The traditional elliptical machine that has been ignored in the gym is given a makeover.

You are no longer confined inside the gym looking at walls as the equipment comes in wheels allowing you to move (run) while doing the workouts in an elliptical machine. Given this revamp, riders such as yourself can do more workout exercises.

Here few of the types of extreme and light exercises on the outdoor elliptical bike while you enjoy the scenes outside.


Cross-training or circuit training pertains to the series of exercises of other kinds or disciplines aiming to develop core body parts that are useful for the discipline that one is focusing. This kind of training is often done by professional athletes. It is, however, not exclusive to them as anybody can replicate provided that it be done correctly.

For runners, cross training exercises include cycling and elliptical activities. It is at this very instant that outdoor elliptical bikes become a useful equipment.

It mimics or simulates climbing and running exercises. Hence, although you are not actually running it still gives the enhancement that you get from doing the running activity.

The difference now is that it minimizes the impact on the joints, which you cannot avoid with real running. The elliptical bike, therefore, helps in keeping joints safe, while proving you the necessary training.

It is not surprising why athletes like ultramarathoner, Dean Karnazes, and elite marathoner Karen Barlow approves the benefits of outdoor elliptical bikes as seen in the clip below:

For non-athletes like you, you can still make use of the outdoor elliptical bike if you want to do similar training with these athletes or even for fun outdoor exercises. Take a look at the following other activities.

High-Intensity Workout

For those who are unfamiliar with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), it is a form of workout that deviates from the long hours of doing a single workout. It instead lessens the time of workout but intensifies the exercises. That is, doing the hardest that you can within a short time frame from about 20 seconds to 1 minute for some trainers.

The HIIT is common in a stationary indoor elliptical bike, where you adjust the incline and resistance levels to achieve the same results as the extended workout times. That is why it is called an intensified form of training.

In outdoor elliptical bikes, it may seem difficult to do that considering that you are on the move. You also have the issue of balancing while performing the high-intensity training.

It should not be a problem.

The more modern outdoor elliptical bikes have the resistance levels that you can adjust. So, when you are doing HIIT, you can just adjust the resistance levels gradually especially if you are new to it. It will also help to have an approved plan if you are aiming to achieve a goal.

However, for those without resistance options, you can gauge your intensity with the distance you have covered. Through this, you are taking advantage of the uniqueness of the equipment.

Make it more fun by bringing along your workout buddies!

Cardio workout

While HIIT is best with your workout buddies, riding the outdoor elliptical bike for cardiovascular training can be done with the family.

Cardio workout centers on heart’s function and oxygen distribution to improve the overall skeletal muscles. It is also an exercise done by most to lose weight. These benefits make it suitable for every member of the family.

How then can an outdoor elliptical bike help with the cardio workout?

As an elliptical bike simulates running activities, it puts necessary stress to the body, keeps heart pumping while burning calories. If you want to try a thrilling outdoor activity that is not running, then an outdoor elliptical bike is a good alternative.

What makes it more family friendly is its low-impact on the joints. The feet are planted on the foot pedals all throughout the entire ride, thus is reduces impact from lifting and hitting the ground like while running. So whether it be your grandparents, parents or siblings, they can enjoy this equipment in place of jogging.

Also, one of the purposes of the outdoor elliptical bike is not just for merely athletes or leisure. It is meant for those who are injured and has to give up running because of it. The equipment is useful to in getting them outside less the harmful impact on the joints. Thus, the bike can cater to different kinds of riders.

Total body workout

The legs and the heart are not only parts of the body that is worked on. The outdoor elliptical bike pushes you to move your entire body such as the arms, shoulders and the trunks.

There is a catch though. The original or traditional elliptical machine has two types of handle, the exercise, and the stationary handle. With the outdoor version, there is a stationary handle similar to the standard bike. The other types are the exercise handle that moves as you push on your fee.

What you have to use is the exercise handle, which moves back and forth along with the movements of the steps stretching your upper body. An example of this type of hande is the that of the StreetStrider.

The BMX type also requires movement as you steer the outdoor elliptical bike. But, it is not as the same as the exercise handles.

Personal Death Ride

You can take advantage of the outdoor elliptical either to create your own Death Ride event if you seek extreme workout. Like the Death Ride, you can go cycling for 129 miles in high altitude reaching up to 9000 feet.

But, since this is your personal workout, you can ride the equipment in a shorter distance and a lower altitude depending on your capacity. The key is that you push your limits as to distance and altitude levels.

If you are interested in joining the actual Death Ride, the outdoor elliptical bike is still a useful equipment for your training as in cross-training and cardio.