ​Piano Bench Cushions

We first did online research on different piano bench cushions from online sellers and visited websites of cushion manufacturers.

At first, we have about ten different piano cushions. To select our top five, we narrowed it down through a ranking system by scoring each of the product based on our predetermined criteria.

These criteria are based on our online and offline research. Aside from visiting manufacturer websites, we also looked into communities and forums as stepping stone of our evaluation.

What we found online is not enough to formulate a comprehensive set of criteria. We also think that an offline research through crowdsourced opinion from our local vendors and pianist will give us more insight regarding the product.

With our gathered data, we were able to bring our selection to top five piano bench chairs and placed it on hands-on testing.

We gathered a team of testers all of them are pianists and gave them a full day to test each of the products. After such, we let them score the product based on the criteria, did an interview to explain their scoring of the product. The interview also helped us gather more information regarding their experience with the product. 

​Top 5 Piano Bench Cushions Product Reviews

1. Box Top Piano Bench Cushion (Editor’s Choice)

2-inches Thick, 14 inch X 30 inch

Our first stop is the Box Top Piano Bench Cushion, 2-inches Thick, 14 inch X 30 inch is two of the non-tufted piano bench cushion from this review. It does not immediately mean that it is inferior.

This piano bench cushion offers a 14 inch X 30-inch size that can fit in the regular benches. Although, some find that it would be good to have it lengthier.

As to the thickness, the cushion is the thickest from the bunch of about two inches thick. Our testers have divided findings from their hands-on examination. Some of them deemed that it is a bit high at when you first sit on it. It might take you a few minutes to get used to its height.

There are testers who think otherwise. The two-inch height is enough for easy reach and comfort since the foam provides more comfort. It is most useful for children who need more height to reach the keys. Thus, the foam thickness will depend on your usage and purpose. So you always have to keep it in mind when looking.

This Box Top Piano Bench Cushion, 2-inches Thick, 14 inch X 30 inch is covered in polyester velour. The cushion does not have the very glossy look of other velour-covered cushion.

Since it polyester, the testers deemed that it is less breathable. This was disproved during the testing as it did not build-up heat as much as the other products in the review. Thus, it did not give discomfort in this area.

It also comes with three long string ties under the cushion to attach it to the bench. Though some testers thing that this cushion is relatively smaller, the ties can still be tied together to ensure that the cushion does not move around. 

What We Liked

  • Decent size
  • Good thickness
  • Breathable fabric cover
  • Includes long ties

What We Didn't Like

  • Bit small for some
  • A bit thick for others

2. Piano Bench Pad by Jansen (First Runner-Up)

An interesting fact we found about Jansen from our research is that it manufactures the pads for the bench of known piano brands brands like Baldwin and Steinway among others.

Our testers’ first observation of this piano bench cushion is the size, which is comparatively smaller than the other products on review. In fact, it has the smallest size of 12-¾ X 25 inches. The testers note that you might need to have a smaller bench to fit this cushion. They deemed its size a disadvantage because most of them have bigger benches.

The Piano Bench Pad by Jansen , 12-3/4 inch X 25 inch has the similar features of other products like its tufted cushion, polyurethane foam, velour fabric cover and one-inch foam thickness.

Despite the similar features this piano bench cushion gives distinct benefits for its users. The velour fabric gives it an elegant look. It is well fitted with the foam, and the tufted design makes the cushion look more pleasing. Surprisingly, it is not too warm in contrast to other products in our review.

The testers also like that although it is one-inch thickness, you can still feel the softness or fluffiness of the pillow as weight is added to it. The velour fabric also gives additional softness. Thus, our testers believe that this cushion is comparatively more comfortable.

It has three tie strings that are useful in keeping the cushion in place. There are testers who were not able to use the tie because the cushion is too small for it to be tied. They not though that its strings will be valuable with smaller benches, which some of the testers attested.

What We Liked

  • Soft and fluffy
  • Comfortable
  • Not very warm
  • Presentable

What We Didn't Like

  • Might be too small for some users

For our third piano bench cushion, this spells fun and entertaining because of its musical note design. It departs from the monochrome designs of the other cushions on the review.

The Music Note Tapestry Piano Bench Cushion 14.5" x 35" x 1" Thick Pad is has a tapestry fabric with musical notes. Tapestry fabric is woven to make a design, which in this case is the fitting musical notes.

Now, this can be an advantage a disadvantage depending on your preferences. The testers who are also music teachers to small children appreciate that it gives more life to the entire music area. It might help encourage more learning because of its fun atmosphere.

They also deemed that it might not be fit for those who are into a classy and sleek look of their piano area.

Further, the tapestry fabric is considered to be heavy duty. We cannot attest to its durability considering the short testing time. However, the tapestry material seems strong and durable.

With a different kind of cover material, our testers have a preconceived notion that it will be stiff and uncomfortable. The Music Note Tapestry Piano Bench Cushion 14.5" x 35" x 1" Thick Pad proved wrong saying that it is quite comfortable with its one-inch foam thickness.

There were also no mentions from our testers that the product is warm when sat on for the entire testing period. Thus, it makes this cushion more comfortable for the user even if they have to practice on it for hours.

This also comes with ties to keep it secured on the bench. The strings prevent the cushion from slipping particularly when the younger students start fidgeting. 

What We Liked

  • With exciting design
  • Big dimensions
  • Material seems strong

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Might not fit some styles
  • exclamation-triangle
    Can be too big for some

For our fourth product on the list, this cushion can have multiple purposes. It is not made specifically for piano benches, but because of its multiplicity of usage, it can be a good cushion top for your piano benches.

The Winsome Paige Seat Cushion differs from other piano bench cushions firstly because of is PU faux leather cover. This kind of fabric can be made from polyester or cotton and bits of leather making it the good imitation of genuine leather.

Its leather-like material makes the cushion look more classy and fitted to various kinds of benches. Our testers said that it gives their benches a new look but without making it seem tasteless.

They agree that that cushion is stiffer compared to the other products in the review. The comfortability of the cushion is a little varied. There are testers who think that the firmness gives a user a push making it useful for adding height.

The rest of them thinks that it is too stiff to be comfortable saying that the two-inch foam thickness is high enough. Therefore, you should also consider whether you are comfortable with a bit of stiffness or you prefer a very soft cushion.

This Winsome Paige Seat Cushion has a 16 X 32 inches size. It is one of the biggest from among the five cushions. It can fit into the larger-sized benches. Be sure to also check your bench dimensions since this product is slightly on the bigger side.

Another thing that the testers have observed with this product is that it can be warm on hot weathers. Some even said they could feel sweating on the leather seat.

Finally, since the cover is made from PU faux leather does not slip from the bench easily. That is why it kept still even without the ties. 

What We Liked

  • Big size
  • PU faux leather for sleek look
  • 2 inch foam
  • Does not easily slip

What We Didn't Like

  • Stiff for other
  • A little warm for some

Fifth on our list is the SheetMusicNorthwest Piano Bench Cushion Pad 14" X 34" Velour Fabric. This piano bench cushion is one of the lengthier from this review at 14 x 34 inches with polyurethane foam covered in velour fabric.

The cushion size can be squeezed in a two-seater bench, in which some of the testers find convenient when having their young students. That is, it can accommodate both of them for teaching or piano duets.

What they dislike about the fabric does not seem elegant at first look and feel. It does not give the sophistication that exuded by a piano set. There are testers though, who think that it can still go well if you have a good bench, to begin with. The same testers also said that the tufted design could increase its aesthetics.

Its polyurethane foam is one inch thick giving the user added height to reach their pianos while having their foot flat on the floor.

However, during the testing, when the two testers sat on the foam, there was a significant decrease in the thickness. Hence some of the testers that it might be too thin for some of their students that can cause discomfort in the long run.

The testers also love that this SheetMusicNorthwest Piano Bench Cushion Pad 14" X 34" Velour Fabric is covered on velour fabric that is soft to the touch because of its velvety texture. So it complements the foam inside adding comfort to the user.

Like other products with this kind of fabric, our testers deemed that it can get warm in the long run. It means that the longer you sat on it, the heat is a trap and may lead to fidgeting especially to children.

What We Liked

  • Big size
  • Soft cover and foam
  • Tufted

What We Didn't Like

  • A bit warm

Our Recommendations

Editor’s Choice

Our Editor’s Choice is not your classic tufted cushion. Though not your usual velvet silk material, it does look elegant.

The Box Top Piano Bench Cushion, 2-inches Thick, 14 inch X 30 inch gives a good two-inch thickness for both added height and softness all coming together to provide comfort for its users.

It has a 14 X 30 inches for its dimensions covered in polyester velour that is a strong fabric but still has enough ventilation. Thus, you will also benefit with not having to deal with warm cushions for hours of sitting.

This also includes ties for keeping it secured on the bench.

First Runner-Up

Our First Runner-Up is the Piano Bench Pad by Jansen , 12-3/4 inch X 25 inch. It may not be the Editor’s Choice due to its size; this bench cushion looks and feels like the classic cushions played used by professional pianists.

It has tufted soft cushion, which is also great in conforming to the users behind. Thus, a comforting pad for long playing period. This is also breathable keeping it from being hot.

Second Runner-Up

The Second Runner-Up is the most fun and unique from the review. It is said to be suited for children still learning the piano. The Music Note Tapestry Piano Bench Cushion 14.5" x 35" x 1" Thick Pad covers a one-inch thick foam with tapestry fabric formin musical notes. These features not only give the required comfort but adds motivation for playing.