With more than 100 hours, we have researched and tested five blanket support by several testers under different settings. From the comprehensive evaluation process, the RBD Health Adjustable Blanket Lifter/Support (Height of 23 – 31 Inches), Made from Heavy Duty Steel, Ideal for Arthritis, Restless Legs, Neuropathy, CRPS, Foot Cramping, Sensitive Toes, Burns, Surgery Recovery is the top choice. With only 16 inches it has a good height that can extend to 31 inches making it a useful tool for those with ultra-sensitive and injured feet fitting small or large users. Its stable and strong frame adds to giving safety and comfort giving more safety to users. 

Blankets on, hurting the feet and not to mention too hot.

Feet out, uncomfortable and monsters might pull me off the bed.

Blankets off, too cold and feels unsafe.

If these are your usual night struggles, increasing the air conditioner's temperature or turning on the heating system might be the solution.

Simple equipment that you can get to help you out in this situation is a trusty blanket support. There is no need for electricity or battery and other complex operations to make it work.

This equipment is made for those with leg injuries and pain such as fresh wounds, bunions, gout, diabetes among all other that can create discomfort to the legs or feet as it lifts up the blanket while still providing heat and comfort.

For those who are not familiar with the product or if you are looking for new ones, we came up with our top five blanket support to save you time form browsing and comparing several of these products.

Top 5 Blanket Support

Hermell Products Inc. Zero Gravity Elevating Leg Rest Pillow26 x 20 x 8 inches8 ½ inches8 ounces
23 x 15.5 x 7.5 inches
Restorology Elevating Memory Foam Leg Rest Pillow24 x 16 x 8 inches8 inches2.71 lbs
MABIS DMI Healthcare Ortho Bed Wedge Elevated Leg Pillow24.5 x 20 x 8.3 inches8 inches2.4 lbs
Milliard Foam Leg Elevator Cushion32 x 13 x 9.5 inches9.5 inches4.3 lbs
Cushy Form Elevating Leg Rest Pillow24 x 21 x 8 inches8 inches4.95 lbs

How do they work? 

Blanket support is a simple healthcare/ bed equipment that aids in providing comfort to the users.

As body temperature lowers down when sleeping, the blanket keeps us warm by trapping in the heat near the body. However, blankets may not be the source of comfort for some who may have body injuries, leg, and feet pains like bunions, gout, or when healing from surgeries.

The blanket supporter lifts and spreads the blanket to make room for the feet or injured area. So, it will not be in contact with your body and to also make more room for the feet or body part.

The foot of the blanket support inserted into the mattress and the blanket will be spread over its sleeves forming a mini tent. 

​Buyer’s Guide


There are two main benefits of using a blanket support. First, it gives comfort to the users. It is because the blanket makes contact with the affected area and puts light pressure causing discomfort and more pain. The blanket support will lift the blanket to avoid making contact or touching the painful or injured area.

Secondly, it creates more room for feet or body movement without brushing the blanket. As the supporter hoist the blanket, it makes a tent-like cover, where it frees up space for the feet or body.

Third, it can also give alter temperatures when it is too hot to put a blanket or too cold not to use one. The blanket is not touching the body. Hence there is more air. But, it is still warm because the blanket traps in the heat.

Who can use them?

The blanket supporter is primarily made for those with leg injuries to alleviate their pain and discomfort. For instance, those with gout experience pain that even without touching is painful. Hence, a blanket support is needed to avoid exposure and to give room for the feet.

This equipment is not only used in hospitals or healthcare centers. It can be used in homes for those who are recovering or outpatients.

With several benefits and advantages, the blanket support can be used by anybody who wants to experience the comfort of the equipment. So, if you want freer feet when sleeping, you can make use of the blanket support. 

Buying Criteria

1. Adjustability

In choosing the blanket support you need to consider the adjustability with regard to its height, its placement in the mattress (i.e., feet) and when the blanket is draped over it.

Most of the blanket support we have found have adjustable height. Depending on how much space you need, it can be adjusted to a maximum of 20 inches for some. You might want to move the support around the bed based on your comfort. Hence, it might also be useful if it can easily be transferred. 

2. Height

Though a majority of the blankets are extendible, they differ in length or inches that it can extend. The blanket support can extend for up to 20 inches and be as low as 12 inches.

Note that each the height is usually measured from the feet, in which case you might also want to take into account the height of your mattress. It is to find a precise length option for you. 

3. Sturdiness

The material of the blanket support plays a part in ensuring its sturdiness. Most of these are made of metal and steel, which we can expect to be solid and stable. We, however, also have to consider the weight of the blanket because some use comforter that can be extra heavy. 

​​How We Assessed & Evaluated These Blanket Supports

We performed are standard two-phase evaluation method of research and hands-on testing.

For our research and data gathering, we spend a majority of our allotted time with offline research by interviewing healthcare providers and people who have actually used the equipment.

But, before conducting an interview, we did online research about the product, how it is used, where it is most appropriately used and who are the possible users. We also looked into the standard features and benefits of the equipment.

After gathering information, we talked to healthcare providers or carers and users of the product to help us form our criteria in choosing out best five and how can we best conduct the testing.

After having our best nine blanket support, we ranked them to have our top five.

During the testing process, we have five varied testers to do hands-on testing. Our testers are those with injury or problems and those with feet injury and illness.

They individually tested the blanket supports. For them to test each support lifter, the testers swapped blanket support every day.

The testers tried the blanket on different bed sizes and different blanket size and weight (i.e., thin blanket, throw blanket and comforter). 

​​Top 5 Blanket Support Product Reviews​

(Height of 23 – 31 Inches), Made from Heavy Duty Steel, Ideal for Arthritis, Restless Legs, Neuropathy, CRPS, Foot Cramping, Sensitive Toes, Burns, Surgery Recovery

The first on our list is the RBD Health Adjustable Blanket Lifter/Support (Height of 23 – 31 Inches) made from heavy duty steel, ideal for Arthritis, restless legs, neuropathy, CRPS, foot cramping, sensitive toes, burns, and surgery recovery.

From among the five products on review, this blanket support is the tallest and with the widest height adjustability. It can be set at 23 inches, which is relatively higher than the other products (mostly at 20 inches). The height can adjust further to 31 inches. Thus, our testers believe that this lifter is suited for those with thick mattresses or who have big body build or those with additional body support like casts.

Although it has good height features, some of the testers found the adjustment buttons to be difficult. They said that they have to ask family members to help them adjust. They also said that it the installation process is a bit confusing, where they have to take time assembling them.

Our testers, although were happy that the steel frame of the support is sturdy and stable enough to support their heaviest comforter. Steel is known to be less susceptible to denting and harder than aluminum. Hence, it can carry even big and heavy blankets.

Its shoulder length is only 16 inches, which is second to the shortest one at 12 inches. This width is suited for a twin bed. Thus, might be difficult to use with a bigger bed size as a king or queen bed.

Those who are using a smaller blanket needs to lower down from the headrest of the bed so the blanket will not slip from the support. One tester tried using it together with her husband, but it will not fit. 

What We Liked

  • Comparatively taller
  • Stable and sturdy

What We Didn't Like

  • Limited width
  • Difficult installation

We then have the DMI Blanket Lift Bar Support Frame, Adjustable, the second on our list.

This is an adjustable blanket support extending up to 19 inches height. It may be considered a medium height considering the other products. This height is enough for the majority of the testers saying that it is not too tall yet it still gives enough space for their feet.

Its shoulder width, on the other hand, is one of the widest. The testers said that it has good coverage with the twin size bed and can extend a little to accommodate more than half of a full-bed and about half of a queen bed. Thus, they agree that this can be considered a good size.

The same issue these testers have found with this blanket support and the other blanket supports is that the measuring the height begins from its foot. For testers (or users) with higher bed lengths, the lifters do not actually provide the supposed height. Remember to always consider your bed.

Our testers appreciated the simplicity and ease of doing adjustments to the equipment. It can immediately be inserted into the mattress. The desired height can also be painless to change or adjust.

A drawback that three of the testers experienced with this equipment is that the stems or bars supporting the blanket seems to be weak and thin. There was an incident, where the supporter leaned down when a heavy comforter was draped over it.

She said that it might be because the supporter was not fully inserted by a few centimeters into the mattress. She added that it was a good thing that she does not have a leg injury. She pointed out that because the metal feels flimsy, it may cause more pain to those with an injury. 

What We Liked

  • Good height
  • Decent width
  • Simple adjustments

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Frame feels a bit weak

 Lightweight Elevated Holder for Blankets and Sheets, Bed Attachment Frame for Holding Covers and Bedspreads to Protect Skin and Reduce Weight 

The Rolyan Blanket Support for Foot of Bed, Lightweight Elevated Holder for Blankets and Sheets, Bed Attachment Frame for Holding Covers and Bedspreads to Protect Skin and Reduce Weight is also another uniquely designed blanket support.

The other products in the review have an attached table-like shoulder. Meanwhile, with this blanket lifter, it only has a single bar to support or lift the blanket. It is not necessarily a drawback for the equipment because it is solid and sturdy.

This blanket support can also lift heavy comforters although it is made from lightweight PVC. It is only 1.4 pounds, and the testers were doubtful of its sturdiness a first. The lifter proved them wrong, and it is stable enough to different kinds of blankets since PVS, though plastic is among the strongest.

The most apparent drawback with the product is its height on only 12 inches. Our testers believe that it is not suited for those with thick mattresses. One of the testers tried it with his teenage daughter’s bed and found that it was a good fit. Hence, the testers think that it might fit adults with a smaller frame.

One characteristic that testers like about this product are the wide bar, where the blanket is lifted up. It can is 19 inches in width and can accommodate twin, full and half of a queen size bed. The testers deemed that has decent coverage if it was not too short in height.

The foot of the equipment can easily slide through in between the mattress, making it convenient to adjust or move by the user. After usage, it can be folded or flattened for easy storage and for portability if need to be moved.

What We Liked

  • Wide bar
  • Easy adjustment in the bed
  • Lightweight

What We Didn't Like

  • Limited height

Adjustable Frame Blanket and Comforter Lifter for Beds, Keeps Covers Off Legs and Feet During Sleep, Stay Cool in Bed

The Sammons Preston Folding Bed Cradle, Adjustable Frame Blanket and Comforter Lifter for Beds, Keeps Covers Off Legs and Feet During Sleep, Stay Cool in Bed offers a 13 inches width and height extension that reaches up to 18 inches.

Again, you need to consider the height of the product against that of your bed or mattress considering the thickness. You might not get the full height of the equipment as it still has to be inserted in in between the mattress.

Its shoulder length is the narrowest from the group and is quite far from the others, which gives 16 inches to 20 inches of blanket lift. Burt, according to the testers, the width is redeemed by its 18 inches height that is enough to fit in an adult.

Our testers also like that the blanket support can slide through the bed without too much hassle and remains intact. Unlike the other products, it can carry or lift blankets of different weight without falling. It might due to its heavy metal material, helping its stability when in use.

Since the material is metal, it also weighs a little more than some of the blanket support in the review. There are two of the testers who tried installing the product in another bed to test how it goes with different bed sizes. They said that it was a bit heavy to lift, although it can be folded when storing it.

With the 16 inches width, it can work on twin and may be able to extend to fit a full bed. You might find it difficult to use this blanket support in a bigger bed. 

What We Liked

  • Enough height
  • Easy adjust feature
  • Sturdy and stable

What We Didn't Like

  • Short shoulder length
  • Quite heavy

The Essential Medical Supply Adjustment Aluminum Blanket Support looks different from the rest of the blanket supports in this review. Instead of a square-shape shoulder bar, it has an oval shoulder.

There are testers whose first impression with the shoulder shape is negative, saying that blankets may easily slip from it as it does not have pointed edges. It was not the case though. The blankets, think or thick, light or heavy stays in place even with the user's movement.

This equipment’s height can reach up to 22 inches. It is a decent size to ensure that the blankets are lifted off from the feet and gives room for them to move around.

The width expands to 20 inches. It is similar to the DMI Blanket Lift Bar Support Frame. With the Essential Medical Supply Adjustment Aluminum Blanket Support, some testers think that it does not have the same space than the DMI Blanket Lifter, especially for those with bigger feet or with body support. It might be because this blanket supporter has curved edges rather than straight edges.

The equipment is among the lightest at 1.6 pounds, which may be attributed to the lightweight aluminum material. Our testers have a different experience with its sturdiness in relation to its weight. There are those who said that it could carry heavy blankets and other said that they have to adjust the support several times because it tends to topple over with heavy blankets.

You should also ensure that the screws and joints are secured as there are times when they swapped that a screw fell off. Thus, it needs to be checked regularly as part of maintenance.

What We Liked

  • Good height options
  • Lightweight

What We Didn't Like

  • Smaller width
  • Loose screws
  • Frame feels weak

Our Recommendations

Editor's Pick: RBD Health Adjustable Blanket Lifter/Support

Coming up with the Editor’s Choice is a challenge. There are some features that have to be bargained depending on your needs. So, after consideration, we have the RBD Health Adjustable Blanket Lifter/Support (Height of 23 – 31 Inches), Made from Heavy Duty Steel, Ideal for Arthritis, Restless Legs, Neuropathy, CRPS, Foot Cramping, Sensitive Toes, Burns, Surgery Recovery for the Editor’s Choice.

The width extends only 16 inches, but it can reach a height of 31 inches to give the users extra space for their feet. It also has a sturdy steel frame to make it more stable when a heavy blanket is placed on it to ensure that the product does not fall on the injury. 

Runners Up: the DMI Blanket Lift Bar Support Frame and Rolyan Blanket Support for Foot of Bed

Compared to the Editor’s Choice, the DMI Blanket Lift Bar Support Frame, Adjustable is wider with the 20 inches shoulder width. It, however, have a shorter length of 19 inches. Combining these measurements, you will have a good size for a blanket supporter.

It’s not the short length that prevented it from the Editor’s Choice. Its frame which feels a little weak that you have to always check its installation to avoid falls. 

We want our selections to fit any users, so for our Second Runner-up, we have the Rolyan Blanket Support for Foot of Bed, Lightweight Elevated Holder for Blankets and Sheets, Bed Attachment Frame for Holding Covers and Bedspreads to Protect Skin and Reduce Weight.

It is short in the height area at 12 inches. This was recouped with the 19 inches shoulder length. Though short, it is strong and stable to lift heavy blankets, which makes it safe for the users.