Gone are the days when kick scooters are just for child’s play. With the current socio-environmental backdrop, more and more people think that it’s time to change the way we travel.

Marked with an increase in population, lack of parking spaces, heavy traffic and expensive standards of living, alternative transportation is gaining popularity. Even large automobile brands are venturing into other forms of transportation upon recognizing the need of the people even us in AA.

Kick scooters take center stage when people think of ways to ease their commute. Here are four reasons why kick scooters, be it manual or electric is the future: 

We need eco-friendly vehicles

Environmental depletion is still on the rise. A silver lining to this problems is that we can still do something about it. Organizations, private and public, are increasing awareness and pushing for mobilization with the aim to reduce our destructive effects on the environment. Hence, the advocacy and movement for alternative environment-friendly transportation-- kick scooters included.

Kick scooters are powered simply by the movement of the legs--- kicking. As such, it does not emit harmful gasses that are among of the biggest pollutants in the world, ranking at number four according to statistics. The kick scooter also does not produce bad noises the contributes to noise pollution as that of automobiles. 

You might point out that electric ‘kick’ scooters are not totally eco-friendly because of it needs energy to recharge. This may be the case, but there are also other forms of alternative and renewable energy sources (i.e., solar energy) making e-scooters still an advantageous alternative.

With the alarming need to minimize, if not eradicate, environmentally harmful practices, kick scooters prove to be one transportation we can depend on. It is not only a transportation of the future, but it is an instrument that helps us create a “sustainable” future.

Our population is growing fast

Humans are propagating faster and faster now reaching 7.6 billion , and it is forecasted to increase in the next years. Alongside the rising human population, research on car population has also shown that car population continues to grow, expected to reach 2 billion by 2040. That is quite a number, don’t you think? 

So what? We may think that 7.6 billion and 2 billion are just numbers or that 2040 is a bit too far. What we don’t realize is that we are already experiencing its effects. Note: increasing traffic especially in fast-rising economies.

With the massive (and frustrating) daily traffic, people are seeking better transport that will keep away from it. Going for public transport is not even a good alternative anymore. Thus, many people are opting for the lightweight and portable kick scooters to get to places.

Kick scooters unlike cars and even bikes are relatively slimmer and smaller. It can run through the crowded streets helping you get away from the traffic. You can even drive it in crowded or small roads where cars can’t usually drive by so you don’t have to go through the traffic on main streets.

As of today, scooters are used for short distances, like going around school campuses. But, its features are evolving making it fit for longer travels. 

We are getting less parking spaces

Have you ever tried driving for ages just because you can’t park where you need to go? We cannot just dismiss this problem by asking why building owners did not think of parking. Buildings have parking spaces, but they are not enough.

Associated with the increasing number of global population is the depleting land spaces we have. It is no wonder that car manufacturers are acknowledging the future of alternative transportation.

If you think we’re gonna shove two cars in every car in a garage in Mumbai, you’re crazy.” says Bill Ford Jr. former CEO of Ford Motor Company.

While, BMW launched BMW Motorrad X2City, and electric scooter (click here for e-scooter reviews) that is built to counter the “no parking spaces problem.” The scooter can travel for about 25 to 35 kilometers, which is decent for city travels

Kick scooters, manual or electric, as mentioned earlier are compact and lightweight that you can carry them around. You don’t have to worry about having to look for parking spaces because the scooter can almost fit anywhere.

We need cheaper commuting alternative

In contrast automobiles, kick scooter war far more inexpensive. You can save up from the moment to buy it to its maintenance.

Kick scooter or even electric scooters can cost even less than $100 as compared to the millions you spend on brand new cars.

Manual kick scooters do not require fuel to run. It does not have a motor that may need regular maintenance as automobiles do. Hence, making it cheaper than having your own car. It can be even less expensive than your daily public transport commute.

As to the electric scooters, your biggest concern is the battery and motor. But, since these are comparatively smaller than those of cars, you can still save from it. Small repairs can even be done at home if you have the right tools and the skills.

In the time where prices are skyrocketing, and convenient transportation is hard to find, kick scooters are looking more and more appealing.