Spending more than 18 hours for research, we believe E-Glide GT Powerboard- Aluminum Off-Road Electric Skateboard is an ideal electric skateboard for city and rural driving. It has a speed of 23 mph and a mile range of 15 miles powered by a powerful European motor and supported by reliable Kenda rubber tires. [Read more]

The advent of technology has given us so much comfort that we forgot how we survived without the convenience they provide to us.

With transportation becoming more and more highly technological (high-tech) and environmentally friendly, it has also become more compact and portable.

Skateboards have been around for quite some time. But, it is only recently that we get to enjoy an evolved version -- the electric skateboard. This is powered by batteries with a remote control that keeps us from manually using our legs to propel us forward.

Latest Reviews and Comparisons of The 10 Best Electric Skateboards in 2018

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Electric skateboards are hassle free and on top of if convenient. It is fast, it can go through rough roads, and an easy transport for short or long distances. A perfect alternative to your bikes and scooters.

As fun as this new transportation can be, there are numerous electric skateboards you can select from and to help you save time and hassle. We have selected 10 of the best electric skateboard for you as well. 

"What Should I Consider Before Buying an Electric Skateboard?"

Unlike the best longboards review we have written about, E-skateboards are so much more expensive. So you certainly want to spend adequate time on research and understand important buying criteria before dropping a few hundreds or even thousand dollars. 

#1 Maximum Speed

Whether for sports, leisure or transportation, the speed of electric skateboards influence the overall performance of the board. Some boards offer very fast speed but have less capacity in challenging terrains or a board that can go through bumpy roads, but not very fast.

You should know and understand how you use your electric skateboard and choose the speed capacity that complements your need.

#2 Charging Time

Blink Lite is a part of the Acton’s Blink Series, which is one of the first to introduce electric skateboards in the market.

An important consideration when you are searching for electric skateboards is the amount of time to charge the gear.

An important consideration when you are searching for electric skateboards is the amount of time to charge the gear. This is an essential factor because charging time will affect your use of the board. Most often than not, riders opt for boards that have less charging time. But, a fast charging electric skateboard can also have lesser range achieved. That is, the skateboard may not last very long and will require you to charge again.

#3 Style

The skateboard has evolved into different styles which provide different benefits for riders. Basically, there are two styles: the traditional skateboard and the Longboard. A Longboard is evidently longer than the traditional skateboard (skateboard). The skateboard has curved edges that allow you to easily do “tricks” with its curved edges. Longboards, although not suited for play, it affords stability for transportation. The key to choosing the board is recognizing your boarding activities.

#4 Range

The range is the distance that the skateboard can reach in a single use. Some boards offer a lesser mile range as short as 5, while others can achieve as far as 22 miles. But, range in electric skateboard is also one of the features that should be considered with other features like speed and charging time.

There are boards that have a range of up to 18 miles but will require a charging time of 3 to 5 hours. Some of the electric skateboards may have a lesser range of 7 miles but have a speed of 22 mph. 

This elliptical bike also has good precision when driven, most especially when steering it left or right or even when simply cruising.

In choosing the range, you may compromise some of the features. So you have to weigh which feature is a priority for you.

#5 Power

To be scientific, power is the amount or rate of the work over a specific time. Power in electric skateboard applies a similar principle, where the rate of the work capacity of the board for a certain amount of time is affected by the power of the electric skateboard.

At the outset, electric skateboard may look and feel the same. But, a closer look will tell you that an expensive board or those with impressive features may not perform well than those with basic features if it has lower power rate. You need to find a proper ratio of the power and your preferences.

How We Assessed & Evaluated These Electric Skateboards?

An overwhelming amount of electric skateboards will flood your search result if you are on the hunt. For professional and old time riders, you may have a brand, type or feature in mind when looking for electric skateboards. But for first timers or even old timers who are looking for fresh boards, you can also use the processes we’ve used to find our top 10 best electric skateboards.

Like all of you, we initially conducted a simple online research via Google of this year’s latest and electric skateboard. While browsing through them, we ensure that what we choose are boards that are diverse features, characteristics, and benefits.For instance, our research came up with two basic size categories to their sizes. We had the basic or traditional skateboard, which is shorter and the Longboard. These two categories are crucial as it affects the activities that the riders can do with their boards.

We also compare and contrast the range, speed and charge time of the electric skateboards. These criteria have also been recommended for you to consider when choosing which one to purchase.

You can observe that there is actually no evident formula as to how we choose the product based on these criteria. We chose a different combination of speed, range and charge time gives different experiences depending on what you need. This is the most challenging part for us because each product does not have very different features from these criteria. So we created the table to provide a visual to compare them.

Finally, we looked for defining characteristics that set it from its competitors. Whether it be the wood, the tires or its motor, we look for electric skateboards that promise to give the riders with unique and fun experience and see if the deliver such promise. We want to examine the performance of the electric board in combination with these special characteristics and other features.


World’s Lightest Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard with Bluetooth Remote Control

Blink Lite is a part of the Acton’s Blink Series, which is one of the first to introduce electric skateboards in the market.

Acton focuses on wearable technology and compact transportation. The brand promotes portability and compactness, which is consistent all through their products from their electric scooters to skateboards.

With the Acton Blink Lite, the Acton branding is very apparent with its 7.7 lbs. A lightweight board with a height of 7.01 x 10.51 x 30.59 inches. It has acquired the label “World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard.” This is relatively shorter than most skateboards allowing riders to do more tricks and play with their boards. So this product is suited for students from middle to high school.

The product is also good for cruising and as regular transportation aside from the playful maneuvers that riders can do with its shorter height and lighter weight. So if you enjoy both the traditional and electric skateboard experience, Acton Blink Lite can do both.

It has a hub motor that is directly built into the board’s wheel. This gives the board a speed reaching up to 10 mph and can achieve a range of 5 miles. This is lesser and shorter than most of other skateboards in the market. That is why, it is tailored for students, who does not need to travel longer ranges.

But, the board has a ‘regenerative brake’ that will slow down the energy usage to save battery life. If you don’t want to use its electric feature, or if the battery is drained you don’t have to worry. The board can still be used without an electric mechanism just like a traditional skateboard.

Its control is powered with a Bluetooth remote control and with a mobile application that is just a hit for digital natives. Unlike the traditional skateboards, the remote capability and mobile connectivity transform it into a ‘smart’ device. So if you’re a tech savvy rider, this will be a fun additional feature.

However, if you’ve just shifted from unpowered skateboard, understanding and familiarizing the how it works may be difficult. This can easily be remedied by reading through the guide and a practice of the device.

We learned that it may be hard to use the mobile application, hence, making it a hassle than an enjoyable component of the board. While it may be very useful as it helps with tracking the routes you’ve taken and document the use of the skateboards and keep your memorable experiences.

One serious issue discovered with the product is that rider needs to get accustomed to its abrupt break system. This is because the brake system is not very smooth. This brake system makes suddenly halts, which may throw you off the board if you’re not careful. For first time riders, we recommended that you do a lot of practice before going out.

All-in-all, if you are not yet ready to commit to a complex electric skateboard, but also does not want to use a toy-like board, Acton Blink Lite may be a great choice for you.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Led lights for extra safety measures

What We Didn't Like

  • Not very smooth brakes
  • Complicated mobile application
  • Lightweight affects the speed with windy weather conditions

2. KooWheel Longboard Electric Skateboard

Boosted With Dual Brushless 500W Motors and Wireless Remote Control - PLUS 286 LB Weight Capacity and 27 MPH Max Speed

A young player in the scooter and hoverboard industry, KooWheel values environmental friendliness, safety, play, and portability. The KooWheel Longboard electric skateboard is a manifestation of their principle of using less oil in a fun and safety portable transportation.

As a longboard, it is a deviation from the classic or traditional skateboard, which is shorter and curvier. It has a dimension of 6.5 x 12.5 x 37.5 inches. This Longboard is clearly lengthier than a skateboard. Such length, however, does not affect performance as shown in its speed and range capacity in a single charging, making the product fast.

This skateboard is comparatively faster as compared to other electric skateboards and Longboards thanks to its dual 500 watts brushless DC motors that boost its speed. The power may seem less. Yet, among the electric skateboards and Longboards, the KooWheel Longboard electric skateboard has a high record, reaching up to 27 miles per hour and a range of 21 miles.

If your activity, mostly consists of long travels and cruising, the KooWheel Longboard electric keyboard may be the most appropriate electric skateboard for you. You don’t need to worry about charging the board constantly since it has a long range even with a 27 mph speed.

But, if along the way the battery died, it can easily be removed for replacement and swap if you keep an extra or spare. You’ll not be left with a useless board.

Unlike the skateboards, it weighs heavier in 16 lbs. It is 1 pound lighter than the Atom Electric B.36 Longboard Skateboard. The KooWheel Longboard electric skateboard is packed with a sleek design that is convenient to carry around if you need to. Students using this product can fit this in their school lockers without worry.

We discovered that there are disconnection issues with the electric skateboard's remote controlled technologies. We also experienced some connection issues with the control and the device. Although common this kind of issue is dangerous for compact transportation such as this.

While using the KooWheel Longboard electric skateboard, the remote control disconnects with the board when it accelerates and when braking. This is very unsafe because the riders are thrust off the board when they are unaware of the interruption of the connection.

Imagine going uphill or downhill with the board, then the control stops working. Professional skateboarders can handle these situations, but this may be harmful to new riders. Even so, faulty remote controls may render the electric skateboard invaluable.

If the Acton Blink has issues with abrupt braking, some users find that this skateboard takes a few seconds to fully stop running. For first timers, this can be a tough problem to deal with since they may not be able to maneuver it safely. 

What We Liked

  • Fast
  • Easy battery swapping

What We Didn't Like

  • Connectivity issues
  • Slow braking
3600W Dual Belt Drive - 211Wh Li-Ion Battery

Are you living in the hilly part of the town? Do you have a bulky built?

If your answer is a yes or a double yes, you might want to check out the Atom Electric B.36 Longboard Skateboard. It is the heavy duty Longboard suited to these circumstances
Atom is established in the early 2000s by riders themselves, creating products that are fitting to skateboarders’ needs. 

With this in mind, the Atom Electric B.36 Longboard Skateboard is built with features that as powerful as it is adaptable to different users. It has a 3600-watt motor boosting the board and weighing 17 lbs.

If the Acton Blink is good of students, this product is for adult riders, especially those on the hefty size.

A defining character of the product is its dual belt drive instead of a hub motor like Acton Blink. Skateboards with a drive belt instead of a hub motor is more capable of uphill terrains, while hub motors are for flat surfaces. We recommend Atom Electric B.38 Longboard Skateboard if your surfaces are a bit bumpy.

This product also has an advance FOC or field oriented control software, which can enhance motor performance more than just the basic provided by alternative controls. Coupled with the belt drive, this skateboard is efficient when tried on slopes even with an extra weight of the rider.

There is a feature, which some of us may consider trivial, but the handle in the middle of the board comes in handy when you have to carry it around. You don’t have to hug the board, you can simply hold it on its handle for convenient hauling.

With 3 hours charging time, this Longboard used leading brands for its 211Wh lithium-ion battery. This guarantees quality and stable battery performance, although, it makes the Longboard a little bit expensive.

The charging time is a little bit of a drawback since other skateboards and Longboards charges in 1 to 2 hours. This is further disadvantageous because of the ratio to its mileage of 12.5 miles as compared to the 2 hours to 21 miles of the KooWheel Longboard electric skateboard.

As the charge time is quite long, you may worry about the battery drainage. But Acton manufactured it with a regenerative braking system like that of Acton Blink. The system allows battery saving when the rider applies the brakes. This specific feature gives comfort to the riders that with the weight and terrain capacity, it still secures the riders.

Another issue with this longboard is its sensitivity to water. It is not manufactured to be waterproof. Some skateboards and longboards are already water repellent. This proves to be a problem considering that roads and streets may have puddles like from remnants of rain. So you cannot use this skateboard or you have to be extra careful during rainy weather.

What We Liked

  • Can accommodate extra weight
  • Can course through difficult terrain
  • Regenerative braking

What We Didn't Like

  • Not waterproof
  • Extended charge time

We found that like Atom Longboard B.36 Longboard Skateboard, it does not work well on wet seasons. The motor can be affected by the water that will reach it when using the board in that condition. It can also be dangerous for you. Consequently, this may not be ideal when you depend on the skateboard for transportation. You may have to walk or use some other form of transportation during rainy days.

What We Liked

  • Dual drive capacity
  • Different riding modes
  • Short charging
  • Fast

What We Didn't Like

  • Water sensitive
  • Short range

The second addition to the E-GO, Yuneec introduces the E-GO2 Long Skateboard with an aim at more powerful E-GO series.

What makes this product stand out from its competitors is the focus on an ergonomic design with the ‘kicktail’ shape of the rear end of the board.

This is a blunt and wider tip that is useful for having more control over the board and to easily steer or maneuver it.

The ergonomic design for the electric skateboard is suited for professionals and long time riders who enjoy play and complicated maneuvers of their boards. But new riders can still enjoy the product because it gives them greater control when using.

Riders, while some are adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers, value their safety while riding the board. Riders who opt for this product have to know that Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Long Skateboard has two riding modes controlling the speed.

This is only half as to what Boosted Dual +2000W Electric Skateboard with four modes. But this gives riders simpler adjustments and control. Also, this mode option complements the 400 watts power of the board.

In contrast to other electric skateboards, this product is slightly slower with only 12.5 mph speed record. You might think that you are at a disadvantage with this board since with only with 18 mile range and 12.5 mph speed it charges for 3 to 5 hours. The waiting game is so long that it can become impractical.

A silver lining with its battery concern is that it can be used manually or pushed like the traditional skateboards. You don’t have to lug it around with you. The board is a little buoyant having only about 13 lbs weight, the need to carry it arises. For students, this is a good thing because it can easily fit into their lockers without the fear of breaking it.

An issue found with this electric skateboard is that it cannot handle the bumpy surfaces. Some riders experience issues of losing bolts, nuts, and other parts while navigating extreme terrains. This goes to show that this electric skateboard is only for plain or smooth surfaces. It is an issue for those riders who has to go through rocky or hilly parts when riding the electric skateboard.

We recommend that you check for its tightness when putting its parts together. You can also do a test drive on flat surfaces to see if it works for you.

There is an even compelling problem discovered from the board. It has a slight faulty acceleration. Throughout using the board, other riders experience a delay in the acceleration. This can be a dangerous problem as it amounts to a temporary loss of control, especially in uphill roads.

On another instance, riders also found issues with the brakes. If other electric skateboards have issues with abrupt or slow brakes, other skateboarders experience irregular breaks. This can take you off the board if you are not careful and fast.

What We Liked

  • Dual drive modes
  • Greater control and steering
  • Stable for cruising

What We Didn't Like

  • Extended charging time
  • Slower compared to other skateboards

If Atom Electric B.36 Longboard Skateboard is built for the big ones, BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard is tailored for the kids and the lightweights.

Student and riders alike will enjoy its light weight of just 11 pounds.

This is a middleweight on the average of the lightest and the heaviest board. Also, the board is quite slim that you may think it is a traditional skateboard. This adds portability to the product.

So if you opt for a board that is not too light or heavy, we recommend you this electric skateboard. This can easily be stored in work, school, cars and for when you are carrying it around.

Aside from its intermediate weight, the board is supported by a PU (Polyurethane) wheel. The advantage of having this type of wheels is having the elastic feature of rubber and the stringency of metal wheels. This guarantees a smooth ride even on stony surfaces and much more on plain terrains.

The BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard may be a good choice for parents who are looking stable electric skateboards for their children’s transportation. Added with its 11 pounds weight, children will not have difficulty when carrying and storing the board.

Compared to the 400 watts of Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Long Skateboard and 500 watts of KooWheel Longboard electric skateboard, this electric skateboard is far more powerful with its closely similar features. 

We also loved its other features such as the charging time of 1.5 hours. which could already get to a distance of 7 miles at a speed of 15kph. So, the board is suited for short distances to and from work or school.

Every electronic device has indicators showing the status of the technology whether it be for power or usage. This product has an uncomplicated remote control showing the current status of the board through led lights. But this does not indicate whether you have enough battery juice to continue the cruise and play. This is a disadvantage because you cannot monitor the board more accurately.

The BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard is made of a combination of bamboo and maple. This makes the product more durable and eco-friendly at the same time.

If you are a consumer with high regard for green products, you will be able to appreciate this electric skateboard.

When cruising with the board, there is a slight wobble with the skateboard. Although professional skateboarders and old timers can perfectly attune themselves with this issue, new riders will have to learn to balance and sometimes this may be dangerous for them.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly

What We Didn't Like

  • Lacks proper indicators
  • Wobbly and unsmooth ride

An answer to the problematic relationship between water and electric skateboard.

Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard has a protection rating of IP65 that even it the water comes from a nozzle directed to the motor casing, the water cannot penetrate it.

Water puddles in your way may not be a huge problem when cruising through a rain weather.

On top of it, this product can be categorized under longboards because of its length. But considering the weight of 12 lbs, this is relatively lighter than most longboard. So riders can just carry them around and store it without a problem.

Like the Atom Electric B.36 Longboard Skateboard, this electric skateboard also uses branded battery, specific SAMSUNG 18650 Lithium-ion. There is a comfort in knowing that the battery is not a poorly built technology since it has an essential role in the overall performance and life of the electric skateboard.

One thing we found with this electric skateboard is that although it is only made with maple wood and not a hybrid wood board, it still ensures a stable drive because of the size and design. It consists of an 8-ply wood cut in a size that can support the riders with different road surfaces.

A PU wheel similar to BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard a complementary support with the stability features for the riders. This will provide riders with stronger and sturdier wheels. With proper maintenance, you will not have to change or replace your wheels in the years to come.

This product also has a good charge time performance. One hour charging time can already give you a 12 to 16 miles range coupled with 17 mph speed. Comparing it with the Boosted Dual +2000W Electric Skateboard with the same charge time, but a range of 7 miles, the Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard performs better.

With a Samsung 18650 Lithium-ion, you will have a durable battery and easily replaceable one. You can seek for the same battery from the market as spare. The electric skateboard has a removable battery so you don’t have to worry when the battery is drained.

Although it has a good speed record, we found that the skateboard may slow down when going uphill. Looking into the board power, the slowdown should not be surprising because it only has over 300 watts of power. Evidently, it is low compared to other skateboards we’ve seen. So, this board may not be very ideal when you use it for uphill terrains and yet you still want speed.

The remote controls may stop working over time. Electronic devices may have issues with its workability, but with this board, a disrupted connection affects control. Some riders are children and new riders, who may not have extensive skills for safe riding. 

For riders looking for boards that can work under different weather conditions and terrains, Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard can be a good investment for portable transportation.

What We Liked

  • Waterproof
  • Durable battery
  • PU wheels

What We Didn't Like

  • Disrupted connection between board and remote
  • Low wattage power
  • Slows down with uphill terrains

An industry grade electric skateboard is made for an off-road activity for professional riders.

A history of the E-Glide brand chronicles that the were able to get hold of the good machinery as they were located in the near an aerospace industry to help develop their skills and knowledge with the best technologies.

The E-Glide GT Powerboard- Aluminum Off-Road Electric Skateboard is among the boards with the highest speed at 23 mph among the other boards. But it has a low range of only 15 miles with the charge time of 4 to 5 hours.

But examining its performance on extreme and uphill terrains, this electric skateboard is quite powerful. In just mere seconds the electric skateboard can accelerate with ease and good speed. Professional and old time riders will appreciate this powerful motor as it enhances their performance and play time.

For hilly terrains and coarse surfaces, the acceleration capacity helps in ensuring a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. So if you enjoy playtime uphill or if you live uptown, the E-Glide GT Powerboard- Aluminum Off-Road Electric Skateboard will be an ideal skateboard for you.

Its electronics should also be given attention with its European quality. It has updated features that have the right quality and fewer issues. This feature allows the off-road capacity to work well and with minimal falter.

Also, a distinguishing feature of this electric skateboard is the design. It is built lower to ensure the stability of the ride. For those who love doing tricks or simply those who enjoy cruising, the board can be a reliable transportation for you. So it does not matter if you are a professional or new rider.

An off-road feature will require specialized wheels. Looking through the wheels of the board, you will see the resemblance of the wheels to that of cars and motorcycles. Specifically, the board has a Kenda pneumatic tires, which is a brand that is popular for Powersports transportation. Unlike the electric skateboards that use PU tires, such as that of BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard and Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard the E-Glide GT Powerboard- Aluminum Off-Road Electric Skateboard uses rubber Kenda tires. The rugged surface of the wheels allows it more capacity to run through rough surfaces without difficulty.

The biggest drawback with this board is that unlike those of its competitor, is that it is not wireless. To control the board, a cable is connected from the control to the board. This poses different problems for riders. It is a hassle because movability is limited to the cable. If one is not careful, this may create danger during play time. Also, for tall riders, you have to adjust your position to avoid disconnecting the cable.

To this end, the board may be ideal for cruising with hard terrains and bumpy surfaces and not very much on the play and tricks.

What We Liked

  • Off-road capacity
  • High performance wheels
  • Lowered design

What We Didn't Like

  • Cable connected
Controlled By Handhold Wireless Remote and Support Bluetooth Connection to Smart Phone APP

The Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard is another longboard with a rubber tires features.

Like the E-Glide GT Powerboard- Aluminum Off-Road Electric Skateboard, this electric skateboard also gave value to their tires with a powerful combination of an ‘All Terrain Rubber Tires and Built-in Damper Masses to give a 3-in-1 benefit for riders.

It affords stability, prevents from skidding or slipping and a creates a durable wheel.

The wheels are larger than most of the electric skateboards, having a diameter of 7.5 inches. We recommend this electric skateboard for riders who are fond of going on dirt roads or rough ones. Riders in the city also enjoy the product especially if there are rough roads while traveling to your destinations.

Another interesting feature of the product is that it is bi-directional. Whichever end you are facing, the board can move forward or backward with a simple press of a button. It adds more fun for riders to do tricks and play with the board. But, one should exert care and focus to ensure that you are headed in the direction you want. There were instances where the skateboard moved backward taking the rider off guard.

It will normally take you 2 hours to charge the board. Considering the range of 12 miles, you can enjoy the Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard for longer distances. This can be useful for school, work, play or even for running your errands with longer distances. The speed may not be the fastest, but its speed can reach up to 20 mph, which is comparatively faster than other electric skateboards with the close range and charge time.

Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard also has an advance control like Acton Blink Lite with its smartphone application. The board controls and status can be managed through mobile phones coupled with its remote control. For riders who enjoy their smartphones, they will have more fun when they connect this board.

But, an issue found with the mobile application is that there are some phones and operating system that is not compatible with the application. Riders also reported that phone freezes when using the application. This may be either due to hardware (the phone itself) or the application, which leads to compatibility issues.

The board is flexible and adaptive to the rider during the cruise of transport. That is, while the rider changes position or shifting it remains to adjust to the rider to remain stable. But, with the driving and braking, you need to master or familiarize it before actually using it on real roads or terrains.

Riders who are not familiar with the board and the new riders may encounter issues with braking because it is abrupt or sudden. If you are not careful or focused, you may throw off the board. The issue is also common with other electric skateboards as Acton Blink Lite and Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Long Skateboard. But as E-Glide GT Powerboard- Aluminum Off-Road Electric Skateboard is meant for off-roading, this may be hazardous to riders as they are likely to fall on rough terrains.

What We Liked

  • Powerful rubber tires
  • Bi-directional feature
  • Adaptive and flexible

What We Didn't Like

  • Abrupt braking system
  • Slow mobile application
E-Skateboard Motorized Electronic Hub-Motor 3.5” PU Wheels

From a California-based producer of electronic transportation from scooters to skateboards, comes Blitzart Tornado 38” Electric Longboard E-Skateboard packed with an electronic hub motor ad PU wheels.

On its face or name, you’ve encountered the features from the other nine electric skateboards .

It may seem that there is nothing special about this product. But, the combination of its features produces a competitive electric skateboard that is as exceptional as the others.

With a power of 300 watts, this electric skateboard can accommodate up to 300 lbs of weight. This is impressive as the Atom Electric B.36 Longboard Skateboard, which also is built for weight is powered with 3600 watts, which demonstrates a great disparity. The product is recommendable to riders who are not yet ready to commit to a heavy duty skateboard, but also wanting for higher weight capacity.

The wheels is another feature that needs to be considered because like the BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard and Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard, it has PU wheels. This deviates from the rubber wheels of other electric skateboard that combines rubber and steel tire features. This kind of wheel is powerful, although it is more suited on asphalt or cemented roads.

Also, the Blitzart Tornado 38” Electric Longboard E-Skateboard is categorized under the longboard with its 38” length. But, riders, like students, who needs to store and carry the board will not have difficulty because it is lighter than other longboards. It only weighs 13 lbs, which is a lighter than the KooWheel Longboard electric skateboard weighing 16 lbs.

This product is also one of those boards that use a combination of wood for its board. It combines an 8 ply of maple and 1 bamboo. This electric skateboard ensures riders with a durable board that can drive through rough terrains and challenging tricks and plays. On top of it, the product is environmentally-friendly. Some riders opt for electric skateboard not only for convenient transportation but also because of its less emission.

One hitch that we discovered with the board is that it is one of the slowest among the electric skateboards with only 15 mph. But, its range reaches 17 miles, which is then one among the top speed recorded. Then again, there is an issue with its charging time because although its range is quite far, it needs to be charged for up to 3 hours.

Compared to KooWheel Longboard Electric Longboard, which has a range of 21 miles, it only needs to be charged for 2 hours. 

The motor used by this electric skateboard may or may not be a concern depending on the rider. This product uses a hub motor and not a belt drive, which we found to work well with uphill activities. With the hub motor of Blitzart Tornado 38” Electric Longboard E-Skateboard, it gives riders competent and dependable performance in less hilly roads. If your activities do not always include steep terrains, this product may be good for you.

What We Liked

  • PU wheels
  • Hybrid wood of the board

What We Didn't Like

  • Long charge time

Our Recommendations

Choosing the best electric skateboard rests on whatever you're comfortable with. On top of the remarkable features and benefits, it was the electric skateboard that you are confident and secure in riding will be the good fit for you. But, here are our top 3 choices.

Editor’s Choice: E-Glide GT Powerboard

What got our vote as the editor’s choice is the E-Glide GT Powerboard - Aluminum Off-Road Electric Skateboard with its speed of 23 mph and a mile range of 15 miles. Although it has a long charge time and that it is not wireless, the power and capacity of this electric skateboard transcend its competitors.

It has a specifically designed tires from a trusted brand that can conquer hilly and challenging terrains. Other electric skateboards can also do such, but the E-Glide GT Powerboard- Aluminum Off-Road Electric Skateboard provides a smooth and stable ride with bumpy surfaces. This is an even more powerful transportation in flat surfaces.

Also, this electric skateboard is not made from the usual motor parts because it has that strong European quality. It not only can help with different roads, but the motor is also durable and with good quality limiting fluctuation.

The Acton Blink Lite is our first runner up with its relatively slow and has a shorter range, the electric skateboard is very convenient for daily use of riders because of its light weight. Although it has a short range, you can save its battery with a regenerative braking system. It can easily be carried and ridden on as it is compact.

Our second runner-up is the Atom Electric B.36 Longboard Skateboard, which may not be as light as the Acton Blink, but can definitely accommodate heavier load on a rough surface.

It is among the fastest boards with 21 mph and far range of 27 miles. A good addition to the easily removable and replaceable batteries. Riders are secured, safe and can have a spare power to continue their fun and play.

Boosted Battery Bursting Leads to Battery Pack Recall

You may have heard of the battery blow up of smartphones from Samsung. Late last year (2016), similar problem caught the attention of many electric skateboard riders. Some electric skateboards were recalled due to denting and bloating battery concerns as reported by riders. Rick McCormick of The Verge reported although there were no casualties of the incident, it raised concerns among riders because there were smoke coming from the board.

Specifically, the electric skateboard that is involved in the incident is the Boosted Dual+ 2nd generation lithium ion battery pack. Over 3000 were recalled from US and Canada, when Boosted received two reports that there are smoke forming from the board with warm or heated batteries with their electric skateboard product.

This is a serious concern because it may lead to more hazardous incidents like fire. The battery packs were recorded to emanate smoke, while the battery heats up. Evidently, there is a serious problem with the boards.

Why batteries explode?​

An article by Samuel Gibbs on The Guardian provided a simplified explanation as to why lithium-ion batteries explode. A battery contains chemical energy that will reset the chemical reaction of the energy stored in the battery pack. In effect, it creates electricity to power devices (like smartphones and electric skateboards).But the battery pack can store or contain limited energy as the chemical energy inside can only accumulate so much energy. Hence, the recharging activity. These activities (charging, discharge, and recharging) can affect the life of the battery, which leads to dysfunction. But, this is a normal cycle of the battery life.

What is not normal are the exploding packs. There are a several reasons as to why a battery will explode. Lithium ion batteries are packaged in smaller sizes for portability and compactness as used in devices. Although these batteries are cramped, they are still used to store a lot of energy. As a result, the pack becomes more and more dangerous (source). That is just the science of this kind of technology, and researchers are still looking for ways to increase density while keeping it safe.​

In their nature, lithium ion batteries have its limits, thus some explode when it has too much energy. But, according to Angela Chen and Lauren Goode, explosion are also because of overcharging or fast charging. This now involves a device user factor.

The duo wrote that over charging can be likened to an overflowing pail of water, where the lithium floods the anode. Although battery manufacturers installed security measures, some still failed. So as device user (a skateboarder in this case), also has to take extra care of their devices.

Boosted’s Action

Boosted affirmed the authenticity of the report and said that the incident was to water entering battery, thus creating a short circuit. Boosted acted immediately from the two reports and conducted a recall of their products to prevent further damage to their customers. Now, the brand provides not only improved boards but also an easier way to report problems.​