Spending over 35 hours searching, gathering data and testing five microcurrent machines, we deemed that the Genmine 4 in 1 Mini Radio Frequency Facial Machine Microcurrent Bio Electroporation Facial Care Photon Lights Face Lifting Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Face & Body Massager Skin Care Tightening Tools is the best choice among the reviewed product. It uses innovative technology fusion making way for a comprehensive face care regimen that helps in face lifting, whitening dark spots and removing of acne. Its AC cord powers four large probes that give good coverage. 

By chance, I was able to see a friend of mine do her beauty routine.

I was so entranced with the fluidity of her actions that she has mastered what product goes where.

However, was suddenly interrupted when she turned on this weird looking device and started massaging her skin.

All I could say was “Whoa!”

She laughed at my reaction and then said, it’s a microcurrent machine and explained to me things I could barely understand.

Fast forward to the present. I had a severe acne attack with dark circles under my eyes and a few wrinkles here and there.

I considered getting these minimal surgeries with a facial clinic but had to back out because I want something less painful and invasive.

Then I remembered my friend and asked her about her skincare routine, which she recommends the microcurrent machine.

Like you I have no idea what this thing and how it works.

I know that with too much on your plate it is hard to find time researching about these things.

So for this review, we looked into different kinds of microcurrent product, how it works, its benefits and placed them into testing.

Let’s go! 

Comparison Table

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How do they work?

A microcurrent machine is a primary tool used in microcurrent therapy, which is an anti-aging therapy done to tone, firm, contour and lift facial skin. The machine acquired the name microcurrent as it produces very low-voltage electricity similar to the natural current of our body.

The machine allows you to access a non-invasive way (such as surgery) of keeping skin (and muscles) younger. Most want machines has two wands a negative and positive that lets electricity flow through your skin and muscles.

In effect, the penetration of the currents to the skin catalyzes the production of collagen and elastin energizing facial muscles. 

​Buyer’s Guide

Who can use?

When we trace the origins of microcurrent therapy and machine, you’ll find that this simulation process was used to treat patients with facial paralysis and other body parts. Some experts even use this for treating conditions such as sports injuries, body pains and wounds among many others.

Now, microcurrent therapy is creating quite a buzz (for some time now) in the beauty and wellness industry. Salons are offering microcurrent facial services, and you can even have one at home. This machine can be for anybody who wants facial rejuvenation.

However, its side effects are harmful to those with brain problems, patients having pacemakers, and even those who are pregnant. 

Advantages and Benefits

There are many benefits to microcurrent therapy from treating damaged skin to actually toning it. You can even use it to zap your pimples and tighten pores from many other benefits.

As to the machine used, one of its advantages is it non-invasive treatment. It means that there are no complicated treatments such as surgery or oral medication to achieve the desired effects.

Consequently, it also is less painful or you can’t even feel any pain. The machine produces extremely low electric currents that will not cause any painful experience with the product. 

How to drink it?

What I love about this product are the different ways you can take, which you might actually enjoy. Take for example the BC Powder can be taken by placing the powder in the mouth then drinking water or without water. It can also be mixed and dissolved in water, soda or juice.

Pre-use Requisites

Although the product is your no-pain, non-invasive alternative, there are a few things you should consider before using. Here are some of the important reminders:

  • Be sure that you don’t have any ailments such as problems with brains or other body parts. If so, ask your physician for advice
  • Don’t use if you are pregnant.
  • Make sure you understand and follow the instructions on how to use the machine.
  • If unsure, always ask an expert.

Buying Criteria

​#1 ​​Effectiveness

When the machine is used right, you can feel the effectiveness of the treatment right after your use. You might see a more defined facial feature making the effects ‘instant’. Thus, when choosing your machine, it should be something that gives immediate and good effect.

​#2 ​Power

A microcurrent machine can have either an AC power or battery. This may not be material to how strong the machine can be as battery-powered machine have batteries that suit its function.

There will be a difference as to the portability and continued power. For AC-powered machines, you will have continued power but will limit your mobility since you need to plug it in. For battery-powered, you can bring it anywhere, but its power longevity is limited.

#3 Ease of use

Although a microcurrent machine is fairly easy to use, you might benefit from a machine that has no complicated buttons or dials. Thus, you might consider a machine that has simple operations.

#4 Features

Alongside ease of use are the features. Be observant of the special or unique features of the machine no matter how small that you think will add to a meaningful and effective use of the product.

​How We Assessed & Evaluated These Microcurrent Machines

Microcurrent machines are somewhat popular nowadays that searching for the product was easy. The difficulty lies in choosing which is best for you.

To help us out, we first looked online for information about microcurrent machines. It was a bit laborious because there are several materials you will find. We read through them and summarized them to create our initial buying criteria.

We also visited product websites to check their products and their variations. Reading through online forums such as the Skincareproessionals.com and Shape Your Face Forum helped with data gathering.

We supplemented our online data with offline crowdsourced information. We talked to salon and spas offering this service, local vendors and our family and friends who are using the product. This research helped us formalize our buying criteria and considerations.

Our initial list of products contains about 15 microcurrent machines. With the help of our gathered data and our interviewees, we narrow down the list to out top five based on our scoring system.

We placed the top five products into hands-on testing without a team of testers for three days each tester. They are composed of individuals who are professional users of the product, first timers who are interested in getting the machines and those who are already using the product.

They will first test the product before they are given the product name or list of its features to ensure non-biased conclusions. Then, they scored the products based on the criteria we have developed. We also interviewed them about their experiences and comments on the microcurrent machines. 

​Top 5 Microcurrent Machine Product Reviews:

We start with the Genmine 4 in 1 Mini Radio Frequency Facial Machine Microcurrent Bio Electroporation Facial Care Photon Lights Face Lifting Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Face & Body Massager Skin Care Tightening Tools.

While other products have LED light and high radio frequency features, this microcurrent machine has four (4) added features in one device. It has electroporation, radio frequency, LED lights on top of the bio microcurrent.

The radio frequency is used for skin detoxification and to improve circulation. Meanwhile, the LED lights are used for acne. One feature that amazed our testers is the electroporation, which opens up skin cells to absorb facial products fast and effectively.

After the testing period, the testers believe that their face is lighter, their acnes were gone and their skin tighter. They deemed that all the technologies offered were effective in giving the testers rejuvenated skin.

The testers, however, dislike that the machine did not come with clear instructions on how to use. This product looks reasonably easy to use with it singular button that controls the power and the settings. However, our testers want to read through specific instructions for their safety.

Going to its physical appearance, this microcurrent machine has four (4) knobs that are applied to the face. Our testers initially thought that this might not be safe considering that other products have two. During the testing, they were not able to feel pain.

This microcurrent machine is also corded requiring the use of power outlet. Our testers again deemed that it is both advantageous and disadvantageous. You can work with the continued power while not worrying about low batteries. It is also disadvantageous for as can only use it near power stations.

What We Liked

  • Effective with its skin rejuvenation
  • 4-in-1 feature
  • Easy to use
  • Corded for uninterrupted power

What We Didn't Like

  • No clear usage instructions
  • Limited mobility

2. Rika EMS Facial Toning Device - First Runner Up

Now, for our next product is one from Rika Beauty, a US brand that creates a home and personal wellness products for slimming, massage and skin care. The Rika EMS facial toning device micro-current facial toning device face lift machine skin firming device facial massager is among its facial care product that reaches down to facial muscles.

Its technology is electrical muscle stimulation or EMS that contracts muscles using electricity to improve the face.

Our testers both had favorable and unfavorable observations with this microcurrent machine about its effectiveness. They were able to see changes in their skin, where they feel lifting and renewed facial skin.

On the hand, they did not feel other changes such as for their acne or their fine lines. The testers deemed that it might be because this microcurrent machine has weaker than the other products. Despite setting the mode to its highest intensity, the product still fell short of the others in the review.

One feature that the testers love with this product is the rechargeable battery power instead of an AC power. Although to have to charge it and its life is limited, the machine is convenient to carry around allowing them also to do other tasks while using it.

Also, this product is also relatively easy to use. Like the Genmine 4 in 1 Mini Radio Frequency Facial Machine Microcurrent Bio Electroporation Facial Care Photon Lights Face Lifting Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Face & Body Massager Skin Care Tightening Tools it also has one button for its operation. The testers find it helpful so they can conveniently work without too much pressing and setting. 

What We Liked

  • Quite effective for some facial problems
  • Battery-powered for mobility
  • Easy to use
  • EMS feature

What We Didn't Like

  • Not very thorough effect
  • Have a slight unpleasant odor

The Orginal High Frequency Skin Tightening Spot Wrinkles Remover By Krasr comes the maker of non-invasive beauty product regimens that focuses one tricky part of the face-- the skin.

With this microcurrent machine, our testers got excited that it several probes. It has a comb for hair care; mushroom for cheeks and other broad areas; bend for pimple zapping and the tongue for wrinkles. The tester thinks that by this alone, the product can provide full facial treatment.

However, not all of the testers have the same experience and result in the product. There are those who think that this microcurrent machine is comparatively weaker than the other products in the review. They said that it did not give the same results and after-feel than the others.

The other testers believe that the The Orginal High Frequency Skin Tightening Spot Wrinkles Remover By Krasr quite effective. They were able to see a difference on their faces especially with acne and their facial lines. Hence, all the testers agree that the product’s effect may not be consistent with different kinds of skins.

They like that this product is corded or AC-powered. With all the applications or wand types, the product might require an uninterrupted power means of power. Our testers also think that the four kinds of want can be a hassle when you want to bring it with you for traveling.

The directions for use leaves the testers a little confused. It was not very clear that our testers need to try and retry for the machine to work. It is crucial for this product to have an understandable instruction since its operation is quite complicated. 

What We Liked

  • Effective for other users
  • Four different probes
  • AC-powered for reliable power

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Less powerful for others
  • exclamation-triangle
    Instructions and use is a bit confusing
  • exclamation-triangle
    Not compact enough for travel 

The very first thing you will notice with the Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device | Helps Reduce Wrinkles & Eye Bags; Firms Face, Chin & Neck Skin | Made & Used in Europe for Over 15 Years | Gift Boxed with Bonus Gel & Battery by Biosincron is its compact built.

Our testers enjoyed that it is easy to use and very light. If you think that Rika EMS facial toning device micro-current facial toning device face lift machine skin firming device facial massager is portable, this microcurrent machine is more portable. You can even use it with a single hand.

The probe is also pin-like, which is thinner than those of the other products. Our testers again have a differing opinion. A majority of them deemed that the probe is tiny if you are looking for broader coverage. The minority thinks that this is beneficial for focused treatments due to the small probe size.

The effect of the Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device also varies from one tester to another. There are those who can see their skin become clearer, especially on their eye bags, lifted facial skin and less defined wrinkles.

Other testers think that the effect is not enough. That is, it is less efficient than the other products in this review. They deemed that you might need longer days of usage before you can see the results similar to the other microcurrent machines.

Adding to its portability is the cordless design. It is powered by a 9V alkaline battery, which our testers deemed has comparatively longer lifespan based on the testing. Thus, this battery power makes the product more convenient for travel.

What We Liked

  • Handy and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Produce good effects for some users
  • Powerful battery

What We Didn't Like

  • Probe too small
  • Not very effective for some

We then have the DEESS facial lift toner Demi, radio frequency skin care beauty device at home.Corded Design,No down Time.

The testers’ first impression of the product is that is not intimidating, but feels frail.

Its operations are simple as there are only two buttons for the functions--- power button and the settings button. Our testers like that there are no complicated operations to set the product to the desired mode. Even the first time users have used the product smoothly.

The microcurrent machine is corded, which means it is powered directly by electricity. The testers like that they don’t have to worry about charging the product, provided that there is an available outlet. Hence, it is less portable than the other products in the review.

The DEESS facial lift toner Demi, radio frequency skin care beauty device at home.Corded Design,No down Time also uses radio frequency technology that adds to its performance. It has LED light feature that tackles different facial problems.

With the amount of time given to the testers, they deemed that this product “really works.” They have found improvement in the tightness of their skin as well the fading of very defined facial lines and the dark under eyes.

Our first-time testers, however, felt that the probes or wands feel hot even on the lowest mode. On the other hand, expert testers deemed that the heat was just normal and that they might not be used to it. Ultimately, it will be your comfort that is vital.

What our testers dislike with the product is its frail built. It might become a problem of durability as the product is used over time. 

​Our recommendations

While each of us has a different reaction to beauty products, we came up with our top three selections that we think caters to many of us.

With five products to test and conduct more evaluation, the Genmine 4 in 1 Mini Radio Frequency Facial Machine Microcurrent Bio Electroporation Facial Care Photon Lights Face Lifting Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Face & Body Massager Skin Care Tightening Tools came out the strongest and most effective.

The microcurrent machine put together four different technology in a single machine. Each technology contributes to a full facial treatment that is effective in skin lifting, removing your acne and a brighter face.

It also gives the user more coverage with the least amount of time with its four-probes feature. This machine is powered by direct electricity for continued use.

Make sure that you read through the instructions before using for optimum results and seamless use. 

As First Runner-Up is the Rika EMS Facial Toning Device micro-current facial toning device face lift machine skin firming device facial massager. While the Genmine 4 in 1 Mini Radio Frequency Facial Machine has four features, this microcurrent machine offers the electrical muscle stimulation that renews skin.

It also provides more mobility for its user as batteries power it. Thus, you can bring them on your trips.

If not of its less than thorough effect, this product would have been the Editor’s Choice. 

Finally, for our Second Runner-Up, we chose something that is distinct and novel from the rest of the products. The Orginal High Frequency Skin Tightening Spot Wrinkles Remover By Krasr stands out from the other products with its multi-probe feature. It has four different applications to give you complete facial care experience.