More than 190 hours of performing different levels of research and testing, we have the Memory Loss Alarm Clock for Elderly Seniors with Extra Large Day and Perion SkyNature coming out as our top choice from the product review. It provides an uncomplicated and conducive use for the elderly who has special needs with its huge and clear display of time, dates and the parts of the day. This clock useful for those with different language with the language options and those needing constant reminders with the alarms. 

What time is it now?

Is it still morning?

Is today Monday? Or was it yesterday?

Oh! I forgot my…!

Are the lines that you often hear yourself or your loved ones say?

For others, it might be more than just forgetting because you were caught up with something. Others like our elderly that because of the advanced age are having difficulty in remembering and understanding the sense of time.

But, in either of these instances, it might be time to get a new clock.

No, we are not talking about the wall clock we mount at home or a desk clock for our offices. We mean a more innovative clock that gives you different time elements like day, date, or part of day.

There are several of these devices out in the market, and we understand that you have limited time to look for the best one.

Thus, we comb through the market and found five of the best that we think will benefit you and your family. 

Best Clocks with Day and Date

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De La Cruz® 11% Camphor OintmentCamphor (11%)2.5 ounces3 to 4 times a day
Amish Origins Lower Back Pain Relief OintmentMenthol (7.66)
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How do they work

Clock with day and date for elderly are also commonly known by some as dementia clocks.

People with dementia such as Alzheimer’s got confused and lost with time coordination. It can create anxiety. Thus this device is often targeted to the population who has difficulty in keeping track of time and day.

This instrument departs from the conventional clock because aside from displaying the time it also has unique features like telling the date, the day and whether it is morning, afternoon or evening. Some device can be adjusted according to the seasons or changes in the time zones of different locations.

See a short clip of how this type of clock works.

​Things To Consider When Buying a Foot Rocker

Is it just for the elderly?
No, it’s not.

According to Alzheimer’s Association, 5.7 million people have or diagnosed dementia in the US. Although a vast majority of the number of people those aging 65 years old and above, a considerable amount of those aging 65 years old and below are also affected by it. Thus, the calendar clock device is not just for the elderly.

Many can find great use for the instrument even if you are not elderly or having dementia. It is because the device conveniently shows the time, the date, the day and even the period of the day, which is quite useful for students and professionals.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The “dementia friendly clocks” are useful not only for the patient themselves but of the caregivers as well and even everyone who needs to see the time and day. It will help in reminding medication or appointments, deadlines and keeping everything on schedule.

It is complete in itself; it shows bold letters and figures, it can easily be placed on tables, it can have battery back-up, alarms and some of these even talk.

However, since it is an advanced technology, some may be intimidated by doing adjustments and set-ups.

Buying Guide

1. ​​Type

For us layman, analog clock pertains to the traditional one that has hands and a circular figure. Meanwhile, the digital clock displays numbers or digits.

While the description might be true, it is more just that. Analog involves physical measurements and wavelengths, which may fail due to noise, but is often low cost. The digital instrument used “digital modulation” using numbers and are often used in computers. 

2. Display Size

Most of the calendar clocks have large display size as they are tailored to the elderly with ebbing senses. However, it might still be vital to consider the size, especially if these are placed in a large room or far from the bed or hang on walls. 

3. Display Features

The display features can range from showing essential time elements like the period of the day (morning, evening, afternoon), the type of clock (analog or digital), whether the day and month are spelled out or abbreviated. These elements play an important role in the effectiveness of the clock for its purpose.

4. Other Features

Some of the clocks we’ve found have built-in alarms, which are advantageous for reminding tasks like medication and other activities. There are also those that have speaking capabilities that help those with poor eyesight. Another feature you might have to consider is its power. Other clocks have a battery to save information, while others are powered by battery alone. 

How We Assessed & Evaluated These Clocks

To ensure that we are armed with enough and accurate knowledge of the product, we scour the Internet and our local stores to check out these time instruments.

First, we look online at different forums and sites for those who advocate for dementia to understand its use and importance.

For the second part of the research, we carry out short interviews with the vendors, friends and family members on their thoughts and recommendations. We asked them what to consider when looking for these types of clock and which they think are the best.

After the data gathering, we then created buying criteria and other important points to consider when choosing calendar clocks. Then, we listed about 12 calendar clocks and ranked them according to our points and criteria. To trim them down to five (5) we again asked help from friends and family and scored.

We gather a team of testers including some elderly and carers to do hands-on testing. More than a week was spent during testing, testers exchanging different clocks for a day.

They tested it at home and in their respective offices to test the product under different settings. The testers keep a short tab of their observations vis-a-vis listed points of comparison and ranking criteria. 

​Top 5 Clock with Day and Date for Elderly Product Reviews

The Memory Loss Alarm Clock for Elderly Seniors with Extra Large Day and Perion SkyNature has a simple and straightforward display that our testers love.

Time elements are provided in big and bold letters and figures, which is useful for those with bad eyesight or with low light settings. The elderly testers of the team deemed it good that it is big enough for deteriorating eye senses and that they can see it across the room.

Our testers also liked that the days and months are spelled out and not abbreviated. According to some of the testers, abbreviation might be fine since they are very accustomed to them. However, this proves to be useful for those having dementia because they have less to process as to what the abbreviations may mean.

The testers tried on the language and alarm features. Although, they don’t understand some of the languages, our testers find it incredible that the clock can cater to different people. So many can make use of the calendar clock.

As to the alarm, our carer testers appreciated the feature, not because it lessens their work, but it is a great help to the elderly. The carers said that some of the elderly and patients like to have independence, thus, having the alarm helps them remind their medications or doctor’s appointments.

What our testers find a problem with the device is that it does not run on batteries. It requires being connected to an outlet, which limits its portability. When it was tried in the office, the testers need to place them where there is an electric connection, and that affects the positioning of the clock. 

What We Liked

  • Big bold letters and numbers
  • Different languages

What We Didn't Like

  • No battery back-up

8" Large Display with Touchscreen for Dementia, Seniors, Alzheimer’s, Blinds, Elderly, Visually Impaired, Digital Calendar with Date and Time, 8 Alarms, Manual Dim

The iGuerburn Talking Day Clock looks similar to the Memory Loss Alarm Clock for Elderly Seniors with Extra Large Day and Perion SkyNature as to the layout of time elements like the day, time, date, and parts of the day.

Certainly, our testers liked the big bold figures on the display of the clock. When it was tested at home and in the office, it can be seen even from afar. Thus, it helps not only those with bad eyesight, but it gives convenience to the users.

The words are also complete and not shortened adding to the ease of the users when reading time or when it alarms for reminders.

An additional feature that you can find useful is its touch feature. It works like your smartphones or tablets, where you can touch the screen for settings and adjustments.

However, some testers deemed that the touch feature can be improved. There are instances that the testers find the buttons difficult manage as they were not very responsive to the touch. It might be difficult for the elderly or those that have limited hand mobility.

Its letters and background can change as well as vibrancy or screen brightness according to the preference of the users. Some may find the display too bright or too dim.

Like the Memory Loss Alarm Clock for Elderly Seniors with Extra Large Day and Perion SkyNature, it also has a speaking feature allowing the clock to speak in different languages.

Our testers believe that the speaking feature is highly beneficial for those who might have limited vision. Instead of getting frustrated trying to see the time, they can simply press a button. 

What We Liked

  • Large letter and number display
  • Touch screen
  • Speaking

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Touch feature seems unresponsive

3. American Lifetime (Second Runner-Up)

[Newest Version] Day Clock - Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock with Battery Backup & 5 Alarm Options

Placed beside the iGuerburn Talking Day Clock and Memory Loss Alarm Clock for Elderly Seniors with Extra Large Day and Perion SkyNature, the American Lifetime [Newest Version] Day Clock - Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock with Battery Backup & 5 Alarm Options is very similar, especially with the display of time elements.

The clock in digital form, the letters and figures are in prominent bold that enhances visibility from different parts of the room. Again, the testers appreciated that feature because the clock is geared towards the elderly.

They also noted that like the other devices in the review, American Lifetime did away with the shortened or abbreviated months and days. So, the users can easily see and understand the time and day.

This calendar clock has five alarm settings for helps you keep track of important daily tasks. All tester tried inputting alarms throughout the day, and they loved that it helped them be organized. Our testers gave it a thumbs up because it can benefit not only the dementia patients but also those who need reminding.

Although the device is primarily powered by electricity, it has a battery back-up. The testers tried pulling it out from the power, and the battery back-up worked. It ensures that the time settings are not disrupted in cases of power interruption. So, when turned back on, the clock can work as it is.

An issue that the testers found with the product is that there they are not comfortable with the brightness settings, which when dimmed produces a tinted screen. Some testers said that it hurts the eye, especially at night.

There is also no auto-adjustments for during daylight savings. So, users have to take note of the changes. 

What We Liked

  • Big numbers and letters
  • Battery back-up
  • No abbreviations
  • Alarms

What We Didn't Like

  • Uncomfortable dim lights
  • No auto-time adjustments

Fourth on our list is the Grayson Desk Clock for Seniors. It looks like the traditional desk clock that display an analog-type clock as well as the date and day of the clock.

What our tester liked about this calendar clock is the is portability with its 4.3 x 3 x 13.2 inches. It also weighs about 1.6 pounds, thus making it easy to transfer from place to place.

The letters and the numbers telling the date are in large enough for the testers to even from afar. However, the problem that they find with the display is that the analog clock is too small to be seen from across the room.

Our elderly and carer testers think that it can be an issue for the elderly who cannot clearly see. Even those with no problems with vision or dementia consider the clock size a drawback.

Also, the months and day are in shortened or abbreviated form with only three letters on display. Some testers say that this might not be a problem if because it is relatively easy to read. But, other testers are concerned for the user who has advanced dementia and may be confused with the display.

The Grayson Desk Clock for Seniors, however, will not require electricity for its power because it is battery powered. Yes, it is more of a traditional clock. But, even with the loss of electricity or when no outlets it available, the clock still works making it more portable.

Also, the clock offers a “self-adjusting” clock during daylight saving seasons. So, you don’t always have to adjust. The carer and elderly testers have said that this is an added convenience for the user because the clock has minimal maintenance.

What We Liked

  • Portable
  • Battery powered
  • Less maintenance

What We Didn't Like

  • Small display
  • Abbreviated words

Digital Wall & Desk Calendar Alarm Day Clock with Date and Time, Battery Backup & 3 Alarm Options - Perfect for Elderly, Memory Loss, Impaired Vision and Seniors

The ROCAM 11.5" Extra Large Display LED Digital Wall & Desk Calendar Alarm Day Clock also looks like the other frame calendar clock. But, instead of blocked figures, it has an LED display producing broken lines to form the numbers and words.

Most of the testers agree that the LED display is a bit distracting to the eyes. The elderly testers deemed that the display can be seen because it is big enough, but it is not very clear when looking at it from a farther distance. They considered that it might add confusion and difficulty to the users.

There is also an alarm feature of up to three alarms. Our testers have mixed thoughts on this. There are those that consider this to be enough, while others say that it might be good to at least have five. Ultimately, it depends on the alarm use that you need or want.

Additionally, the temperature display proves to be useful. A tester said that she was confused why the temperature is quite low, but she doesn’t cold. But, she decided to bring a cardigan with her, and which she was thankful because when she went out, it was a bit chilly.

The day and time are as said in large sizes and spelled out completely. However, the months are in abbreviated forms. It has been ruled that testers prefer that words must not be shortened to minimize more confusion.

This calendar clock also has a battery back-up to keep the time settings intact. For more convenience, it has a USB power charger feature so you don’t have to look for an electrical outlet as you can also connect to other devices like the computer. 

What We Liked

  • Large display
  • With temperature feature
  • With alarm
  • Battery back-up

What We Didn't Like

  • Display not very clear

Our Recommendations and How They Compare

Editor's Pick: Memory Loss Alarm Clock for Elderly Seniors with Extra Large Day and Perion SkyNature

Selecting the Editor’s Choice is a tough one in this product review as the calendar clocks have very similar features and benefits. But, the Memory Loss Alarm Clock for Elderly Seniors with Extra Large Day and Perion SkyNature appears to have the one of the best offering for its users.

The clock is simple, displaying all the pertinent time elements. The numbers, letters, and figures are displayed in large sizes that are deemed to be suitable for the elderly users and the those with impaired eyes.

Aside from the display, other features like language selection and alarms give more value and pleasant experience. 

Runners Up: iGuerburn Talking Day Clock & American Lifetime [Newest Version] Day Clock

Our First Runner-Up is the iGuerburn Talking Day Clock that looks very similar to our Editor’s Choice. The clock also has a display of important elements in big sizes and not abbreviated words that deliver the very purpose of the calendar clock--- ease and convenience.

It didn’t make it to our Editor’s Choice because although we love that it has touch features, this didn’t work well during our testing. We want something simple and easy to use for you.

Finally, our Second Runner-Up has a very similar appearance to the Editor’s Choice and the First Runner-Up. The American Lifetime [Newest Version] Day Clock also have big and completely spelled time elements like the other top selections.

Users can benefit not only from its visibility but also of its alarms for setting reminders and battery back-up feature.

This clock was not chosen for the top spots because of its limitations as to the brightness settings and auto-adjustments.