After spending over 20 hours on research, examination and reviewed 15 outdoor elliptical bikes. We think the ElliptiGO Arc 8 is easily one of the best in the list. The bike has a strong 8 gear system, lightweight and extendable steering - giving the feeling of 'running on air'.

Top Pick: ElliptiGO Arc 8

The first outdoor elliptical bike from ElliptiGo -- it gives you the feel of regular running. 

Let's face it outdoor elliptical bike isn't the cheapest thing on earth.

And you don't want to waste money buying on the wrong bike, so we are here to help!

Today, in this over 6,000 words article you will learn:

  • Our 10 Best Outdoor Elliptical Bike picks in 2018
  • 4 things you Need to know Before buying an outdoor elliptical bike
  • How we assessed & evaluated these products?
  • Special Report: ElliptiGO vs StreetStrider
  • Our recommendation - Editor's Choice and 2 runners-up

Without further ado let's begin!

Buying Guide For Top Outdoor Elliptical Bikes 

In buying an elliptical bike, there are basically four important things you need to consider: 

#1 Gears/Speed

Although outdoor elliptical bikes are powered by your effort, there are gears and speeds that will help riders when going through different kinds of terrains. Some elliptical bikes have as many as 8 gears to propel the rider in an uphill ground, ensuring that the equipment can climb it. So when buying an outdoor elliptical bike, you need to consider the route you are taking or want to take so you can choose the equipment with the best gearing system to your activities.

The advantage of having additional gears is that riders can use its powerful low gear to climb up. While the high gears perform well when going down high routes.

#2 Special and unique features

We always want to get value for the money we spent. This still applies to getting your exercise equipment, where you should also consider the exclusive features of each outdoor elliptical bike. But, though it has exciting and fun feature, it does not mean that it suits your kind of activity. So, we recommend that you look for features that are in line with the type of activities that you do.

#3 Special Needs

For riders who needs the outdoor elliptical bikes for special health or physical purposes, it will be essential to match those needs with that of the equipment. Some of the outdoor elliptical bikes that will be reviewed had an interesting background. The ElliptiGo, for instance, was specifically made to assist its injured founder.

If you have this special requirement, we recommend that you choose an equipment that is compatible with your personal needs. For riders that have sensitive injuries, you may want to purchase an equipment that is lightweight and easy to control and use. As for riders needing or wanting heavy workouts, you can choose elliptical bikes that should be capable of going through rough and hilly terrains.

#4 Comfort

Similar to personal special needs, we also recommend that you choose a product that you are comfortable with. You have to be comfortable with the weight, size or mechanism of the equipment. Basically, you, as a rider, should feel comfortable with how the equipment works, whether it be the steering or the pedal or footer of the elliptical bike.

Other considerations (although trivial for some) includes the price, material or the physical makeup of the product. For first timers, you may not want to invest in an expensive equipment. So you may want to choose less expensive products though there are caveats with buying low-end products. Click here to learn about our longboard's buying guide.

How We Assessed & Evaluated These Products?

We looked closely at their distinguishing characteristics and examine whether or not it is advantageous or disadvantageous to different riders. Also, we understand that elliptical bikes sometimes cater to people with special and pivotal needs such as those under rehabilitation for injuries. With this in mind, we consider how each product will affect different riders. This has been used to guide us in assessing the outdoor elliptical bikes. The distinctive characters of the elliptical bikes will be compared and contrasted with each other.

This elliptical bike also has good precision when driven, most especially when steering it left or right or even when simply cruising.

We look into its gears, weight, unique or special characteristics and the level of comfort for the riders. These criteria will also assist us in coming examining each equipment and coming up with what we found is a good choice. This has helped us in providing circumstances and scenarios under which the equipment can best work for.

1. Zike Saber Hybrid Bike

The Zike Saber Hybrid Bike is an outdoor elliptical bike specifically designed for riders ages 12 years old. This elliptical bike has an impressive 7-gear system and a capacity of 200 lbs. 

​Its 7-gear system allows this elliptical bike to run smoothly in almost any form of terrain. Riders can enjoy maximum stability even on steep terrains. 

While it is primarily marketed for pre-teens, adults can also use this elliptical bike provided that they do not exceed the bike's 200 lbs. carrying capacity. There's a caveat though with this bike's 7-gear system: you cannot automatically shift from one gear to another without shifting to the next higher gear (i.e from 1st to 7th). 

Given the Zike Saber Hybrid's specs, its a solid elliptical bike choice for those who are looking for extreme work-out sessions. Steep, hilly terrains are considerably the best venue for using this bike for such purpose. However, if you're just looking for a casual, recreational elliptical bike for moderate and chill exercises, this bike can also fit the bill. 

Speed wise, this elliptical bike does not exactly fall in that department. It's quite slow and you'll have to exert some effort in pedalling. 

What We Liked

  • For children and adult
  • Can course through rough and soft terrains
  • ​Alloy frame body
  • Horn, reflector, and carrier frame

What We Didn't Like

  • Not very fast
  • Gear change is not automatic

2. ElliptiGO Arc 8 - The World's First Outdoor Elliptical Bike

The first outdoor elliptical bike from ElliptiGo was invented to assist its founder with his injury from his severe triathlon activities.

He was confined inside the gym and had no appropriate equipment he can use to suit the kind of exercise he needs for his injury.

Simply put, this dilemma lead to the creation of ElliptiGo.

The brand aims to create an exercise that is similar to running but has a low impact on knee joints. The ElliptiGO Arc 8 is an addition to the expanding product portfolio of the brand.

When using the ElliptiGO Arc 8, it gives you the feel of regular running, but you are suspended in the air. That is, the product is said to give you an impression that you are “running on air.”

Notwithstanding that there is a transportation device between the ground and your foot, the circular movement of the pedals is similar to that of running. Combined with its light weight and the pedal movement, it gives riders the benefit of running and elliptical bike activities. This is fitting for those who have injuries and will require low-impact running activity for their rehabilitation.

As a product powered by laboriously pedaling or stepping into the foot, you may want something light and easy to maneuver. This is exactly how the ElliptiGo Arc 8 feels when using it to cruise through a plain and even uphill ground. It is very light with only 37 lbs weight that allows easy handling for the riders. The elliptical bike is clearly lighter than the 50 lbs weight of Zike Saber Hybrid Bike.

Unlike the Zike Saber with its 7-gear system, the ElliptiGO Arc 8 is equipped with 8-gears for speed diversity. So it is easy for riders to choose which is most appropriate for their activities and physical requirement. It gives comfortable riding as you can control the speed you like as well as greater control of the equipment. The gear system is convenient for the steep ground as it will help the rider propel the equipment. So the equipment will also be good for the heavy workout some rider wants or needs.​

​The issue with the ElliptiGO Arc 8, is that the foot, which is supposed to be adjustable to provide comfort put riders off-balance. The foot can be adjusted so that riders can ride comfortably and that it is not locked. But for first-time riders, you may have to adapt to the wobbly foot for you to balance properly. Such imbalance may cause falling off from the equipment that can lead to serious injuries.

What We Liked

  • 8-gear system
  • Extendable steering
  •  Lightweight

What We Didn't Like

  • Adjustable foot can place riders off-balance

Another from Zike, the Wing Flyer Zike Elliptical Scooter Stepper Bike combines scooter, bike, and an elliptical equipment.

This is an innovation from the Zike Saber Hybrid Bike that is focused on fat-burning activity for older children.

Zike patented the outdoor elliptical bike’s smooth drive that even in the stony ground, the rider will not have difficulty in traversing it.

It is complemented with the rugged steel frame that improves not only steering but also its balance. So it is appropriate for exercise and even transport for riders who wants efficiency as the exercise while traveling. For children, this can be a fun activity and at the same time a healthy one.

A remarkable feature of the Wing Flyer Zike Elliptical Scooter Bike is it has a high-caliper disc brake for its rear that can be hand-controlled by the rider. This allows adeptness for the brake system of the elliptical bike as the disc brake creates friction slowing down the equipment until full stop. Consequently, it adds safety to the riders.

If the ElliptiGo Arc 8 is geared for injury rehabilitation, this product like the other Zike elliptical bike is ideal for a leg workout. The pedaling activity will leave riders with a worked up leg muscle which helps with building and toning them.

Although the focus is on the leg, the use of this equipment will also push you to use your arms and upper body. This can also be good for calorie burning. So if you are a workout buff who wants a low-impact activity that has effects for the entire body, this product is ideal for you.

Tall riders will have no problem with the Wing Flyer Zike Elliptical Scooter Bike like the other Zike elliptical bike. It has an adjustable handlebar that can extend up to three heights. Whether you are tall or short, you will not have any issue with as to reaching and handling the equipment.

The handlebar can also be folded if desired. It will allow you to store the equipment even with small spaces. This outdoor elliptical bike is ideal for those living in apartments or dormitories because of its compact frame. This handlebar is also wrapped with rubber grips so riders can hold it tight for better control and steering. This can be helpful for riders with a gripping problem, especially that hands will sweat out while doing activities with the elliptical bike.

An issue encountered with the product is that it is not meant for riders who are quite heavy or bulky. The product caters to children as young as 10 years old although it was said to be for older children. So children who may weigh heavier than 160 lbs cannot enjoy this product.

What We Liked

  • Smooth drive
  • Good brake system

What We Didn't Like

  • Very limited weight capacity

The Zike Z600-6507 Black Hybrid Bike is made for children as young as six years old. The equipment has smooth and patended drive system.

Like other Zike products as Saber Hybrid Bike and WingFlyer Zike Elliptical Stepper Scooter, this elliptical bike is equipped with a smooth drive system that allows the equipment to run through rough grounds. But, unlike the other units, it only has 6-gears. It does, however, uses a SHIMANO derailleur.

This elliptical bike also has good precision when driven, most especially when steering it left or right or even when simply cruising. For the purpose of exercising, it is a fun and useful tool in exercising your lower body parts.  

It's also a reliable form of transportation. It has a 6-gear system which enables the bike to run smoothly in different terrains. There's also enough maneuverability and speed for the riders.

But, an issue found with the gearing system is that some riders deemed that the low gear (1st gear) is strong enough and much more the high gear. Depending on your skills and preference, we recommend that the rider should first familiarize themselves with the equipment before going to challenging routes.

Another important feature of the Zike Z600-6507 Black Hybrid Bike, is its brake system. It used an aluminum for its front brake and a high-caliper for its rear brake. This outdoor elliptical bike is safe for kids because of its dual brake system, which if one does not work, the other end can still halt the equipment in such case.

For riders with limited storage, like your apartment, children’s locker behind the door, the equipment can easily be stored. It has a foldable handle that will lay flat with the stepper, making the product compact.

The Zike Z600-6507 Black Hybrid Bike can cater to riders of wide age range from 6 years old and above with its weight capacity of up to 180 lbs. This is lesser than the 200 lbs weight capacity of the Saber Hybrid Bike and higher than the 160 lbs capacity of the WingFlyer Zike Elliptical Stepper Scooter. Although, between the three there is only minimal disparity.

What We Liked

  • Dual brake system
  • Patented smooth drive
  • Branded components

What We Didn't Like

  • Heavy for 6 years old

5. StreetStrider Summit 8r

Its three wheels (two in front and one in the rear) are the most distinctive character of this outdoor elliptical bike.

This affords the rider with greater balance and support for riders who have less use of their faculties.

If you are undergoing rehabilitation and physical therapy and will need an equipment with greater support, this three-wheel outdoor elliptical equipment is also an apt choice.

Similar to the Zike Z600-6507 Black Hybrid Bike, the StreetStrider Summit 8r also uses a SHIMANO gear, but with the Nexus 8-gear mechanism. This can be useful if you are working out with hilly routes.

The equipment also has a dual brake system like the Zike Z600-6507 Black Hybrid Bike. But instead of aluminum brake on its front end, it has a drum brake and caliper on the rear. Compared to the Zike Z600, it has a more effective brake performance giving a smooth, but reliable stop mechanism. This complements the 8-gear system, which is built to be used in steep or uphill terrains.

Examining the StreetStrider Summit 8r, you will find that its strongest feature is its weight capacity. It doubles the weight capacity of Zike Saber Hybrid Bike, with its aluminum frame similar to that of an aircraft that can support up to 400 lbs. We believe that this will be ideal for riders who are heavier and will require rigid physical activity.

Another distinguishing character of this equipment is the ‘strider poles’ or its steering handle. While an outdoor elliptical bike meant to give impact on the lower body part, the adjustable poles of the StreetStrider Summit 8r, allows the rider to also work on their upper body. It can be moved around for you to give an exercise to your arms while also working on your legs.

Depending on your capacity, movability and flexibility as the rider, the curve structure of the steering handle can pose as a challenge or an advantageous feature of the elliptical bike. It could be difficult to steer because it is curved, unlike the traditional bike handle. But it is an added way to improve rehabilitation or workout as the case may be. 

As for us, the wide stepper or the pedal pads of the equipment is useful . This is because some riders will have greater mobility while using the equipment. It is also useful for those with bigger feet size.

We have also concluded that the StreetStrider Summit 8r is primarily not for transportation, unlike the Zike outdoor elliptical bikes. This product’s features and performance is best used for physical activity and rehabilitation.

What We Liked

  • 8-gear system
  • Dual brake
  • 400 lbs weight capacity

What We Didn't Like

  • Curved handlebar
  • Not meant for transportation

6. ElliptiGO 8C - The World's First Outdoor Elliptical Bike

The first thing you will find out when mounting in the equipment is that it is higher than other elliptical bikes.

ElliptiGo created it as such because it aims to give you better vision while ensuring a comfortable position during your workout.

Basing on your preference, the additional height can be a good thing especially to riders who are quite short.

You will be able to clearly see what is ahead of you. But, if you are on the taller part of the height spectrum, you may be forced to lean a little lower to take a good grip on the steering. Although, the steering and the stepper can be adjusted that even a short or tall rider can find the exact height to get a comfortable position.

Known to the ElliptiGo brand, it make riders feel like they're suspended in the air while running (while pedaling the bike). This is similar to ElliptiGO Arc 8 and ElliptiGo 3C, where the motion of the resembles on air jogging or running. It gives the riders a free range for low-impact exercise.

Riders who are into heavy workout don’t have to worry about control and maneuverability of the outdoor elliptical bike. The handlebars of the steering can be adjusted to suit the kind of terrain you are coursing through, your speed and your comfort. So depending on what is convenient for you while riding the elliptical bike, simply change the setting of the handlebars.

Aside from a good workout, the ElliptiGO 8C is can also be a fun and healthy form of transportation.

The stepper, although a minor feature creates a great difference to riding comfort. If the StreetStrider Summit 8r has a wide stepper or foot platform, this equipment has a long platform for accommodating bigger feet size, while giving more room for feet mobility. You will not have difficulty changing positions of your feet.

Similar to ElliptiGO Arc 8 and StreetStrider 8r, it has an 8-gear system. This gear system is internally installed in a hub that affords rider resistance when climbing up a hill. It also gives the rider control for speed.

But, if hill terrains is not a challenge for this equipment, the dirt road is a problem. We found that it cannot handle small stones as some may get stuck on the elliptical bike. So if your exercise route includes muddy or rough grounds, we recommend that you exert extra care to avoid stones getting caught on any part of the equipment. This may be remedied simply by removing the stones from your elliptical bike. 

What We Liked

  • 8-gear system
  • Increased height position
  • Longer feet platform
  • Fun and healthy running motion

What We Didn't Like

  • Not suitable for dirty and stony trails
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The StreetStrider 3i is another outdoor elliptical bike unit from StreetStrider.

At the outset, the look of the 3i is very similar to the 7i and Summit 8r (on item number 5 and 9 respectively).

Like other StreetStrider units, it 3 wheels for balance and stability.

It is closer to the 7i unit, but it only has a 3-gear system. Evidently, it is the equipment with the very least gearing mechanism, with some reaching up to 8 gears. 

The downside of having only a 3-gear system is that it has no power with hilly terrains. Unlike those that have 7 or 8 gears, this cannot climb steep routes, which can be a drawback for riders who lives or go through the upper parts of town. We deemed that this equipment can be suited if you do not live or have routes on the upper side of town.

A surprising feature of the StreetStrider 3i is its weight capacity. Despite the minimal gear options, it can accommodate weight up to 300 lbs. 

Since it can carry heavy riders, its 3 wheels ensure stability and balance for riders. That is, like the StreetStrider Summit 8r and 7i, it has two front wheels and one rear wheel so riders are stable and balanced while using the equipment. This is important because some riders who are quite heavy may affect the stability of the equipment as it works harder due to the added weight. So this product is a great suit for beginners or new users of elliptical bikes. 

As to the brake system, the equipment is similar to Zike Z600-6507 Black Hybrid Bike, Summit 8r and its close counterpart 7i with its dual brakes. But, if Zike Z600 aluminum front brakes and Summit 8r’s drum brakes, the StreetStrider 3i has a compact disc front and rear brakes. Although compact, it performs well that stops the bike full but not abrupt.

For riders who are used to flat or straight handlebars like that of a regular bike, the curved steering can be challenging at the first try. StreetStrider created an outdoor elliptical bike that requires you to lean over in order to steer or maneuver it. So it can be a major drawback and a challenge for riders who are used to the bike-like steering.

Now, if you are on the taller side, the steering has an adjustable pole that can be adjusted based on your height.

What We Liked

  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Dual brake
  • Adjustable steering pole
  • Horn, reflector, and carrier frame

What We Didn't Like

  • Curved steering wheel
  • 3-gear system

The ElliptiGo 11R has been around for 11 gears. This gives the riders more options to grapple with different terrains including very steep or hilly routes. The advantage of having additional gears is that riders can use its powerful low gear to climb up. While the high gears perform well when going down high routes.

Its gears are useful for ensuring safety when going up or down because it gives riders more options to gain control over the equipment. We believe that the equipment is very suited to those who wants rough workouts that require climbing up hills or mountains.

For us, a valuable feature of this equipment is its carbon-fiber arms, which unexpectedly gives the riders a more stable biking activity. This is different from the stability of the three-wheel power of the StreetStrider equipment that gives more of a balanced rider. The equipment is more of giving the rider a steady ride by minimizing the vibrations when running through stony or rough surfaces.

For riders having to pass through rough roads, whether they are living near one or part of their route, the StreetStrider 11R will be an ideal outdoor elliptical bike for you.

Like the other StreetStrider elliptical bike, it has adjustable stride and steering pole. This may seem a regular feature for an equipment, but for this equipment, the stride is longer than the regular ones. This a good news for riders with extra height as it is already higher, but can still be extended. But, on the other hand, this can be a problem for the shorter riders. So, we should recommend that you should also consider your height and reach if you are eyeing this equipment.

Also, an important feature (although trivial for some) is the elongated platform for the feet. This is not only for those with bigger feet but also for foot mobility. This is similar to that of Summit 8R and ElliptiGo 8C, which can provide for relaxed footing while performing the workout.

But, a drawback we found with the ElliptiGo 11R is the tension you get from your back when using the product. This is because using the product will require leaning a little forward. Looking at the handlebars, you will see that is curved upwards. So you will have to bend forward to properly grip the outdoor elliptical bike. This will cause to build tension in your back over time.

This, however, is not necessarily a bad thing depending on your workout preference. For the those who wants a more rigid workout, this can be a good exercise for the back if done in moderation. 

What We Liked

  • 11-gear system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable steering
  • Horn, reflector, and carrier frame

What We Didn't Like

  • Steering height may not suit shorter riders
  • Rider’s leaning position creates back tension
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An update to the StreetStrider 3i, StreetStrider 7i comes with the 7-gear system, which is an impressive upgrade from the 3- gear system of the other elliptical bike unit.

There is not much of an update to this outdoor elliptical bike, with its biggest feature is its increased gearing. Like the Zike Z600, Summit 8R and the StreetStrider 3i, this elliptical bike is equipped with a SHIMANO Nexus 7 gear. This is responsible for the climbing capacity with the additional gears of the elliptical bike. Performance wise, it is similar to StreetStrider 3i, but with more gears, it can  tackle hilly grounds.

Even with flat surfaces, but in high speed, this equipment can still perform well. This is evidently because of the added gearing of the elliptical bike.

The issue identified with the StreetStrider 7i is that the rider has to lean as the handlebars move as the rider has to pedal. 

So before choosing this equipment, we recommend that you are comfortable with this steering operation, as it could be difficult to maneuver for riders who has issues or injuries with their arm

Aside from the gear and steering, the StreetStrider 7i has similar features and characteristics with the 3i elliptical bike with its 300 lbs weight capacity. It makes this version a more powerful machine that it is not simply for regular exercise, but also for rigid physical training and rehabilitation. Coupled with the steering method, the equipment helps with having a good workout for the upper and lower body part.

If you are concerned with its braking performance considering its weight the capacity, the equipment has an efficient stopping process. It has a dual brake disc brake system from its front and back end that is also compact. So if you’re going fast while descending from a hill, the bike can stop after applying the brake

Since the equipment has heavy weight capacity and is capable of going in different speed, its three-wheel design ensure balance and stability. Like the StreetStrider 3i, it has two front wheels and one on the rear. So riders can concentrate on their workout instead of exerting more effort on keeping themselves on the bike. This is useful for those who are quite heavy or who enjoy going fast with the equipment.

We are fond of the trivial, but useful features of a product. So we find the luggage rack and water bottle cage useful features because not all riders can go without water. So if you are taking a longer route, you need to stay hydrated. Also, the luggage rack allows the riders to use the equipment as transportation aside from an exercise machine.

It can also easily be stored for those who have small spaces. The steering poles can be easily folded to make a flat equipment that you can store upwards or lie down.

What We Liked

  • 7-gear system
  • 300 lbs weight capacity

What We Didn't Like

  • Difficult and tiring steering

10. ElliptiGO 3C The World's First Outdoor Elliptical Bike

Finally, we’ve come to complete the some of the best 10 outdoor elliptical bike with another bike unit from ElliptiGo, the elliptical 3C.

This elliptical bike may have close similarity with other ElliptiGo bike, but it only 3 gears. You may think that it is not powerful enough to support activities involving uphill terrains. There is a semblance of truth to this as riders are limited to these gearing options. StreetStrider does not intend for this product to compete with the heavy-duty elliptical bike since it is only an entry-level. Evidently, the machine cannot tackle steep and ascending terrains.

The equipment may be most suited for those who enjoy flat roads. Yet, we’ve found that it is powerful to work on muddy, soft or sandy surfaces. So, if you are a big beach bum, we recommend that you try a more scenic exercise route on the beach.

There is not much difference with this elliptical bike with that of the ElliptiGo 8C. The 3C also has increased height that allows the riders to see the road even from afar. This essential for shorter riders to see ahead of them. The height can be good to avoid accidents in their exercise activities.

Aside from the heightened positioning, the equipment likewise has a comfortable steering bar that the rider can adjust. Regardless of the terrain that you take as part of the exercise route, you can adjust our gripping of the bike to you have better control over the equipment. When going through the steep or rocky ground, there is is a tendency that the elliptical bike can become wobbly. The comfortable gripping ensures that you can control the equipment.

The ElliptiGo 3C is also tailored for riders having larger feet size. Akin to the StreetStrider 8C, the riders do have to worry about cramped foot platform because the are extended. This likewise affords riders to have a more comfortable position during the workout session.

One thing you also have to keep your eyes on about the product is the steering height. Being on the ground, the steering pole may seem extra high because it really is. This is from elongated stride length that is even adjustable up to 25 inches. It can perfectly accommodate riders with an above average height.

This, however, is an issue for the shorter riders. Although adjustable, the riders may  find the 16 inches steering a bit high to have a comfortable position during the exercise. 

What We Liked

  • Increased height
  • Large feet compartment
  • Can tackle soft or hard surfaces

What We Didn't Like

  • Steering height may be inconvenient to shorter riders

Special Report: ElliptiGO vs StreetStrider

Reviewing several brands producing outdoor elliptical bikes, we’ve come up with only a few names taking into account that this innovative workout equipment is fairly new in the market. Amidst the all the brands, there are two manufacturers or creators that are gaining popularity among the elliptical riders--- the ElliptiGo and StreetStrider brands. These two brands are in a certain way at par with each other, but also provide distinct and special experiences for their riders.

If you are among the riders torn between these two brands, let us help you decide by comparing their features and benefits.

Balancing and stability

A significant difference of the two brands is its balancing mechanism with ElliptiGo with two wheels, while the StreetStrider is famous for its three-wheeled outdoor elliptical bike.

Riders have different requirements when it comes to their riding activities, and depending on these needs, the wheeling systems of the bikes creates advantages and disadvantages. For rider requiring better balance and stability, StreetStrider’s three-wheel elliptical bike is a perfect equipment for their physical activities.

ElliptiGo with two wheels, on the other hand, does not mean that it is not a stable equipment. This only signifies that riders are up to a challenge when using their products. Riders have to exert additional effort to keep them in place.

Workout points and exercise feel

The ElliptiGo brand has an interesting history, where the founder an injured athlete created an outdoor elliptical bike that will help his rehabilitation more interesting. This has been the underlying principle for the elliptical bike units, where is produces a low impact exercise for the legs and the lower body. More than just a fun form of transportation, it is focused on helping riders with exercise that is more fun and healthy.

In a similar vein, the StreetStrider brand is also geared towards helping with physical activities and workout of the rider. But with the StreetStrider, it gives focus to both the lower and upper part of the body.

The two elliptical bike brands also give the riders a different exercise feel and experience. ElliptiGo is a crossover between a bike and an elliptical equipment. To this extent, the riders bodily motion resemble that of a cycling while standing up. That is, the rider creates a circular motion like that of running while being suspended on air.


The ElliptiGo is consistent with its cycling-like activity with its stationary steering bars. It means that like a bike, you steer the equipment left, right or remain center as you move forward. But, with the StreetStrider equipment, riders can push the steering back and forth as riders pedal their way onwards. This is why the StreetStrider has more capacity to work on the upper body.

All in all, both have their special features that are exclusive to only one brand. But all components complement with one another, creating powerful outdoor elliptical bikes catering to the different needs of the riders.

And that was the 10 best outdoor elliptical bikes we’ve got after combing the market!

It was a huge challenge for us to have good review taking into account the novelty of this exercise machine on top of the complex requirements we need to consider. We understand the criticalness of this type of equipment that we have to fine comb every nook and detail of each elliptical bike unit. And so, we’ve crowned our Editor’s choice and its runners-up

Editor’s Choice: ElliptiGO Arc 8

What we have in mind is an equipment that is useful for rehabilitation and recovery other than a fun exercise machine. The ElliptiGO Arc 8 is branded with the "running on air" workout that aims to provide a low-impact exercise for riders undergoing rehabilitation and daily workout. It ensures that instead of just a fun physical activity, it can give you better exercise experience.

Top Pick: ElliptiGO Arc 8

The first outdoor elliptical bike from ElliptiGo -- it gives you the feel of regular running. 

The 8-gear system is also a feature not to be taken lightly. We may have encountered the 11 gear system, but the 8 gears of this equipment provide just the right combination of control and safety for its riders. This elliptical bike gives you a wide range of speed or setting that you can choose to suit your activity needs. 

All these are vital to ensure that it can still carry over the 250 lbs weight capacity of this outdoor elliptical bike. It also includes an extendable steering of the outdoor elliptical bike for better control of the equipment.

Its weight of 37 lbs is relatively lighter than other elliptical bikes on review. This lightweight feature has tipped the scale to their favor. It can be used with ease and with less effort so you can focus on your workout. 

Runners-Up: ElliptiGo 11R & Zike Z600

The ElliptiGo 11R is our first runner-up from this review mainly because of the safety it affords its riders. The ElliptiGo brand only has a 2-wheel mechanism which requires riders to balance. Its 11 gears are great to help for ensuring the stability of riders whether they are going up or downhill. The carbon-fiber arms, likewise, steadies the machine by keeping it balanced while coursing through stony or rough roads.

ElliptiGo, further guaranty riders with comfort through their adjustable steering and foot platform.

Coming after ElliptiGo 11R is the Zike Z600 for giving a different experience for the riders. For you who enjoys a light exercise, this equipment is tailored for transport, leisure workout and even for children.

Its distinctive feature is the dual brake, with an aluminum front brake and high-caliper rear brake.