After spending almost an entire day researching, assessing, and evaluating a number of leg massagers that are great for circulation, we have come to conclude that the Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps is the most recommendable one. It is very reliable and more. It comfortably snugs not only the legs but the feet as well, making both reaping the benefits of its multiple settings. We also love dirt-proof fabric that makes up the wraps.

Let us cut to the chase.

We spend our entire lives on our feet.

We wake up and basically get to work right after. We move every hour and every minute since our lives depend on it. So much so that we feel the most tired at the end of the day. Most especially on our legs and feet.

And what do we want most once we feel the pain sinking in?

That’s right! A good leg massager.

But with the amounts of leg massagers around, looking for the right one seems to be the hardest part.

Not to worry, however, because we have made it all so simple for you.

Today, we are going to talk about the top leg massagers around. After hours of research, we have come to narrow down the list of the number of leg massagers around into the most recommendable ones.

Read on to know them.

The Best Leg Massagers 

FlexiKold Gel Cold PackHalf Size: 7..5” X 11.5”
Standard: 10.5" x 14.5"
Oversize: 13” X 21.5”
Neck: 23” X 8” X 5”
Standard Shipping Weight: 1.8 lbs
Roscoe Hot & Cold Reusable Gel PackSmall: 5” X 10”
Medium: 7.5” X 11”
Large: 11” X 14”
Small: 1 lb
Medium: 1.15 lbs
Large: 2 lbs
Koo-Care 2 Flexible Gel Ice Pack11” X 5.9”1.1 lbs
Perfect Remedy Ice Packs4.7” x 9.8”1.41 lbs
World Bio Reusable 2 Soft Gel Ice Packs4.3" x 9.8"Shipping Weight: 1 lb

How Do Leg Massagers Work?

Leg massagers work through blood and lymphatic circulation therapy. It does so in multiple ways. But the most popular method is through air compressors.

To use it, you must fit both legs into the air pressure cuffs. The size is usually thigh-high while others remain on knee-length. Then, you just simply have to sit or lay on a flat surface of a bed, floor, or couch and allow the device to work.

The air chambers in each leg cuff will soon fill up with air according to the sequence you choose. This gradually compresses each muscle group in the legs.

Various kinds of leg massagers have differing compression sequences that you can choose from.

Leg massagers are a great therapy to increase circulation that will help stimulate the release of your body’s natural painkillers. They also flush lactic acid from your legs especially after a tough workout or standing for a long time.

Buying Guide - 3 Things To Consider

Not all leg massagers are made equal. Sometimes, some of them just don’t contain the right features that make everything more relaxing and the experience worthwhile. So it helps to know which ones can do the job well.

But here is the deal.

We can provide you with some pointers on how to spot the right one just for you. Before buying a leg massager for circulation, you can take note of the following key areas to look at:

1. Size, Fit, and Weight

First things first, One of the initial things we have to look at is the comfortability of the device. And to properly assess that, it helps to take into consideration the size, fit, and weight.

The size and fit goes hand in hand. This helps you determine whether the device can perfectly snug your legs without any discomfort. And also, when it the size fits just right, you can properly reap the benefits of the device

The weight is a factor to note for storing purposes. When it is heavy, you can’t possibly just move it around the house. But if it is light enough, you can use it anywhere you want with no difficulties.

2. Settings and Ease of Use

The next thing is the setting as well as the usability of the device. The varying types of leg massagers also produces different settings or features that can either be right for you or not.

Some could offer more intensity while some may not. Other times, they offer both. No matter what it is, it is better to assess the kinds of settings the device has.

This then leads us to the ease of using it. After all, what is the point of a good setting if you can’t possibly get it to operate. So read up on the manual and look at the controls of the device and see whether or not it is easy to use.

3. Durability and Material

Finally, to ensure that the device will last long, you need to consider its durability. You can actually determine this through the materials it is made of.

The best leg massagers are obviously made with top quality materials. Not only that, they are constructed well.

Therefore, look at the materials as well as the construction of the product. You can actually refer to the manual and the company’s reputation for this

How We Assessed & Evaluated These Products

Looking for the most recommendable leg massagers for circulation around means going through a number of stores to see what was in-demand. Next to that is referring to reliable online sources that offer their own perspectives of the different products.

We considered options from rating websites such as Top5Reviews to see the products that favor well. Also, we also looked into helpful forums from people who are most likely using the product like those from Motor Neurone Disease Association.

After we have gathered information and product names from all of these sources, you can just imagine how overwhelming the list was. There are a number of products, each have their own set of features that make them standout.

But as with the purpose of finding the top ones, we then narrowed the list down through creating a criteria as basis. We scored each product according to the considerations we mentioned above. With that, we have considerably shorten the list to the top 5.

From there, what is left for us to do is rank these remaining devices. It was in this stage that we did a rigorous product testing. We tried each of the products ourselves and assess whether it performs the best.

Through the whole process, we arrived at a very satisfactory conclusion. Read on to find out which products made the cut.

Note: The entirety of the assessment and evaluation process, we never entertained any inducements from brands. All of our findings and conclusions are independent from such influences.

Our Top Picks

The Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps not only offers great massage experience for your legs but for your feet as well. Its dimensions are 16.5 inches X 6.5 inches X 11 inches with a circumference for mid. calf of 15 to 21 inches. So it can fully accommodate the legs no matter the size.

Also, the weight of the Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps is a good 3.2 pounds only. Great to carry and store in any environment. You can easily use it no matter where you are.

The settings feature 2 modes with 3 levels of compression intensity. It massages your legs by alternating inflation and deflation. The different intensity levels really relieve any type of leg pressure caused by various activities. Because some days just really call for something more intense while other times for a mild relaxation. All of these are operated through its easy to use controller unit.

It too has built-in safety features. So when you fall asleep during your relaxation time, the device shuts off automatically after 15 minutes.

In terms of its durability, we can really tell that it is one that could last for a good amount of time. Its ergonomic design is made from a durable and dirt-proof fabric. So it doesn’t ask for much cleaning that may just damage the device. The Velcro design that makes up the leg wraps also makes it fit comfortably around the legs.

The only thing we find wrong with the device is not really much about it but how others who are not used to it may react. For those new to the whole leg massager experience, you may get shocked by its tightness or may feel claustrophobic.

What We Liked

  • Works for both legs and feet
  • plus
    Can fit any leg size
  • Light weight
  • Varying intensity levels and modes
  • Built-in Safety features
  • Nicely built

What We Didn't Like

  • May be too tight for new users

The Hangsun Leg Air Compression Massager MC70 can also be alternately used for the legs, calf, arms, and feet. Each wrap can be easily adjusted to fit any size. The maximum calf diameter is 19cm or 7.5 inch.

It is equipped with 4 airbags that massage your legs and feet by intermittently inflating and deflating. It can also be adjusted into 3 massage intensity levels and 2 modes.

One noticeable thing about the Hansung Leg Air Compression is its deflation and inflation function. This works to empty the air cushions and/or inflate them in just 15 seconds. This saves the time waiting for the session to start or end.

The Hansung works on a built-in and rechargeable lithium battery, that you can use up to 2 hours and recharge for 2 hours. Therefore, it is cordless. So you can take it and use it no matter where you like. Plus, it only weighs less than 2.7 pounds.

Like the rest, it too has a safety feature that automatically shuts off the cycle and the device. On top of that, it comes with a durable and anti-scratch case. Good for portable use. 

A comment for this device is the sound it produces. It seems to be much louder than the rest we tested. This might surprise users and think that the device is malfunctioning.

What We Liked

  • Multi-functional for legs, feet, and arms separately
  • Can fit any size
  • plus
    Has 4 airbags
  • plus
    15-second Deflation and Inflation function
  • plus
    Portable, cordless
  • plus
    Light weight
  • plus
    Varying intensity levels and modes
  • plus
    Built-in Safety features

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Loud sound
  • exclamation-triangle
    High intensity may hurt

If you want to go beyond your lower limbs, then the NURSAL Leg Air Massager Compression allow you to massage your arms as well. This product lets you experience its therapeutic function in your legs, feet, and arms alternately.

Its size is an increasing 8.5 inches X 26.5 inches when splayed out with a circumference that could accommodate to 6.2 inches X 11 inches. The wide-sized wraps can fit a number of people. And since it doesn’t come with a feet, you can also wrap it around your arms. It is also convenient to carry around since it only weighs less than 2.7 pounds.

The settings has 2 massage modes with 3 levels of intensity. It is controlled by a handheld controller with an “Air Pressure” button that you can adjust and see accordingly.

The device also has a 15-minute Auto-off protection feature that turns the massager off after 15 minutes. Lastly, the device uses a pure copper pump which helps promote better massage experience.

The downside of this device, however, is in relation to its size. Since it functions to accommodate arms, legs, and feet separately, the wrapping may look big which will later force the users to wrap them tightly. However, this could hurt as the intensity may grow more with the tightness.

So we recommend being cautious while using it. The high intensity may also discourage first-tome users.

What We Liked

  • Multi-functional for legs, feet, and arms separately
  • Can fit any size
  • Light weight
  • Varying intensity levels and modes
  • Built-in Safety features

What We Didn't Like

  • Wraps may be too wide
  • May be too tight for new users
  • exclamation-triangle
    High intensity may hurt

Amzdeal’s Leg Massager Air Compression is another reliable device that you can use for your legs, feet, and arms. It can wrap up to 12 inches, making it suitable and adjustable for any sizes. The design of the wrap is Velcro with a cuff length of 22 inches.

It has 3 intensity levels and 2 modes that you can adjust using the handheld controller. The maximum air pressure is 450 MMHG/6.5 psi. 

The device is operated by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. So you can use it cordless up to 2 hours anytime and anywhere. It takes 3-4 hours of recharging.

Also, we can’t forget about the safety feature. Like the ones mentioned, the sequential compression will automatically shut off after 15 minutes of continuous usage.

As you may have noticed, this device doesn’t really hold much difference that could set it apart. Which is probably a fault so to speak. It is reliable but it offers nothing more. A slight particular issue would be the sensitive hose, which, when one is moved slightly or cramped won’t work.

What We Liked

  • Multifunctional for legs, feet, and arms separately
  • Can fit any size
  • Portable, cordless
  • Varying intensity levels and modes
  • Built-in Safety features

What We Didn't Like

  • Loud sound
  • exclamation-triangle
    High intensity may hurt

with Handheld Controller 3 Intensities 2 Modes

The final entry in this top 5 is the FITKING Leg Air Massager. This device simultaneously massages your legs and feet as it fits like a boot. It wraps the legs 15.8 inches in length and the feet with 9.8 inches.

It has 2X2 air bags inside that press the foot and legs to relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation. There are 2 modes and 3 intensity levels with 4 professional massage methods.

You can control it using through its handheld controller. The device is powered by DC12V/1A adaptor (UL Plug), which means you have to use it in a place near an outlet.

Also, the safety feature is not to be missed. It too automatically shuts the functions off in 15 minutes.

A word of advice, you must properly plug in both the boots in the air compressor for it to work. It is all laid out in the manual that comes with it.

You may find the size not as adjustable as the rest. This is one issue we found while testing it. It can’t accommodate as many sizes. Also, the sound may be on the louder side.

What We Liked

  • Works for both feet and legs
  • Varying intensity levels and modes
  • 2X2 air bags
  • Built-in Safety features

What We Didn't Like

  • Loud sound
  • Not as adjustable

Our Recommendations

It was a close call between among our top five. But we have to narrow down the results to the most recommendable ones.

Editor's Pick: Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps

For our editor’s pick, we give it to Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps. It is by far the most recommendable one due to it offering the basic functions and more.
Aside from the usual 2 modes and 3 intensity level settings as well as the adjustable wraps and safety feature, it is also made from durable materials and dirt-proof fabric. This is very helpful since our legs and feet tend to be the parts most vulnerable to dirt. 

Another thing about this Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps is that it can simultaneously massage the legs and feet. It takes away the hassle and extra electricity to transfer it from one area to another when using again.

Runners Up: Hangsun Leg Air Compression Massager MC70 & NURSAL Leg Air Massager Compression 

Coming in close is the Hangsun Leg Air Compression Massager MC70. Not only can you use it on your legs and feet, you can also transfer and wrap it around your arms.

But what truly sets it apart from the rest is that it has 4 airbags in them. Also, it is rechargeable and light. Both good for a portable device. On top of that, it uniquely has the deflation and inflation function that quickens the time to set-up and clean-up the device to 15 seconds.

Another runner-up is the NURSAL Air Massager Compression. It has all the reliable features that the Hansung has but not more than that. This is the reason why it came next to it.