I was running (literally) late on my way to class on a large campus when a classmate whizzed past me, leaving dust and me frustrated.

I was always amazed at how some people enjoyed skateboarding or longboarding, doing dangerous flips or running on the road. It was fun to look at, but I couldn’t imagine myself riding it. It was only later when I was running so late for class that I thought about giving it a chance.

I tried giving longboarding a good thought, done my research and opened my mind to its possibilities.

Browsing through stores for the best list of longboards and talking to ‘that’ classmate, helped me see longboards in a new perspective. They can actually be a great alternative to walking or running, especially when the time is against you. And as roads get congested, I am convinced that longboarding is a better alternative to cars and bikes in several ways.

Here is my list:


1. It’s a faster commute

When traffic is inescapable during your daily commute then, it’s time to consider getting a longboard. Unlike car rides or buses, you can swerve from traffic and arrive on time or even earlier for school or work.

In some communities, there are designated lanes for bikers and longboarders, so you don’t have to beeline in between cars. You should take advantage of that to save yourself from getting stuck in traffic.

There are, however, those who are not lucky enough not to have these bike or longboard lanes. Longboards are even more useful this situation because you can take shortcuts on narrower streets to get to your destination. However, there is one type of longboard which is faster and you can check out here.


2. It’s easy to carry around.

One benefit I personally love about longboards is that you don’t have to worry about car parking or bike racks. Longboards although larger than skateboards, these are definitely more compact than cars and bikes. So there is a minimal problem about where to place them after your ride. If your locker is big enough, you can easily store your board, or you can simply carry it around.

You can always look for a lightweight longboard to make lugging them around easier. I suggest that when choosing your board, check the weight and see if it is light enough considering your strength.


3. It’s eco-friendly

Day by day, people choosing green transportation are increasing, whether it be a personal advocacy or a form of contribution to the community. A longboard is one the best form of environment-friendly transportation as it does not emit any harmful gases destructive to nature.

Some riders are even choosing boards that are made with sustainable and ethically sourced raw materials.

To begin with, longboards are just powered by human effort, not by electricity nor batteries. Thus, it requires fewer materials. Thereby, from production to usage and even disposal longboards have fewer carbon footprints.


4. It doubles as your cardio.

Some are discouraged to hop on longboards because they need too much work to be used as transportation.

But, I’d like to look at it in another perspective — the healthier viewpoint. As longboards are run through the thrust of your feet, several parts of your body are working more than when walking and sitting. This activity can help you get fit physically like tone muscles and remove excess fat.

It is also a good exercise for the heart and lungs. Doing this every day, be it on flat or uphill grounds can help you with cardio workouts. This benefit is an excellent incident when using longboards as your transportation.


5. It’s cheaper.

You can find a longboard that costs as low as $40, and of course, you have the choices for the more pricey ones. In comparison to getting a car, the price and maintenance will costs you so much. While having a bike can also be cheaper, longboards are apparently way more inexpensive than cars and to an extent than bikes.

The price range for this alternative transportation is excellent for the student population. For the non-student riders, you can also try using longboards for your daily commute if you are looking to save more form your daily budget.

What you need to do is seek for deals from local stores or online to get a wide price selection. However, you also have to consider other important points like weight, usage, maintenance, and storage.


You may be reading this article for one reason or another, but if you are looking for means to ease your travel, give longboarding a try. It can make a difference in your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Also, why don’t you also look for others with the same route as you and start up a conversation? Who knows, you may meet people who will become good friends, a reason to add up to the list why longboarding is the best form of alternative transportation.