More than a week of research and testing, we believe that the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion is the best gel seat cushion from the among the cushions in this article. It is equipped with a good size and thickness giving the needed comfort for users, especially those with coccyx problems. This cushion is not only healthy but is also safe with its anti-slip feature. On top of these, it is packed with a cooling system that helps in regulating temperature for maximum comfort. 

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock goes the clock.

Surprise it’s not even half the day yet, but you’ve lost count on how many times you’ve shifted around your seat to get comfortable.

By the end of the day your all sore and tired.

This is a concern that is a very common (yet neglected) of those working in an office and sitting all day or having special needs that will require you to sit most of the time.

You've tried doing something about it by looking at the selections online or from your vendors, but it gives you a harder time due to the numerous options.

Of course, you want the best.

Yes, we heard you. We understand your dilemma.

So we took on the challenge to look for the best in the market.

Hours and hours of research and testing has become fruitful, as we came up with the best five gel seat cushions for 2018.

The Best Gel Seat Cushion for 2018

Pain Relief SprayVolumeMenthol PercentageApplication Frequency
Stopain Regular Strength Pain Relief Spray8 oz0.08Up to 4 times a day
Bio Freeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief4 oz0.1053 to 4 times daily
J.R. Watkins Natural Pain Relieving Liniment Spray4 oz0.0253 to 4 times daily
Salonpas Pain Relieving Jet Spray4 oz0.033 to 4 times daily
Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray2.75 oz0.0053 to 4 times daily

How Do Gel Seat Cushions Work?

Looking for “gel seat cushions” online will not give you semi-wet, gel-looking products.

Rather, gel seat cushions are professionally designed seat cushions made for comfort with varying forms and sizes. What makes it jive with its name is the type of cushion material used--- gel.

We are used to seeing and using foam or air cushions. Gel seats offer a comparatively different contact, where the gel material breaks up when pressure is applied.

The movement of the material reduces the pressures as it conforms to the contours of your body. Thus, giving more comfort and relieves body pain when sitting for extended periods.

Gel seat cushions can be best suited for office chairs, wheelchairs, car seats and even for home use.

What To Consider Before Buying a Gel Seat Cushion?

1. Gel type

At the core of your seat cushion is the gel material that provides the comfort you are looking for in a seat.

There are basically two types of gel material infused in the cushion: non-liquid and liquid.

Non-liquid is often made from “visco-elastic”, which combines elastic and viscous materials. Elasticity pertains to reshaping of the material once pressure is applied and its capacity to revert to its original form. It is mixed with viscous material that refers to flow resistance, where high viscosity has more resistance to flow.

Liquid cushions have higher viscosity allowing greater flow when seated upon.

2. Size

A decent number of the products we’ve tested has more or less the same size at 16, 17, and 18 inches in length and from 13, 15 to 18 inches in width. These cushions can be as thick as 2 inches or at 1 inch.

The significance of understanding sizes is its suitability to the chairs you are using. Most of the gel seat cushions can fit different kinds of chairs from the office chairs, wheelchairs, car seats, travel and home use.

You need to consider the size of chair relative to the size of the cushion.

3. Portability

Gel cushions are relatively heavier than its air and foam counterparts. Some can even weigh up to nine (9) pounds. That is quite burdensome especially if it is brought during travel.

However, we found cushions that are significantly lighter than the 9-pound mark. The cushions can weight only two (2) pounds or a little heavier up to five (5) pounds. Note also, that the weight is the shipping weight which includes the boxes and other accessories.

What you might need to remember is the weight of the cushion contrasted to the frequency of having to transfer and bring them along with you. 

4. Heating and Cooling

One advantage of gel seats is its cooling features. But, some gel seats has heat-reducing characteristic more than others. It is now a matter of looking for the right kind.

Also, it is vital to consider the fabric that covers it. There are those we’ve found to have ventilated mechanisms that add to the cooling powers of the cushion.

As you are expected to sit on the cushions for longer periods, heat build-up is inevitable that causes uncomfortability and even poses as a health hazard. It is, therefore, equally important to take account the cooling process of the product.

How We Assessed & Evaluated These Products

We took advantage of the Internet and initially looked for gel seat cushions online. We didn’t expect to have an overwhelming number of products thinking that this item is quite novel. So, we consulted local (offline) shops, vendors along with the recommendation from experts, friends and family members.

At first, we have around 12 products on our short list. However, this number is still plenty. To help us narrow down our choices to five products, we conducted further research of the cushions and its manufacturer. We again tap the help of experts, our friends, and family who are using gel seats.

Now, with five selected items, we put them into a week of testing. We formed a team of five testers. The team tried on gel seats on different chair types like desk chairs, car seats, home use, wheelchairs, and when traveling through public transport.

Each tester will have the chance to try on the five products by alternately using them throughout the testing week. At the end of the week, we first let them score the each of the cushions and then interview them to discuss their experiences further. By the end, we asked them to recommend which is the best among them.

Our Top Picks

First on the list is the Sharper Image Multi-Use Gel Seat Cushion.

What stands out from this product is its cushion surface design. By looking at it, the cushion seems to be uncomfortable, where over its surface are several lines or weird-like ridges. But, when pressure is applied to it, like when you are sitting the lines gives relief on the buttock’s pressure point. Thus, throughout the day, you won’t feel like you are sitting on something.

It was tested on the car, a public transport, wheelchairs, and office desk. With an office chair, it tends to slip from it according to the two testers. Slipping not only cause discomfort, but also frustrates the testers as they need to keep adjusting it.

The remaining three are relatively okay with it even stating that the non-skid bottom feature works for them.

The size is big enough to accommodate the buttocks, legs and lower backs, which makes sitting more comfortable. Although it can fit almost any type of chair as based on the test it fits with the driver’s seat, public transport, and wheelchairs. Testers said that it might be wider than some of your chairs, especially those at home.

Gel cushions are generally colder than foam or air. The Sharper Image, however, it colder than the other cushions on our list. It was observable when the temperature is cold. “What more during the cold seasons?” says one of the tester.

As the cushions are rotated and carried around, its surface shows visible dust marks. It is nothing to worry about though as tester said that the polyester/spandex cover can easily we cleaned by wiping and dusting off. This surface cover minimizes the maintenance and cleaning. 

What We Liked

  • Comfortable surface design
  • plus
    Feels natural
  • Big size

What We Didn't Like

  • Slips on some chair surfaces

Our second gel seat cushion is suited for coccyx comfort, catering to those of you who may be suffering from pains in the tailbone area. The cushion has three large ridges or partition where the buttocks and legs fit, while the middle rear is cut-out or open.

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion is also infused with memory foam. A memory foam aside from its pain-relieving capabilities can adjust to body weight and temperature that makes it more adjustable to fit the different body types of its users.

Based on the testimonies of four of the testers, the foam and gel feature that the back, tailbone, and legs rest comfortably on the foam. One tester, on the other hand, agreed to its comfortability but says that the form is a sturdy for his liking. It may be because he was the first to use and there is an issue with the product break-in.

All testers agreed that the cooling mechanism works wonders in warm temperatures. It is cold enough to keep from heat build-up and cooled just right in colder temperatures. Users may find this an advantage considering that they will be sitting on it for long hours a day.

While using the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion, dirt was not apparent. Our testers simply dust them off. However, the zippers are covered allowing easy cover removal, which can also be washed. So, keeping the covers clean is fairly easy.

An issue that a few of the tester found is that the anti-slip feature does not work on some seats. Usually, it does not work on leather and other seats with ‘shiny’ surfaces. The tester finds in unsafe to a certain extent for those with minimal mobility.

What We Liked

  • Coccyx fitted design
  • Easy to clean
  • plus
    With memory foam

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Too cold at times

Belmint Coccyx Orthopedic Gel Seat Cushion is another coccyx-fitted and a memory foam, hybrid gel seat.

It has a combination of high-tech gel and premium memory foam with cooling mechanisms. So what do our testers say?

The design of the cushion comfortably fits the legs and hangs the tailbone, all these coming together to minimize pain and pressure build-up while sitting for long hours.

As testers do not have the same body size, the large size of the cushion fits even those with full legs and backside. It was mentioned above that you need to choose the right size of the cushion. Our testers believe that this product delivers it because it has a good length and width that can be used by small or big body types.

The cushion was tested on car seats, home, and office chairs and wheelchairs. Some of the testers find that width is also a great fit. But, for the tall ones, you might need to adjust your seat to accommodate the thickness.

When tested on the different chair types, the tester claimed that there were no issues of slipping. The non-slip bottom of the cushion is said to be effective for our testers.

One tester note that one side of the cushion is a little flat and firmer. She was the last to put the product to test. So it might have the ‘already used’ factor. However, this might also be a red flag as to the durability of the cushion.

Meanwhile, the product’s cover can easily be removed and cleaned or washed. Its specification states that it can wash 86°F. Although, the tester haven’t tried washing it

What We Liked

  • Coccyx fitted
  • Memory foam hybrid
  • plus
    Does not slip
  • plus
    Easily cleaned

What We Didn't Like

  • Gel gets flat

4. Vive Wheelchair Cushion (2nd Runner-up)

If you imagine Belmint Coccyx Orthopedic to fully occupy your chair, the Vive Wheelchair Cushion is bigger and thicker than the rest of the other cushions.

Packed in its 18.75 in x 15in x 2.5in are four layers of outer cover, waterproof cover, foam and the gel. Some of the testers agree that the layers coupled with its large size add to a satisfying sitting through the day.

They feel that the gel is fluid enough to follow the shapes of their body. This feature may help with relieving pain and preventing sores for those with special health needs. It was the right kind of soft and firm for them.

However, other testers find it awkward as they have to shift around to make themselves comfortable.

Although there are four layers to it, the same testers, who find it awkward also testified that it is too soft for them. Moving and adjusting with the gel seat can be difficult at times as you might need to exert more effort on your movements.

As to its size, it cannot fit into the smaller size chairs at home and in the office. The problem with not having the right fit is that the cushion hangs from the hair also causing to hang your legs. It might create issues with your leg.

This cushion is also heavy. It might not be hard to travel with it according to our testers. The weight can significantly add up to the normal weight when traveling.

The testers didn’t do any laundry on the cushion’s cover. It can be removed though and washed. Thus, when used regularly, you don’t have to worry about how to clean the cushions.

What We Liked

  • Big size
  • Thick 
  • plus
  • plus
    Easily cleaned

What We Didn't Like

  • Some find the size too big
  • exclamation-triangle
    Difficult to move around

Fifth on our list is the WonderGel The Original Seat Cushion, which may be the smallest among the cushions in this article. It’s performance, however, does not disappoint.

Our testers beamed when they said that families with kids could have a great use for the product. It is a few inches smaller than the in the list at 16 x 18 x 1.2 inches, which can be suited to the small chairs at home, in the office or those made especially for children.

Three of our testers find the gel squishy and soft enough to keep them comfortable in the seat. The last two who tested the cushion disagreed and said that it has become too soft. Its 1.2-inch thickness might have added to the ‘softness’ of the cushion considering their weight as adults.

It is lighter than the cushions of Sharper Image and Vive in this article, and because it is thin, it can be carried with ease.

Though reported soft, its shape, throughout our testing period, did not reshape or change. It has a comparatively good elasticity that may also speak of the gel seat cushion’s durability over time of its use.

Another thing that testers applauded is its cooling system. The cushion stays cool even when sat upon for hours, where body heat is expected to build up for the hours of use.

There is also an issue that the gel seat has no cover making it exposed. Some of the testers are anxious as to how to keep it clean. But, also recommend that users might have to get a cover for it. 

What We Liked

  • Comfortably soft
  • Cooling system works
  • Does not reshape

What We Didn't Like

  • Thin
  • exclamation-triangle
    No cover

Our Recommendations

Editor's Pick: ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

Five strong contenders and the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion is our top pick.

It has the right kind of size and thickness that can cater to different users considering body types. Whether it be adults or children, the gel seat cushion can deliver the support they will need.

As it is designed with special consideration to the coccyx, those with issues with their tail bones and the neighboring areas may benefit from it. Those users who are just looking for comfortable support, this can help minimize buttock pains.

Runners Up: Sharper Image Multi-Use Gel Seat Cushion & Vive Wheelchair Cushion

Following ComfiLife is Sharper Image Multi-Use Gel Seat Cushion for First Runner-up. What made it fall from the Editor’s Choice against ComfiLife is the cooling feature of the gel. However, size and comfort-wise, this gel seat cushion does great.

Its ridged design can give the users a natural-like comfort as if there is nothing between the chair and the buttocks. It is while ensuring that pressure points are taken care.

Our 2nd Runner-up for is the extra-large Vive Wheelchair Cushion, which with its size can cradle and comfort the user differently.

The cushion has a plain surface, but it has four layers of cover, waterproof top, memory foam and the gel cushion. As a hybrid cushion, it can enhance the level of comfort for the users.

Its amazing size and thickness also help in giving different body types the same quality of ease.