Best Mailbox Flag Replacement

One hundred (100) hours used to do comprehensive research and thorough testing, and we have the MAIL Tattle-Tail Mail Alert Flag as the top product in this review. It stands tall at of 1 x 1 x 16 inches making it the tallest in the batch. This product also comes in a good metal quality and coating that can give it a long product life. It is also easy to install and fits different mailboxes catering to various households and users.

I have a lot of childhood memories with our mailbox.

Living in a semi-rural area and with slightly strict parents, I was limited to doing fun things.

While some activities are out, my friends and I had this tradition of sending letters by the end of the school year.

Instead of sending through a post, we personally place the letter in each other’s mailboxes (without being caught!).

There was one time when we had a fight and spent weeks without talking.

I think she doesn’t want to talk because I received no letter.

The mailbox flag is not up!

Only to realize that it has fallen off the road.

To save your relations or for more critical matters this small flag can be significant.

I’m guessing that is why you are here?

Because you want to save relationships?

Or attend to whatever important things from the mail without having to spend so much time researching on replacements.

So we looked online and offline through numerous products to help you save time and effort while ensuring that you have the best choices for mailbox flag replacement.

Let’s begin!

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How do they work?

In the US, before the advent of the mailbox system, mail carriers have to stand and wait for people to receive their mail that causes delay and inefficiencies. Hence, the Post Office started requesting mailboxes for every home.

It was in 1815 that Roy J. Joroleman, Post Office engineer that designed the tunnel mailbox with the flag. The flag is used as a signal for the house owner that they have a mail. Conversely, it likewise gives a signal to the postmen that you have an outgoing mail.

The mailbox flag replacement is as its name suggest a replacement for the older or broken flag in your mailbox. It enables you to receive and send signal rather than waiting for the postman to arrive. 

​Buyer’s Guide

Who can use?

It might be evident that people with mailboxes are the ones who can make use of the flag replacement. However, with the development of our mailing and packaging system, the snail mail is gaining losses and may be endangered.

However, important or official letters are still sent through physical mail. Having a mailbox with a flag helps secure the important and confidential letters. The flag will immediately let you and the postman know that there is something to be received or mailed.

To a certain extent, it helps with easier navigation to your address and an additional aesthetics to your home. 

How to replace mailbox flag?

The mailbox flag replacement can come in a kit, which includes instructions on how to install it. We want to help you make the installation easier, so we provide you with tips on how to replace your flag.

  • Make sure that you have the right measurement for the flag block and that holes with your mailbox.
  • Prepare and lay down the bolts and nuts before working so you can easily pick them up, especially when working alone.
  • Be sure to have the right tool and their sizes.
    Test the flag by moving it up and down ensuring that it moves smoothly

Issue of check-washing

Mailbox flags are used to give a signal that something is in the mailbox. Letters are not only confidential, but some of them also contain notes with monetary value (i.e., checks).

Thieves have become aware of such fact and used the flag mechanism to do crimes. They gathered mails and looked for checks. These felons then will erase he name on the check and encash it.

Thus, the mailbox flag system can be very useful and efficient. But, it can also be subject to crime and you as the victim.

Buying Criteria

​#1 ​​Dimension

Mailbox flags may have been a standard part of the mailbox. But, it does not have a standard size or dimension. Some can be as high as seven inches and others lower.

The size of the flag is among the important consideration in selecting replacements because it can help improve visibility. Also, the overall dimension is also essential because for retrofitting.

​#2 ​​Visibility

Aside from size, there are other elements that can help the visibility of the product. For instance, you can consider the ‘flag’ shape, which also comes in balls or rounded mount on top or a big square sheet. All these can affect the clarity of the signal.

#3 Material

Most mailboxes are outdoors (curbsides), which is exposed to various elements. Thus, the material of the mailbox flag replacement is crucial as it will also determine the durability of the flag.

#4 Ease of installation

As you are doing replacements, it should be fairly easy because you have the other parts in place. However, it is still valuable to have a replacement flag that is easier to install.

​How We Assessed & Evaluated These Mailbox Flag Replacement

We used two (2) methods in conducting the evaluation process. We first had our data gathering, which consists of online and offline research. For our online research, we visited several sites such as online marketplaces and manufacturer websites.

To gather unbiased third-party data, we also crowdsource information from forums and community threads. For instance, we started with Quora threads DoItYourself to kickstart our research. We then have a rough list of about seven products.

We deemed that we need more data, so we had our offline research by visiting and talking to our local sellers, homeowners and our families and friends. We asked them about their mailbox flags, how it works and what are their recommendations when replacing them. We now have about 12 products on our list.

To trim our products, we scored them based on our developed criteria down to our top five (5). With this, we then formed a group of testers to do hands-on testing of the mailbox flag replacements on different kinds of mailboxes.

The testers examined the products based on our criteria and scored each one of them. To help us decide which should be the top selections we also have a discussion with them regarding their scoring, experience, and suggestions.

​Top 5 Mailbox Flag Replacement Product Reviews:

1. MAIL Tattle-Tail Mail Alert Flag (Editor’s Choice)

The MAIL Tattle-Tail Mail Alert Flag is similar to the conventional mailbox flag.

Among the features that made it stood out from the other flag replacement is its dimensions specifically its height. It can stand up to 16 inches with the complete dimension of 1 x 1 x 16 inches.

In the testing on different kinds of mailboxes, the product has good visibility. The testers believe it is because it stands comparatively taller than the other products in this review. The height makes it easy to spot on even from afar.

Compared to the other unconventional flags in this review like that of the Miles Kimball AVM-01 Automatic Visual Mail Signal and the Mail Time! ® Yellow Mailbox Alert Signal Flag for Long Driveways, it has a smaller flag symbol. However, our testers did not find visibility a problem.

The product can be installed to most kind of mailboxes. Our testers were able to attach it to all our mailbox samples. However, they found an issue with the product’s screws. These items need to be tightened and re-tightened, so the flag keeps upright.

Our testers have to ponder on how it can be tightened to prevent falling off. Although the installation is supposed to be easy, this issue has delayed them.

Similar with the other flag replacements, this flag is also made from metal. It feels relatively stronger giving our testers the impression that cannot be destroyed easily.

This MAIL Tattle-Tail Mail Alert Flag is likewise coated with a finish to prevent material deterioration on top of visibility and aesthetic purposes. The testers like that this coating is not cheaply done as it did not show chipping during the testing. 

What We Liked

  • Tall flag height
  • Seems to have good visibility
  • Simple installation
  • Material and coating looks durable

What We Didn't Like

  • Screws can be a bit difficult to place

From the five products in the review, the Miles Kimball AVM-01 Automatic Visual Mail Signal stands from the rest because it is physically different from the other products.

Instead of a waving flag, it has a ball structure on top to serve as the signal. We let our testers a few feet away from the sample mailbox and found that the ball gives a good view for the testers.

Our testers deemed that the ball is big enough to provide visibility for the users. Aside from the size, the ball also stands more than six (6) inches tall. The height coupled with the ball size gives clarity even from a few meters away.

The Miles Kimball AVM-01 Automatic Visual Mail Signal consists of metal and plastic parts. One of the traits of plastic is its durability. The plastic material in the mailbox flag replacement demonstrate strong feel and look.

Meanwhile, metal also among the most resilient and most durable material. Hence, the testers expect the metal component also to be strong. This product did not disappoint because in the testing the metal components also seem strong giving our testers confidence that it can last longer.

One of the challenges that the testers have with this mailbox flag replacement is the installation. The description says that the product is suited to most of the rural mailboxes. However, there are some from our sample mailboxes, in which the flag is quite hard or even cannot be installed.

Our testers deemed the instructions were reasonably easy to understand. It is the actual execution that is quite hard.

What We Liked

  • Visible ball mail call
  • Flag height seems to be high enough
  • Material of the product feels durable

What We Didn't Like

  • A bit difficult to install

Mail Time! ® Yellow Mailbox Alert Signal Flag for Long Driveways is another distinctive mailbox flag replacement. It has a large flag but without the pole or stem as the entire is the one to be raised and lowered.

With this, it has a dimension of 6 x 4 x 0.8 inches. The testers deemed that the size is enough to be seen from one’s door and also considering that it has a solid block or square design.

The visibility of the product is quite tricky. This mailbox flag replacement is most suited when you placed it on top of your mailbox. However, not all mailboxes have latches on top. You can place it on the sides, and it should be the side that is most visible.

Our testers think that because of the limited option on where to place it, the installation can become more complicated than the others. There were reports that other users have to drill their mailbox for the replacement to fit.

Unlike the other flag replacements with a pole or stem, you might be confused on how to raise or lower it down. Our testers were also confused at first. But, there is a spring that will raise the flag when the mailbox is open. When lowering down, you just need to attach it on the sides with its lock.

This mailbox flag replacement is made of aluminum, which our testers expect to be durable over time due to its tensile strength. During the testing, they deemed that the flag and its components look strong and not easily bent.

Like the other products, it also has a coating finish. The difference is that with this flag replacement, the coating does not seem to peel off. 

What We Liked

  • Big flag size
  • Automatic flag raising
  • Aluminum material looks strong
  • Coating seems to have a decent hold

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Can be hard to install
  • exclamation-triangle
    Limited placement options

Our next mailbox flag replacement is the DVault Heavy Duty Steel Mailbox Replacement Flag Kit. This product looks like the traditional mailbox flag with a waving flag.

The mailbox flag replacement has an estimated height of over seven (7) inches. In the review, it can be considered as the average. However, during the testing, the height was good enough for the testers to see that it is placed upwards.

What they dislike is that the actual flag is quite small. Even if they can see it from a father area, they deemed that it would be more convenient if it is clearer.

The material of the product is steel. This material is made of iron and carbon, which has a high tensile strength that is often used in large structures like buildings. Thus, the product displays strength and an extended product lifetime.

Its description says that it has a double powder coating, which gives the product a smooth and glossy feel. Our testers believe that this coating also serves as protection against corrosion.

However, there were reports that the coating is weak because these were chipping off after months. In the testing, our testers deliberate scratch it with fingers to check for chipping. They found that it can sightly chip off, but not quickly.

As to the installation, our testers had issues with the screw. These items appear to be a little frail compared to the screws of the other replacements in this review.

The screws also took time to be attached to the mailbox that the testers have to push and turn. Our testers have also observed that the screw does not fully lock-in and is not tight enough.
at you might do, like working on a car’s engine or other parts.

Like the other work stands, this product also has adjustable width or arms. Testers believe that it makes the tool flexible to different kinds of items that you will place on it.

It differs from the other portable work stand with its 33 to 44 inches of adjustable height.
They found the 33.3 inches height to be low for those users who are taller. It is useful for the shorter ones or those work that requires this height. However, the 44 inches height is among the tallest, in which all our testers agree provides comfort when at work.

This portable work stand also has a tube frame covered with foam padding. According to our testers, this pad protects both the tool and the item from rubbing. It also prevents slipping making work safer for you.

What our testers dislike with the product is that the tubes making the frame feels a little thin. This might affect the durability of the product when it is used over time or when it hits hard objects. It did not collapse though when we apply the load and it even held-up for a period of time during the testing. 

What We Liked

  • Good enough height
  • Can be seen from far
  • Seems to be made from strong steel

What We Didn't Like

  • Screws hard to install and not tight enough
  • Flag symbol is quite small

Completing our product review is the Solar Group RF000R06 Aluminum Flag Replacement Kit, Style May Vary. The first impression that our testers have with the product is its close similarity to DVault Heavy Duty Steel Mailbox Replacement Flag Kit that takes the form of the traditional mailbox flag.

The difference is that this mailbox replacement flag has bigger dimensions at 2.6 x 4.2 x 10.2 inches. Specifically, this product is higher than the DVault. Our testers believe that its 10.2 inches height gives the product fairly good visibility although it is relatively lower than the others in the review.

As to its flag design and symbol, it can be considered smaller than the ball or block of flag. However, our testers deemed that the product can still be seen from a distance. Thereby, it is effective in signaling to both user-owner and the postman.

The product is made of aluminum material. The testers expect the flag replacement to be as strong as the other aluminum flags in the review. But, during the testing, the testers deemed that this is quite thin and weak. They think that it might be a problem of durability.

According to its description, the material is rust-proof. With the limited testing time, we cannot know for certain whether the product can withstand corrosion.

It is likewise coated with a smooth finish. Our testers like that this coating is comparatively stronger. They tried to apply light to medium scraping to see if it easily removes. The testing shows that this coating cannot chip off with slight to medium pressure.

What our testers like with the Solar Group RF000R06 Aluminum Flag Replacement Kit, Style May Vary is that simple installation. It takes just a few minutes (in contrast) to others to be placed on the mailbox. 

What We Liked

  • Bigger dimensions
  • Good coating
  • Simple and fast installation

What We Didn't Like

  • Material looks a bit weak

​Our recommendations

With the dimensions of 1 x 1 x 16 inches, the MAIL Tattle-Tail Mail Alert Flag already stand out from among the products in the review.

It proves to be a good choice for Editor’s Choice a line of features giving the users visibility, promise of durability and a painless installation process.

Though with smaller flag symbol, you will still be able to see the flag on your doorstep. It is also made from seemingly strong metal with a good coating that does not quickly bend and flake.

This product likewise fits different mailboxes and can be installed easily. 

During the deliberation, we first consider having the Miles Kimball AVM-01 Automatic Visual Mail Signal as the top choice with its size of 2.5 x 1.5 x 6.8 inches and a big ball that gives a solid signal for the users and postman even from afar. It is made from tough plastic and metal that is expected to last long.

It didn’t make the top selection because we deemed its hard installation an inconvenience considering that the product is a replacement. 

For our Second Runner-, we have Mail Time! ® Mailbox Alert Signal Flag for Long Driveways. It is quite different because instead of a flag and a pole, it has a huge block used as a flag. From a far distance, this block is very visible showing that it serves its purpose.

The material of the flag is even sturdy, and it automatically pops once the mailbox is opened.

However, this flag replacement has limited positioning on top or the most visible side of the mailbox only.