About 26 hours of online and offline research, interviews and hands-on testing, the Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat came out as our top cane stool. Providing you with a solid plastic seat in a heart shape that hugs your bottoms and legs, it can accommodate a weight of up to 250 pounds. On its three legs are anti-slip safety leg tips that are made up of vinyl to minimize slides on flat and uneven surfaces and ensuring stability while in use. 

A show of hands of those who love the outdoors.

I might not see you from here, but can I ask you if you rather have something to sit on that is not inside your tent?

Yes, the grass is nice, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Bringing a chair, even a folding one can just add up to the weight. So, that would be off the options.

What if we tell you that there is a portable chair that can double as your hiking stick? Are you interested in the cane stools? Or cane chairs?

Oops. You, don’t go just yet, even if you are not going on a trek, you’ll find a use for cane stools, especially if you have an elderly family member or those needing lightweight support.

Some of you might not even know this exists or has a vague understanding of what this product is about. Don’t worry because we were too, at first.

So we did hours of research and testing not only to give you an understanding of this works but also selected top five from among the best. 

The Best Trench Shovel in 2018

Engine CraneLifting CapacityJack Capacity Boom Capacity
Dragway Tools 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic 2 Tons8 Tons4000 to 1000 lbs
Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist Lift Range2 Tons6 Tons4000 to 1000 lbs
Vestil EHN-20-C Heavy Duty Steel Shop 1 Ton1 Ton2000 to 500 lbs
Torin Big Red Steel Engine Hoist 2 Tons8 TonsUp to 4000 lbs
Performance Tool W41029 2-Ton Folding Engine Crane2 Tons8 TonsUp to 4000 lbs

How Do Cane Stools Work?

A cane stool also called as cane seat/ chair or folding cane chair is simply as it is, a cane with an attached seat or a seat with an attached cane.

It works both as a walking cane and a chair. The product often has three legs, one longer than the two, which serves as the support when using the cane feature. When in the “cane setting” the seat is folded and the legs two legs are lifted.

If you are adjusting the cane stool into the “chair setting,” you just have to unfold the seat. Depending on the cane tool, you can either pull the chair feature up of push it down to open the seat.

Take a closer look at how the cane stool works. 

Contrary to what you might have believed, a cane stool is not just for the elderly nor those with special health needs. In fact, leaders of institutions like bishops and kings have scepters that show their status in the society.

The uses of canes, however, has evolved through time. They cease to become mere decorations and has become a tool of support and balance when walking and trekking. It helps reduce strain on bones and joints.

Now, with a chair attached, anybody can use the cane stool, elderly nor those with special health needs.

Among the advantages of having a cane stool is the comfort it can bring, especially outdoors. Whether you need a ‘stick’ for support while walking or comfortable chair when you want to rest, the cane stool prevents stress from standing or walking for hours.

Also, unlike the regular chairs, the cane seat is less bulky, and most of them are lightweight. So you can easily haul them along with you.

However, cane stools can also be a burden for some as it is relatively weighty then when using the regular cane. 

Buying Guide - 3 Things To Look Out

1. Seat Material

The hard plastic seat is the most common one, which is made of a plastic material. When sat upon, it feels like sitting on a regular plastic chair.

You can also find a polymer seat material that works like a hammock or a director’s chair. It hangs from between the three or four legs of the cane chair. This material doesn’t feel solid because the material is softer than the regular hard plastic.

2. Cane Height

Some of the cane stools we’ve looked into have adjustable height.The advantage of having this kind of feature in the product is that it can give more comfort for you.

There are even those cane stools that has adjustable seats and not just the cane part of the product. Thus, it affords you with more options to truly conform to your needs.

3. Safety Features

Safety features range from locks and screws, sturdiness of cane stool and the cane and leg tips.

There are those products that feel more secure than the other based on how their parts are joined together.

You can also check with the stability of the cane and chair when pressure like your weight is applied. One thing that you might also need to consider is the weight capacity of the chair to ensure that it doesn’t topple over.

The tips of the cane and legs also contribute to the safety of the cane stool. Most of the products we’ve seen have a single rubber tip for traction with different surfaces. 

How Did We Assessed & Evaluated These Products

For our top five (5) cane seat choices, we had hands-on testing of the products with our team of testers swapping them throughout an entire day.

But, before we came up with our five selections, we first had research on cane stools. Starting this project was a bit difficult because of the vagueness as to what is a cane stool. Thus, we did online research on how its uses and how it works.

Supplementing out online-sourced data are information we’ve gathered from vendors, friends and family members. We interviewed them and asked recommendations.

With our online and offline information, we were able to come up with about ten selections. To trim the list to five cane stools, we referred back to our gathered data and came up with the best five, which will be the subject of the hands-on testing.

The testing was done within a week with testers trying on the cane stools. It was tested on different surfaces and ground to determine stability, comfort, and safety.

So our testers tried in on different settings like the office, inside the home including carpeted and wooden floors, the backyard and off-road (i.e., short trek). The cane seats were both used as a cane and as a stool during the testing. 

Our Top Picks

Here is another cane stool from Drive Medical. Unlike the Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Cane with Sling Style Seat, Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat has a solid seat, relatively lighter and shorter.

The testers find this cane stool thinner and more lightweight. They deem that this cane stool is good for walking longer walks or even trekking because it is a very light load. And with its three legs, the product is more compact than the others.

The cane feature though is not adjustable. It has a fixed length of 33 inches when used as a cane. Some of the testers find this a little problematic because its inflexibility may limit the people who can use it. A tall person of about 6 feet needs to crouch a few inches to make use of the cane.

Our testers liked that the chair is designed to fit the backside and legs of the users. On its center is a small ridge that divides the two portion, which is ergonomically made to spoon your behind and legs.

The legs are made of an aluminum and have a vinyl tips or caps instead of a rubber material. There are only three legs to support the chair, yet the testers settled that it is surprisingly sturdy.

Though there are reports of loose screws, our testers did not have issues with the nuts and bolts falling off. It would still be advisable to check all the joints before using on a regular basis and most especially when using it for the first time. 

What We Liked

  • Stable when used as seat
  • Ergonomic seat design
  • Lightweight

What We Didn't Like

  • Not adjustable

​Second on our list is the Mac Sports Folding Cane Chair - Walking Stick with Stool. This cane stool joins a quad-leg, polyester fabric and a hook handle. This cane stool joins a quad-leg, polyester fabric, and a hook handle. It is a combination of some of the features of the other products on review, which makes it distinct it.

This cane stool has a polyester fabric instead of a solid plastic seat, which closely resembles the sling bench of the Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Cane.

The Mac Sports Folding Cane Chair is different in a way that it is not a bench style. But, it is a squared-fabric 600 Denier, which although among the most common fabric strength, it decent to support its 225 pounds weight capacity.

Before testing, the testers were given the specifications of the product. Some of the testers were hesitant considering that they are about 225 pounds. However, when they tested it, the seat was fairly stable when weight is applied.

It also has four legs that give support when sitting down. The testers said that it feels safer and stable although the seat is softer because of the fabric material.

Our testers find it a drawback that the cane stick cannot be adjusted. The cane has a height of 34.5 inches or 2 feet. Some of the testers said that it is too high for them, while one find it too short for his height. Others, however, find the height just right. Thus, you also need to consider your height in contrast to the cane’s.

The handle of the stool is a foamed hook style that cushions that hand when in use. This feature adds comfort, especially when used in challenging terrains.

What We Liked

  • Soft seat material
  • plus
    Cushioned hook handle
  • plus

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Not adjustable

The Alex Orthopedic Inc.Tri-Seat Adjustable Seat Cane has a rounded hard plastic seat and an adjustable cane stick.

What our testers love about the product is that the shifting from cane to a chair and vice versa. The seat easily opens, which we think are helpful for those with a limited force like the elderly.

The seat itself is comfortable giving the users with enough room to sit on with its 8x10 inches dimension. Two of our testers, who are on the hefty, side deemed that although they can seat properly, it would have given them more confidence if the seat was bigger.

However, they also think that it might compromise its weight when used as a cane. In fact, one of tester said that if she used it for a longer trek and on a more challenging trail, the cane stool might be an added burden.

The seat of the Alex Orthopedic Inc.Tri-Seat has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. This capacity can accommodate people of different ages and sizes. It is supported with triple legs capped with rubber tips. But, a few of the testers said that the tri-leg support seems weak even on flat surfaces.

Also, the testers all agreed that the adjustable feature could be handy fit for different types of users and settings. That is, not all users are of the same height or have the same purpose for the cane stool.

Its cane handle, which can also be used to carry the stool has a foamed crook handle. You can easily lift it up because of its caved handled. The handle is also foamed that adds comfort when you apply force and minimize slipping when like when you are sweating. 

What We Liked

  • Decent seat size
  • Adjustable cane
  • Comfortable handle

What We Didn't Like

  • Comparatively heavier than others

The 4th cane stool is the G&M Adjustable Folding Walking Cane Chair Stool with Adjustable Height Cane Seat 85-95CM.

This cane seat is unique in a way that it has an additional built-in LED lights that are useful when camping or staying outdoors at night. The testers liked that the light has an adjustable positioning, where it be directed to point in a certain area.

Its seat is shaped like an apple, which follows the form of the buttocks. Testers said that the seat is comfortable with a massage feature. It has small dots that eases pressure when sat on. This feature can help alleviate the tiredness from walking and standing, while also making sure that there is no sore build-up when you sit on it for more extended periods.

A problem that the testers have the product is its weight capacity of 100 kilograms or about 220 pounds. From all the product on review, it has the smallest load capacity. Some of the testers are more than a 220 pounds, who tested the seat for a few minutes. It did not break that you can feel the pressure on the chair. So, you have to also take note of your weight and the chair’s capacity.

This cane chair has three legs that are adjustable. It means that you can adjust the height of the chair to tailor it to your own comfort and height. And despite having only three legs, our testers feel that the chair can hold-up as it was stable on different grounds or surfaces.

What We Liked

  • Comfortable seats
  • LED Lights
  • Adjustable legs
  • Stable

What We Didn't Like

  • Lower weight capacity

The first thing that will catch your attention from the Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Cane with Sling Style Seat is its unique sling design seat and quad-leg support.

Instead of a hard plastic seat, it has a nylon sling seat that hands on two sets of paired-legs. Just by looking at it, the cane stool looks unsafe because of the seat style.

Our testers have divided thoughts on it. One half of the team says that it is quite comfortable because the material allows breathing space than the hard plastic and conforms to the buttocks. It is snug enough so the user can enjoy it, especially when outdoors.

The other half feels that the sling bench is too small with the size of 15.5x6.25 inches. It is not wide enough to give them the security that they will not fall off considering the material is a bit unstable. Thus, they are not too assured that the seat can safely carry its 250 pounds of weight capacity.

With its handle, the Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Cane has a full hook handle. This kind is similar to the hook, but both ends and fully connected to the legs making a concave.

One handle is longer than the other, which will be used as the cane. It will give you 34 inches in height (2 feet more or less). One tester who is about 6 feet tall finds this a bit shorter to use effectively.

It only weighs about 2 pounds, but it is bulky when carried because of its four legs. This cane chair, however, gives an added support because two legs are in used when set as a cane.

What We Liked

  • Comfortable snug seat
  • Double leg cane support

What We Didn't Like

  • Bulky
  • A bit unstable

Our Recommendations

Editor's Pick: Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat

Rising to the top spot is the Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat, a three-legged hard plastic seat and a full ergonomic hook.

All its features have worked to provide comfort, convenience, and safety for its users. It has an ergonomic and comfortable seat specifically design for buttocks and legs.

Despite its triangular leg positioning, it provides stability in supporting up to 250 pounds. On its tips are reliable vinyl tips covering the legs preventing slips or slides on different kinds of surfaces. 

1st Runner Up: Mac Sports Folding Cane Chair - Walking Stick with Stool

A little off from the top stop is the Mac Sports Folding Cane Chair - Walking Stick with Stool as First Runner-Up. The only thing that keeps this cane stool from the Editor’s Choice is the stability of the seat as it has a polyester fabric. It likewise gives a snug comfort, but it feels a bit flimsy when uses on uneven terrains. However, the cane stool has a foamed hook handle that the Drive Medical Deluxe does not afford. 

2nd Runner Up: Alex Orthopedic Inc.Tri-Seat Adjustable Seat Cane

Our Second Runner-Up is the Alex Orthopedic Inc.Tri-Seat Adjustable Seat Cane. This cane stool features a rounded hard plastic seat supported by three legs. The cane stick can be adjusted to suit user’s height, which the top two cane stools do not have. It can sit a weight of 250 pounds, but its chair was found to be a bit small.