For those living the longboarding lifestyle, they would definitely agree that it is wonderful and exciting craft and to an extent a form of culture many would be proud.

More than just the adrenaline rush from the flips, turns and carves, the craft offers numerous benefits including health and wellness.

Knights of the Air (KOTA), a custom longboard manufacturer recognised this important healing role longboarding could play to help our soldiers. Their founder, Mike Maloney, once said that “longboarding is a physically invigorating and mentally relaxing activity for all ages.” For years, they have been supporting the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) to help alleviate post-traumatic stress through recreational riding.

It, however, does not mean that only our soldiers can benefit from riding boards. You! Yes, you can also take advantage of the healthy and eco-friendly longboarding activity. For the short years I’ve been riding, I’ve come up five surprising ways that longboarding helped me to destress. If you find not bought a longboard, click here to check out our best longboard reviews guide. Or grab your best eskateboards with our review here 🙂

1. It keeps you fit

Longboarding requires you to move different parts of your body. From your lower body like the feet movement and coordination to the balancing of your upper body, it makes a good part of your exercise routine. You can have your exercise can without hitting the gym to save time (and membership fee).

As rigorous physical movement is involved in longboarding, it naturally helps strengthen your cardiovascular system. Thus, helping you maintain a good heart and pair of lungs. Ultimately pushing yourself daily makes for a healthier you, which we all know is the greatest antidote for a stressful life. 

2. See beautiful surroundings

When I was a newbie to longboarding, I want a dose of adrenaline motivating me to learn a few tricks like carving. But, when did leisurely boarding around our community, it gave me a different reason to continue riding--- I enjoyed seeing beautiful surroundings. Longboarding gave me the downtime I need to refresh my mind and indulge positive thoughts inspired by my newfound connection with nature.

Up to this day, I ride around different places with picturesque sceneries when I want to get away from the daily life stress. It is especially fun when you go with family or friends. 

3. Less polluting commute

According to research conducted by Jennifer Ailshire, assistant professor at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, a polluted environment contribute to increasing of brain problems and other diseases causing stress, especially to the older population. One of the simple ways to counter the increase in pollution is for eco-friendly longboard transportation.

Aside from keeping a physically fit body, longboarding also helps with maintaining a healthy environment. Unlike cars and public transport, longboards are powered by your effort. You got to kick and push to get the board running. Students traveling with longboards to and from school or around campus helps minimize air pollutants brought by vehicles.

So, how can it minimize your stress? We all know that an unhealthy surrounding is also a big stressor. Cleaning up the environment helps get rid of the pollutants causing the stress. In surprising ways, longboarding has a significant impact on you and the community. 

4. Engage in physical activity that frees your mind and body

Did I mention that you don’t have to go to the gym for exercise to destress?

Yes, longboarding is an excellent form physical activity. It helps build muscles, refresh your mind and generally helps improve your health in a way or another. And we know that a stress-free self begins with a healthy mind and body.

It may not have an immediate effect as that of running, but it keeps you on the move. Longboarding is one of the activities, where you don’t realize that you are doing some distressing. In fact, among my best longboarding experience was learning crazy tricks, but the feeling freedom from all the negative energies.

5. It’s simply fun

Photo by Mstr Pan

The simple joys of hanging out with friends and family is among the most effective means of destressing. Longboarding made me realize that. I don’t have to go anywhere far from our neighborhood to look for fun things to do-- I just board.

The idea of learning to ride a longboard was influenced by some of my friends and family. No, I was not pressured into it, but I did enjoy learning and connecting with them. If you don’t pressure to learn the neat tricks, longboarding is pure fun you can do for hours.

You can get away from the stressful daily activities and head out with friends and family to a boarding park and enjoy your time together. So. for your next bonding activity why not try longboarding, it may be your new weekend tradition.

Whether you’re a recovering soldier, a student, a professional or an athlete, whoever you are, longboarding can be a leisurely and fun craft you can indulge too.

There’s no requirement for any complicated exhibitions and tricks to enjoy it. Ride at your own pace, have fun riding outdoors, and you can even bring your friends along with you. Most times you and your board are all you need to let go of the negative thoughts, depressing emotions and leave the stressful week behind with a refreshed mind and body.