The almost unending list of sites and blogs offering you free printable calendars and planners may have taken you forever to find the perfect calendar-planner combo. Instead of looking through Pinterest boards and ends up reading totally unrelated topics, we’ve scoured every possible site for you.

We’ve gathered over 21 we think that are the most inspiring designs and layout, and compile them in a single post – all these to help you find one that suits your need.

The best thing about this is that this is that everything is completely downloadable for free!

#1 Free Printable Unplan Weekly 2PG Boxed Planner Pages


A 2 page weekly boxed planner, color coded to help you easily identify the days with extra notes space at the bottom for other important reminders to keep you organized.

#2 2017 Weekly Horizontal Format- All Four Colors

image14Coming in 4 colors, you can customize every week of the month to suit whatever your schedule is. It has bigger spaces to fit in whatever task and notes you may have.

#3 Days of the Week Pocket Pages


Every day of the week has a separate page to give you more room to write down even the tiniest details. But you also have the weekly page option.

#4 Sparkles of Sunshine Free Printable Monthly Calendar and Weekly Planner


This floral planner will motivate you to keep yourself organized for the entire year. You can print the monthly or weekly pages or even both!

#5 Shining Mom Free Planner 2017


In an abstract design with several pages meant to keep track of monthly, weekly and even your meals in a week. This planner is printable in a set of pages that includes your goals, family chores, and contacts.

#6 Crush 2017 Printable Monthly Calendar and Goal Sheets


Your conventional monthly planner that are arranged with different colors in a day. It starts with Sunday (but also includes the Saturday), so you may have limited activities logged in.

#7 The Handmade Home Free Planner 2017


Done with the hands, this very artistic planner is a tool to keep you in check of the important dates in a month and for the entire year. It can be bounded to have a compiled planner.

#8 The Little Surprises 2017 Calendars


A sweet and delicious treat for the stationary aficionados. This planner also comes with the complete months of the year, where days are laid out in boxes giving space for your notes and reminders.

#9 5 Day Cute Planner


This planner keeps you from doing anything on the weekend as it only has the weekdays listed. You wouldn’t miss out on anything as it allows you to track your tasks every hour of the day.

#10 Live Beautifully on Less Weekly Schedule


A weekly personal planner that doubles as a workout planner too. Artistically arranged and colored to help you mark important notes. It even allows you to list your priorities on top.

#11 Wendaful 2017 Year at a Glance Planner Insert


This creatively done calendar that comes in A4, pocket or personal planner sizes. You can choose from a planner that starts on Monday or Sunday.

#12 Simple as That Free Printable Holiday Planner


This is planner is meant for the holidays (although set in 2016), it consists of pages you can use this year’s Christmas. It will help you plan and budget gifts, food and the parties you need to host or attend.

#13 Pink Bows and Twinkle Toes Monthly Calendar Planner Insert


Composed of pocket pages in calligraphic style font that comes in black and white, this printable planner provides with boxed calendar notes that allow you to fill in the month and days. So you can use this even next year.

#14 Outside the Box Mom Best Free Printable Planners for Moms


This is a planner we are familiar with, laid out in a monthly format complete with dates of the week. The simple and clean design comes with the 12 months of the year.

#15 My Planner Life Free Printable New Year 


The New Year may be over, but you are not too early to plan the best party for the year to come. A planner with a shimmering design to plan out everything there is to for this special day.

#16 Martha Stewart Back-to-School Planner


This is a fun way to keep your school children organized for the school year. It is also a good way to start training good habits while they are young.

#17 Organized Dream 2017 Planner and Calendar


The sweet floral design and colors will continue to inspire you throughout the year. This planner and calendar give you boxes to fill in with important tasks and reminders for the entire month.

#18 Sutton Place 2017 Free Printable Monthly Calendar


Getting proper meals is an important part of our lives and this meal and weekly planner, don’t just keep you organized, but healthy as well. You can also list down groceries you need to restock.

#19 The Organised Student Five Page Study/Revision Planner


With the hectic schedule of students and, one cannot afford to miss out studying for quizzes and exams. This study plan will help you as a parent (or as a student) to layout the best plan for effective study sessions.

#20 Boss Lady Happy Planner Layout


The planner perfect for the busy lady boss to maintain work and life balance complete with a calendar, to-do-list section, weekend plans, your blogging activities and even a shopping list.

#21 Morning Motivated Mom Travel Planner Printables


One travel essential that will assist you in maximizing your limited time while on travel whether it be for personal leisure or work-related. It will keep you on track to enjoy the best of the cities.

#22 Catholic Icing Lenten Planning Pages


A creative Lenten planner for Catholic families helping them keep track of the religious activities you need to do for 40 days leading to the Holy Week. The set includes pages made for children.

#23 Hairspray and Highheels Fitness Tracker Printable


The fitness tracker where you can input your workout plans and progress throughout. It even encourages to list and note your goals to guide you.

More than 21 free printable designs that come as a general planner for your monthly and weekly activities or for special events and holidays. These make every activity organized one while transforming a mundane act into a fun and exciting task.

So whether it be for yourself or the family, one or a couple of these impressive designs and layouts will assist you daily.

Which ones are your favourite? If you think we miss other free printable planners, let us know in the comments below.

Happy printing!