We’ve spent over a hundred hours to conduct research and testing on five carpet rakes, and we believe that the Ravmag Rubber Broom & Squeegee – Design, Natural Rubber Bristles for Pet & Human Hair – For Indoor & Outdoor Use; Cleans Carpets; Hardwood Floors; Decks & windows; Water Resistant is the best from the rest of the rakes. From its handle height, head size to effective rubber bristles, it can perform the task of removing dirt from the carpet and grooming it after. It is also multi-functional to clean indoor or outdoor areas.

Having carpets is a wonderful addition to make lovely homes.

While having dust on carpets is a cleaning nightmare, owning pets and/or having ladies in a carpeted home is a cleaning reality (for many of us).

I’ll take a confident bet that you have either you pets or has long hair, living with some and owns a carpet or a mad combination of all of these. And that is why you have come here.

You may not have an idea how to deal with all these stuff, or you have limited knowledge about cleaning carpets.

We have an answer for you--- carpet rakes.

Whether you know or limited idea what these carpet rakes are, we are here to help you save time from searching online or hopping from one local vendor to another.

We’ve lined up five carpet rakes and ranked them according to which from among the five can best provide your cleaning requirement. 

5 Best Carpet Rake 2018

ProductWeightSizevBattery Working Time
EVERTECH 4.3" TFT Color LCD CCTV Video Audio Security Surveillance Camera Tester12.3 oz7 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches8 hours
Wsdcam 7 Inch 1080P Retina Display IP Camera Tester CCTV Tester5.2 lbs12.9 x 11.6 x 3.9 inches16 hours
Electop 5 Inch Camera Tester CCTV Tester1.65 lbs8.7 x 6.9 x 3.6 inches11 hours (with setbacks)
HDView 5-in-1 Touchscreen POE CCTV Tester3.95 lbs11.2 x 9.6 x 3.7 inches8 hours
Eoncore Portable Wrist 4.3” 720P 1080P TVI CCTV Camera Cam Video Test Monitor Tester 12V-Out (TVI)2.49 lbs7.2 x 5.1 x 3.2 inches7 to 11 hours

How Do Carpet Rakes Works

Carpet rakes are cleaning tools specifically designed for carpet maintenance that helps in bringing the carpet back to life.

It looks similar to a regular garden rake with a horizontal elongated head with attached bristles (like a toothbrush). The bristles are either made from rubber, nylon or silicon. It is different from a carpet brush, however, as the rake has longer bristles and meant for deep cleaning to cater the different fiber, style or texture of the carpets.

The bristles will reach the deep ends of the carpet. It combs the fibers or pull/ push the yarn upwards while also untangling them. Hence, the particles can easily be vacuumed out even those that lie in the carpet bed.

​Buyer’s Guide


The most obvious advantage of the carpet rake is that it is a simple tool. There are no electricity or engine to make it work. Thus, any body can make use of it without the complications of machine operations.

With its bristles, the hard-to-reach areas of the carpet can be raked even if they are as thin as a pet or human hair. It is often left on the carpet even with a powerful vacuum. 

How to use

This cleaning tool does not run on any power or machine. It just needs to be pushed or pulled by human effort depending on whether it is for pre or post-vacuum activity.

During the pre-vacuum process, you just need to pull and push the fibers of the carpet to open it up when you vacuum. This motion helps in lifting the dirt to the surface of the vacuum. For post-vacuum, you will groom the carpet to make it look clean and new. 

Buying Criteria

1. Handle height

The comfort of the handle’s height should be based on what you prefer or need. Some of the rakes we’ve found can extend to up to 60 inches. A long handle is useful when you have carpets under the furniture to it can reach the far areas. 

2. Head width

The head width pertains to the size of the head, where the bristles are attached. A wider head means extended coverage as you rake through the carpet. But, it might also not fit in corners or deep areas of the carpet spread. Depending on what you need, you can choose from 12 inches to 18 inches head size. 

3. Bristle

Bristles can either be nylon, rubber or silicon. With hairbrushes (for human hair) these types of material are used to detangle. Similarly, these materials are found on the carpet. What you need to find is a rake with durable bristles, yet soft enough not to break the carpet.

4. Added features

Since carpet rakes have a straightforward function, it is an advantage to have unique or special features to achieve its purpose more effectively. It might also provide this tool more value if its added features make it useful other than just simply a carpet cleaner. 

Care and maintenance

As I have repeatedly said, carpet rakes are simple tools. No matter how simple, it still requires maintenance and care. One of the things that you could do is to clean out the bristles where dirt or debris might cling according to its cleaning instructions.

It is also proper to store it in a clean, dry place to prolong product life. It can be stored with other cleaning materials, and such area should also be clean and suitable. 

​​How We Assessed & Evaluated These Carpet Rakes

Carpet rakes are not hard to find, and its function is quite easy to understand. The rest of the research team and I already have a preconceived idea of how it works. However, we still conducted our usual research and testing to supplement our data.

We had our online research to check how the product is used (according to others), the brands, it benefits and advantages.

Then we had our offline research by talking with vendors and our friends and family who owns a carpet rake or know the tool.

The data that we have gathered were used to help us find our top tools. We first had about 15 carpet rakes on our list. We used our buyer’s guide through or data to rank these tools and trim the list down to our top five.

We then gathered testers to do the hands-on testing. Each has different backgrounds from professional cleaners, mothers, students and professionals living alone. This is to test the rakes with predetermined considerations based on different kinds of lifestyle.

We let them try the tools on different kinds of carpets from wool, Saxony cut pile, an uncut pile to frieze cut pile in different locations like home and offices. The various settings allow us to know if the rakes can be used at home or in the office or are it flexible to be used under different conditions. 

​​​Top 5 Carpet Rakes Product Reviews:

1.​ Ravmag Rubber Broom & Squeegee – Design  (Editor’s Choice)

Natural Rubber Bristles. For Pet & Human Hair – For Indoor & Outdoor Use. Cleans Carpets, Hardwood Floors, Decks & windows. Water Resistant 

Our first carpet rake on the list is the Ravmag Rubber Broom & Squeegee – Design, Natural Rubber Bristles for Pet & Human Hair – For Indoor & Outdoor Use; Cleans Carpets; Hardwood Floors; Decks & windows; Water Resistant.

This carpet rake has a 55-inch steel handle suited to the different height of our testers. When testing the cleaning tool in homes and offices, they were able to brush under furniture like beds and office tables. So, there is no need to crawl under them or move the heavy furniture.

At the tip of the handle is a 12-inch head allowing the decent testers coverage of the sample carpets. Our testers said that this is helpful to make cleaning faster and less exhaustive.

Its bristles are made of lined rubber that is strong enough to help untangle the carpet fibers for the Saxony and wool carpets. It can also capture thin debris as hair and small stones. But, the bristles were not stiff or too hard to break the fibers.

What our testers also like with the rubber bristle is that it is water resistant. It upholds the product description, where it was used to sweep through the wet carpet and wet floor with ease and still clean as well as when used on dry surfaces.

These rubber bristles are likewise effortless to clean and maintain since it can be cleaned with water. Each bristled are spaced with enough distance to it is more accessible when you remove the dirt or debris sticking to the bristles.

This carpet rake is also multi-purpose that can be used in floors and it squeegee feature will allow you to clean cars and windows among others.

An issue that our testers have observed with the tool is how the handle detaches from the head. While the testers were pushing and pulling through the carpet, the handle disconnected from the head several times. 

What We Liked

  • Decent handle length
  • Sturdy, but soft bristles
  • Good head width
  • Multi-purpose

What We Didn't Like

  • Head and handle attachment seems faulty

From it product description to its look, the Carlisle 4575100 Commercial Grade 18" Carpet Rake / Groomer looks like a heavy duty carpet raker. This carpet raker is equipped with 54 inches of wooden handle and an 18-inch head with nylon bristle.

From our hands-on testing, the testers deemed that the wood handle is strong and stable when you push and pull through different carpet textures. One thing that they noted that wood is susceptible to deterioration, especially when exposed to water.

Its height, though not the tallest in the batch, is still decent. The testers think that tall or short users can make use of this carpet rake effortlessly even if it is heavier at two pounds compared to the 1-pound weight of the other carpet rakes.

This carpet rake has nylon bristles instead of the rubber ones like the others. Our testers have observed that nylon bristles can reach deeper into the carpet with shorter fiber like nylon, uncut pile, textured cut, cut pile and the likes. That is, it can he move dust, particles, and hair out from the deep ends of the carpet because these are thin.

However, it does perform less in detangling because it is softer than the rubber bristles. They have also observed that dust flies up in the air.

As to the product’s head, it is massive at 18 inches. It is the widest from among the other carpet rakes. The testers have divided opinion. Other have said that the size is great for more coverage when cleaning large carpets. Meanwhile, others think that it is too big to fit in tight spaces where it would be hard to move furniture or things.

What We Liked

  • Good handle height
    Large head for more coverage
  • Large head for more coverage
  • Sturdy wood handle
  • Deep cleaning with bristles

What We Didn't Like

  • Head too big for tight areas
  • Dust fly up
55.1 inches Scratch Free Bristle Broom for Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant 

The Push Broom Extra Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge 55.1 inches Scratch Free Bristle Broom for Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant is yet another carpe rake having rubber bristles and squeegee feature.

Based on the results of the hands-on testing, its rubber bristle can really take out the hair and debris from the carpet without it flying up in the air.

It is also multi-functional making it useful in tiled floors and windows above its carpet rake characteristic. This carpet rake is also water resistant that may be used in wet floors and windows. Hence, you can use it even for outdoor cleaning.

You may think that this broom has nothing special to offer since these features can be found in other carpet rakes. A distinct feature of the Push Broom Extra Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge 55.1 inches Scratch Free Bristle Broom for Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant is the telescoping handle. This handle can be adjusted to 32.7 inches and extendible to 55.1 inches.

The testers think that it can this can be a great advantage for the product. When using the lower handle, it can give them more control and force when raking through different carpet textures. According to the testers, the longer handle helps with taller users and for the shorter ones to sweep through far parts of the carpet.

The handle, however, feels loose where the extendible part connects. You need to turn it a few times to make it sturdier.

You also don’t have to worry about cleaning the rake itself because it can be washed with water or when simply dusting it. Hence, there is no need for extensive cleaning that will also take more of your time.

What We Liked

  • Effective rubber bristles
  • Telescoping handle
  • Easy cleaning

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Handle extension seems a bit loose

The Superior Performance Silicone Push Broom is a bit similar to the Ravmag Rubber Broom & Squeegee, especially with its head bristles. It is also water resistant that can be used on different surfaces (not just on carpet).

According to the product description, the bristle is made of silicone. However, when touching the product, it is more rubber (like that of Ravmag) than silicone. We did a research and found that there is a what you might call a silicon rubber material.

A silicon rubber is an elastomer that is a polyester with elastic characteristics. When used in industrial products like the Superior Performance Silicone Push Broom, the bristles are durable as it has more resistance to environmental conditions.

Our testers, however, deemed that the bristles have lesser performance when you want to rake hair and other forms of strands. Some of them said that they have to go through the same spot several times to remove their hair and their dog’s fur.

It works though with other debris like dust and minuscule particles. This tool also works on tiled or vinyl floors when the tester tried it on these flooring materials.

The handle of this product is just about 50 inches tall. It is the shortest from among the carpet rakes in this review. You may think that there is little difference to those with 55-in height, our testers believe that you can see or observe the difference when reaching under tables, beds and other furniture.

This carpet rake may have similar features as the other carpet rakes, but its head is wider at 13-inches. Thus, our testers enjoy that they can cover more of the area when cleaning. 

What We Liked

  • Can remove debris
  • 13-inch head
  • Sturdy bristles

What We Didn't Like

  • Short handle
  • Seems to be ineffective in removing hair

Multi-Surface and Pet Hair Removal, Telescoping Handle that Extends from 3 ft to 6 ft

The Evriholder FURemover Broom with Squeegee made from Natural Rubber, Multi-Surface and Pet Hair Removal, Telescoping Handle that Extends from 3 ft to 6 ft has the tallest handle among the group reaching up to 60 inches.

This length lets users clean far below places like in bedrooms and under office tables, where it would be too hard to move the things or will require a great amount of time.

Our testers also love that it is a telescoping handle that can be adjusted from 36 inches to 60 inches. It is relatively longer than the Push Broom Extra Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge. Thus, it can cater to the preferences of the users and the settings in which the rake is used.

The head is 12 inches wide, a good enough size for coverage and when inserted in tight areas. Its bristles are made of rubber that can be used to sweep and rake on carpets, tiled floors and even wooden floors to remove dirt, hair and wet materials.

With the carpets, this rake can scrape through hair and dirt. It is most helpful when raking through the carpet with short fibers, where it can really remove hair and dust from the carpet.

A problem that the testers found with this carpet rake is the weak handle. There have been reports that there is breakage with the handle. During the test, the handle did not break. But, the material seems to be frail. The testers noted that it might break in the long run.

What We Liked

  • Long handle
  • Telescoping handle
  • Just the right head width
  • Rubber bristles is effective

What We Didn't Like

  • Loose and weak handle

Our Recommendations

Editor’s Choice

The Ravmag Rubber Broom & Squeegee – Design, Natural Rubber Bristles for Pet & Human Hair – For Indoor & Outdoor Use; Cleans Carpets; Hardwood Floors; Decks & windows; Water Resistant came out as our Editor’s Choice.

It is not with the longest handle nor with the widest head. Although these features still serve the purpose of rake. The winning feature of the product is the effectiveness in removing dirt, hair and any debris on the carpet regardless of its style.

This also has multi-function making it more useful for other cleaning activities. 

First Runner-Up

Our First Runner-Up has the longest reach and widest coverage. The Carlisle 4575100 Commercial Grade 18" Carpet Rake / Groomer packs a 60 inches handle and an 18-inch head. All these making work extra faster.

This tool was not able to get the Editor’s Choice as its head is too big large to fit in smaller areas and the nylon bristles, though efficient in getting tangle hair cause dust to just flew up and not gathered. 

Second Runner-Up

​For the Second Runner-Up is the Push Broom Extra Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge 55.1 inches Scratch Free Bristle Broom for Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant.

Among the two with the telescoping handle, this rake can transform from 36-inch handle to 55 inches. It is strong enough to remove debris and hair from any carpet. But, dust doesn’t accumulate and just scatter.

It is multi-functional allowing you to clean more than just carpet.