Having gone through about a hundred hours doing a thorough evaluation, we believe that the Epica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner on the Market-100% Anti-Bacterial 10 Gauge Heavy Duty Liner-Waterproof-72x72 Inches tops this heavy duty shower curtain review. Although it has average size at 72x72 inches, this heavy duty curtain performs strongly with its bacteria resistance and prevention from water drips and splash. On top of this is the sturdy nylon mesh ensuring that the curtain does not easily snag with grommets that fit large rings.

Several times did my shower curtain in my dorm gave a mini heart attack when it clung unto my legs.

Living with a roommate sharing a bathroom gave me a scare that they might see me naked or that bacteria can stick to you from everywhere (which I know it will).

A shower curtain is one of the lifelines if not essential to survive. But, I have learned that the regular colorful and design-filled shower curtain will is not enough. When I open the hot shower, it will creep unto my legs giving causing my heart to jump.

So I asked my mom what can I do to remedy my situation. She simply answered, “get some of those heavy curtains.”

Are there things like that? I asked, and the answer is yes.

But, it was hard and time-consuming to find the right size, the right material and the right treatment among the things to consider.

If you are here having the same problem as I was back then, I looked through the latest heavy duty shower curtains and came up with the best five to help you from getting lost and wasting time. 

Best Heavy Duty Shower Curtain 2018

NameMaterialHandle MaterialBlade Length 
Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri1085 carbon steelKraton11.5 inches
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools3CR13 stainless steelRubber10 inches
Cold Steel Jungle Machete1055 carbon steelPolypropylene plastic16 inches
Pro Tool Industries 284 Woodman’s Pal Series1075 carbon steelLeather10.5 inches
CRKT K920KKPC Halfachance Parang Fixed Blade Knife1065 carbon steelTPR Overmold14 inches
Ontario Knife Co Spec Plus GEN II5160 carbon steelKraton10.1 inches
Cold Steel Tactical Katana Machete1055 carbon steelPolypropylene24 inches
Condor Tool and Knife, Golok Machete1075 carbon steelHardwood with soft pads14 inches
Gerber Bear Grylls Parang MacheteHigh carbon steelTextured rubber13.5 inches
Whetstone Cutlery ‘The Brute’ Super MacheteStainless steelPakkawood13.75 inches

How Do These Heavy Duty Shower Curtain Works

More than just a decoration to display your personality around your home, shower curtains or shower liners are also functional. These home accessories help in water leakage leakage from your showers and/ or bathtubs. It also provides you with the privacy that you need while you clean yourself.

Heavy duty shower curtain works the same way. They give you the necessary protection from water overflowing on the floor, while keeping you from being seen while taking a bath.

The difference of these curtains from the regular ones is that these have added features like curtain treatment to ensure hygiene and health safety. Its materials like the drape and grommets are likewise are relatively more durable. It also has added features like magnets and suction cups and water resistance that gives the user more than just decorations and light protection. 

​Buyer’s Guide

​Who may and how to use them?

Those with baths and showers are the main targeted users of the heavy shower curtains. That is basically every home.

However, there may be business or facilities that will require heavy-duty curtains to avoid leakage of water on the floors and help prevent the spread of germs. For instance, nursing homes and hospitals require heavy duty shower curtains that are made of durable materials and with an antibacterial coating.

Heavy duty shower curtains are simplified home or care tools that you don’t need to power on or off or even have to make this move. In fact, it has to stay in place.

The key here is to install it properly and to do the necessary care and maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Heavy duty shower curtains are beneficial keeping a safe and clean bathroom. It prevents water from flowing on the floor avoid slipping incidents. This also helps minimize the spread of bacteria with its treatments or coating as shower curtains can be breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew due to prolonged heat and water exposure.

However, there are reported issues of the ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which composes many of the heavy duty shower curtains. This material is said to be harmful to the environment, but not as toxic as the PVC material of other shower curtains. 

Buying Criteria

1. Weights

One of the differentiating features of a heavy duty shower curtain are the weights that may come in magnets and suction cups. The hot temperature of the shower can cause the curtains to shift that will lead to water leakage. These weights will stick on the tiles or tub to avoid curtain movements. 

2. Size

Not all homes have the same bathroom sizes, and thus, not all have the same curtain size needs. It is important to consider the size that will fit your bath or for your preferences.

Most of the curtains we have found are about 702 inches which are more or less 6 feet. This size can work in most homes to serve its purpose. 

3. Treatments

A valuable and effective heavy duty curtain has a protective coating or treatment that will stop the build-up and spread of bacteria. After you You can have antibacterial, mildew resistant or anti-mold. 

4. Material

As we have found about heavy duty shower curtains, these are not as toxic as the regular PVC type curtains. The polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) curtains are comparatively more eco-friendly for being semi-green as it is chlorine free.

​How We Assessed & Evaluated These Heavy Duty Shower Curtains

The simplistic nature of the heavy duty shower curtain does not mean looking for the best is simple. We have spent hours evaluating them through different modes of research and placing them into hands-on testing.

First, we visited online pages to gather information regarding the product like forums such as the Physics Forum, shower curtain manufacturers, and a few vendors. It is to check the latest products, examine their features and check what the other users have to say about the product.

We then had our offline data gathering with vendors and our family and friends who own or know about heavy duty shower curtains.

From the data we have gathered, we note a checklist of the important considerations and criteria to help us select out top products. 

​Top Heavy Duty Shower Curtain 5 Product Reviews

on the Market-100% Anti-Bacterial 10 Gauge Heavy Duty Liner-Waterproof-72x72 Inches

While other curtains have triple features to keep it weighted and in place, the Epica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner on the Market-100% Anti-Bacterial 10 Gauge Heavy Duty Liner-Waterproof-72x72 Inches removed these items and banks on the weight of the curtain itself.

According to our testing, the curtain is made with thick vinyl material that weighs about two (2) pounds and is quite hard. Hence, even with steam and water, the curtain does not move cause water to flow on the flow. Thus, our testers deemed that this curtain can be used by those who have no magnetic tubs or tiles or those that do not want to use suction cups.

Like the rest of the products, the Epica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner on the Market-100% Anti-Bacterial 10 Gauge Heavy Duty Liner-Waterproof-72x72 Inches likewise has an anti-mold and mildew coating to prevent bacteria. There were no mold or mildew that can be seen on the curtain.

However, some of the testers have spotted dried up soap on the curtain. They said that it could be removed with a slightly wet towel.

The size is similar to the other 72x72, which our testers have repeated their observation and experience. This curtain has good size. Some find it also better to have a bigger one.
One of the features that our testers loved with this curtain is the top mesh where the grommets are located. Mesh in curtain can give extra strength to the curtain, which our testers think is suited considering the weight of this curtain.

The grommets are also large enough to fit in the big rings. Hence, it would fit the rings that you already have at home.

What We Liked

  • Heavy weight
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Mesh on top
  • Effective in keeping water off the floor

What We Didn't Like

  • Short for some users
  • Soap residue can be apparent

Odorless & Anti Mold (with Magnets & Suction Cups). It's 70 x 71 in. long and Heavy Weighter Liner/Curtain  ( First Runner-Up)

Another PEVA curtain material, this Clean Healthy Living Heavy Duty PEVA Shower Liner/Curtain: Odorless & Anti Mold (with Magnets & Suction Cups). It's 70 x 71 in. long and Heavy Weight comes in odorless even from its opening from its container.

It is likewise treated with anti-mold, which seems to be working throughout the entire testing period. Although there were users during our offline research who said it will build-up mold through the years.

This heavy duty shower curtain is the smallest from among the curtains in the review. It only stretches 70x71 inches. It may only be a few inches short, however, for those with big baths, this size will leave a few areas open for water to flow.

In contrast to other curtains in the review, the Clean Healthy Living Heavy Duty PEVA Shower Liner/Curtain: Odorless & Anti Mold (with Magnets & Suction Cups). It's 70 x 71 in. long and Heavy Weight is lighter at eight (8) ounces. To compensate, there are three (3) magnets and four (4) suction cups to keep it in place.

The testers believe that without the magnets and the suction cups, the curtain will not hold. It will move and blow-up that can be a probable cause for accidents.

Our testers have differing experiences with the magnet and suction features. There are those who were able to make use of the magnets and the suction cups. They say that it helps to have added weights other than the magnet such as from other curtains.

Others said that the suction cups were difficult to install, although they were able to do it eventually. The key is to make sure that the area is not wet and that you gave it a good push.

What We Liked

  • With magnets and suction cups
  • PEVA made materials
  • No visible molds

What We Didn't Like

  • Small in size
  • Material is lightweight
100% Polyester Fabric Mildew Resistant Waterproof, 72 x 78 Inches Extra Long

Of course, those testers who found the 72x72 inches to be of a good size said that this is too much to for them that they have to place 2 to 3 grommets in a single ring. Conversely, testers with bigger bathrooms consider this size enough to get full coverage. Therefore, the size of the shower curtains depends on the size of your bathroom.

Similar to the Epica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner on the Market, this heavy duty shower curtain also does not have any magnets or weights to keep it from sticking to the user or any other parts of the bath.

The difference is that the Eforcurtain Heavy Duty Shower Curtain 100% Polyester Fabric Mildew Resistant Waterproof, 72 x 78 Inches Extra Long is lighter at 1.3 pounds. Our testers observed that it moves or shifts, but not so significantly as to defeat its purpose.

We cannot determine if mold will grow on the curtain over time. For the entire duration of the testing, there were no mildew or molds on the curtain. There were, however, some stains from soap that clung to it. Like the Eforcurtain Heavy Duty Shower Curtain, it can be cleaned with a towel. 

What We Liked

  • Good width size
  • Enough weight
  • No molds during the testing

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Too big for some

 3 Magnets, White 72 inch x 72 inch

Our testers’ initial observation of this heavy duty curtain is that it looks like a fabric from afar. Most of the testers like that it does not look like plastic or vinyl like what it is really made from.

The ZenFresh Anti Mildew/ Antibacterial Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner 3 Magnets, White 72 inch x 72 inch, however, is made from a safer and more eco-friendly PEVA material. It is also treated with anti-microbial coating, mildew and water resistant.

Throughout the whole testing, this curtain did not show any mold or mildew despite being used in different bathrooms.

A concerning observation regarding the curtain material is that it is too stiff or hard for some testers. Other testers deemed that it is fine considering that it is meant for heavy duty jobs.

On the other hand, they like that this curtain has a good weight that even without the magnets it does not billow. It also has three (3) magnets that worked on their tubs (those with metal tubs) adding more security in keeping it in place as you take a bath.

The size 72x72 size of the curtain like that of the other curtains on review is deemed just enough to cover a significant portion of the bath. But, some of the testers think that a wider curtain could have been nice.

Another issue that two of the testers found on this curtain is the small-sized grommets attached to it. The hole is too narrow to fit their own rings that comes with their rods at home. Thus, you might have to get new rings that would fit into the hole of the grommets of this curtain. 

What We Liked

  • PEVA material
  • Good weight
  • Comes with 3 magnets

What We Didn't Like

  • Stiff for some
  • Grommets too small for other

Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial Shower Curtain  Liner Waterproof Water Repellent Shower Liner, 72 x 72 

Coming fifth in our list is the Wimaha Nontoxic EVA Shower Curtain Clear, Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial Shower Curtain Liner Waterproof Water Repellent Shower Liner, 72 x 72.

Measuring 72x72 inches provides a decent coverage for most of the bath and showers of the testers. Though, there is one tester who used in a facility and said that it would also be good to have a bigger size. But, it was enough to cover a large portion of their bath.

It is a heavy duty shower curtain; this is made from EVA. The material is promised to be odorless and chlorine free. Our testers deemed that it lives to such promise because it does not have the chemical plastic live odor when opening the curtain and all throughout the testing.

After each testers use in within a day, they will hang it to dry for the next testers. They deemed that by the end of the testing period, no mildew or mold build-up was discovered. Although some users reported this issue. The testers said that it might also have something to do with care and maintenance.

An issue that the testers found with this curtain is that it is too flimsy or thin. There are times when the curtain moves causing water flows.

This heavy duty shower curtain like other heavy duty shower curtain should have some weight on it to prevent blow-up and movements. However, to ensure that this curtain stays in place, it has three (3) magnets at the bottom.

Our testers deemed that the magnets worked for baths that are made from metal alloys and not so much on those made from plastic material. Also, they not that not everyone has magnetic tiles for the magnets to stick. Thus, the magnets for some are mere weights.

What We Liked

  • Enough size
  • EVA material
  • No mildew for the 5 day testing

What We Didn't Like

  • Curtain material seems thin
  • Magnets do not work for some tubs

Our Recommendations

Editor’s Choice

The Editor’s Choice for this review is the Epica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner on the Market-100% Anti-Bacterial 10 Gauge Heavy Duty Liner-Waterproof-72x72 Inches. This heavy duty curtain makes for a simple curtain material without any magnets or suction cups as the product in itself is heavy enough to prevent slipping and water from flowing.

It likewise has treatments which do not show any visible mildew or molds which might be evidence of its effective resistance. Its mesh top and enough-sized grommets further provide effectiveness in keeping the curtain sturdy and safety for its users.

First Runner-Up

Following as the First Runner-Up is the Clean Healthy Living Heavy Duty PEVA Shower Liner/Curtain: Odorless & Anti Mold (with Magnets & Suction Cups). It's 70 x 71 in. long and Heavy Weight. Though testers consider short, those whose bath can fit this curtain will benefit from two-level movement security with magnets and suction cups.

This keeps users unseen, while also ensuring that water does not spill on the floor preventing slips or accidents. Like the Editor’s Choice, it has anti-microbial finish preventing molds and mildews.

Second Runner-Up

The Second Runner-Up for this review is the Eforcurtain Heavy Duty Shower Curtain 100% Polyester Fabric Mildew Resistant Waterproof, 72 x 78 Inches Extra Long. Users with large bathrooms can make use of the product along with its anti-mold and mildew growth and weight that keeps the curtain in place.