Scooters, now electrified, are transforming the way we get around. It has evolved from a child’s toy and has been dubbed as the future of transportation.

With the growing need to have sustainable forms of rides that cater to each of our unique riding needs, the electric push or kick scooter an answer.

I can enumerate the benefits of having or owning scooters from environment-friendly advantages to less expensive commute. But, today we shall talk about where you can ride your electric scooters for the best experience.

A peek--you’ll be amazed that these places don’t have to be fancy and expensive. You just need to reopen your connection with nature and eye for functionality.

Let’s begin!

#1 Inside the campus

If you are from Stanford University, you might need to cross through the 8000 acres of your campus.

Can you imagine the vastness of what you need to ‘walk’ through to get to class?

Of course, save those who live nearby, walking is not an option. It is especially true if you have a 9 am lecture. The horror!

Here comes a transportation that is fast, convenient and environmentally friendly. An electric kick scooter can be your best friend in this times of need.


First, most scooters can get you through enough miles in a single charging. So, it can help you get around the campus.

Second, it is faster than walking. Electric kick scooters for adults can run from 7 mph to 15 mph. It is comparatively faster than walking and less exhaustive than running.

Third, it is eco-friendly. The scooter might use energy to work (there is renewable energy now), but it has fewer emissions compared to automobiles.

#2 Within the city

Adult electric push scooters are positioned in the market to help adults get you through the “last mile” towards work.

The concept of the last mile solution is a compact ride that allows you to ride through the last mile of your destination, which is too far to walk, but too near to get a cab.

A great number of electric scooters are foldable and lightweight, which can easily be placed under the train or bus seat. Thus, it can be a very suitable form of alternative transportation when you are riding in the city.

You may say that a bike can also be a good form of this transportation. Yes, it is. However, a bike or Vespa like scooter is quite bulky and heavy when you are using for your last mile or when the place is just near.

#3 Around the parks

While these transportations are deemed to be a serious alternative form of transport, these can also be used for leisure rides just like biking and skateboarding.

Among the best places to go outdoors and ride for fun are around the parks. It can be an inexpensive, but fun activity during the weekends with friends and family.

All you need to do is find a local park that allows you to ride your scooter around it. It is important to know if your chosen park permits the use of scooters because there are parks that prohibits it.

For instance, in Singapore there are certain parks fines those who ride in the parks. The National Parks Board can collect up to $5000 for violating their rules.

Don’t worry though, for sure there are parks where you can ride your scooters. If not, proceed to the next numbers for more exciting places.

#4 Along the beaches

At number 4! Scooter rides along the beaches.

What I love about riding electric kick scooters is that it can be a personal or social activity. That is, you can have fun just by yourself or with family and friends.

Regardless, you will have a great time riding near the beaches. There are a lot of beaches with promenades, where you can whizz around while enjoying the horizon, the sunrise, the sunset or just watching people pass by.

If you are far from the beach, you can still ride your scooters. The electric scooters as I have mentioned are compact and can easily be stored. Hence, it can fit in your cars when you want to drive to the beach areas.

But! Before getting too excited, you need to inquire if like the parks; the beach permits you to ride scooters.

#5 In the countrysides

Despite the compactness of the electric push scooter, it is strong enough to be ridden on in the countrysides’ uphill landscapes.

Nothing is more relaxing than riding your scooter while feeling the fresh breeze of the country. Not to mention the greens and colorful flowers!

We all recognize the importance of trees and plants for our health as they give off the oxygen that is a very basic biological needs of every human being. However, in a study cited by Alex Hutchinson from The New Yorker, the University of Chicago psychology professor Marc Berman said that by simply looking at trees gives positive effects. It can help with attention and memory and the mood of a person.

Now, envision the country with a wide expanse of grass and trees. I bet it gives you a calming effect.

So, for your next ride, consider going out of town.

#6 Over the neighborhood

One of my fondest memories as a child was biking around my neighborhood with my childhood friends.

We may have grown over it and separated ways, but I still ride my scooter around my place. You’ll be surprised (like I was) of new roads you can discover, hangout places or eating places. It is also a good way to know your neighbors.

It is not too late to start new friendships with neighbors, and maybe you can ride around while getting to know them. You can also have this as a family activity to re-appreciate the beauty of a home or when you just need the time out of the house.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your gears (don’t forget your helmets). Hop on. And start scootering!