After spending over 14 hours on research, evaluating and writing. The GIGABYKE GROOVE 48V 750W stood out as our top pick among the electric motorcycles we reviewed. Gigabyke Groove has a powerful 48-volt battery which allows it to run up to 40 minutes in a single charge. We loved the design, speed (20 mph. max speed) and sleek LED lights. [read more] 

The motorbike is the best vehicle for racing and leisure.

Moreover, you can use the bike for short distance commuting. At present there are more than 70% of the public uses motorbikes for their daily routine activities.

Most motorbikes are equipped with oil or gas propulsion engines; however, electric motorbikes do not. And it's getting popular these days as their costs are lower as compared to the ordinary bikes.

10 Best Electric Motorbikes For Adult and Kids 2018

Electric Can OpenerImportant FeatureFunctionalityPower Source
West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener, MetallicOpens tall cansMulti-function (knife sharpener; bottle opener)Electricity (power cord)
Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener, BlackPatented SureCut™Dual-function (knife sharpener)Electricity (power cord)
BLACK+DECKER CO100B SpaceMaker Under The Cabinet Multi-Purpose Can Opener, BlackPierce technologyMulti-function (bag cutter, bottle opener, knife sharpener)Electricity (power cord)
Proctor-Silex 75217F Power Can Opener BlackOpens 7-inch-high cansMulti-function (knife sharpener)Electricity (power cord)
Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener, Stainless SteelPatented Power-PierceMulti-function (knife sharpener; scissor compartment)Electricity (power cord)
BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener with One-Button Manual Start / StopSoft-edge can resultsSingle functionBattery (4 AA)
Hamilton Beach Walk-n-Cut Rechargeable Can OpenerCompactSingle functionRechargeable
Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener - Red Battery PoweredSmooth edge for resealSingle functionBattery (4 AA)
Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, BlackPower Cut blade Multi-function (knife sharpener)Electricity (power cord)
Handy Can Opener Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener - 2 Pack, Assorted ColorAutomatic shut-off even if it is battery poweredSingle functionBattery (2 AA)

Besides that it is more environmental friendly than normal motorbike as it does not require oil and gas propulsion and other drawbacks like noise, pollution and fuel cost.

Here are three benefits:

#1 - ​e-motorcycle is easier to ride as it does not have require adjusting gear. Its single transmission will provide you with easy and effective control.

#2 - ​It does not have expensive fuel cost like normal motorbikes as e-motorbikes run on rechargeable battery.

#3 - From a mechanical standpoint, e-motorcycle ​does not have complex structure and hence need not require regular maintenance.

Last but not least, e-motorbike is significant cheaper than non-electric motorbikes. But some may prefer e-scooter, which you can find it over here. Or for even more exciting gadgets if you have the money then see our best 2018 electric skateboard reviews.

Exclusive Buyer's Guide for E Motorcycles

I have listed down some of the most important specs and quality to look for when choosing your electric motorcycle. 

#1 Powerful battery

The battery capacity is the basic quality of an electric bike because the performance of the bike depends upon the power.

Usually, 24-48 volt batteries are installed in electric bikes. However, batteries with greater capacity are better for good performance.

#2 Charging time

Battery recharging times vary with the models and brands of the e-bike. The quick charging adapter and batteries are good because of the timesaving advantage. However, high power batteries take more recharging time than low power batteries. If you can find a high power battery with low charging time, all the better.

#3 Motor power

The motor power is also another important factor for the performance of an electric bike. Currently, different companies are using 300 -1000 watts in electric motorcycles.

#4 Range per charge

Covering the range of the electric motorcycle matters the most. The long-range bike is better because it covers more distance in a single charge. Moreover, the speed is also an important factor to consider while buying an electric motorcycle. The simple formula is to select a long-range bike with higher speed.

#5 Terrain consideration

Different bikes are manufactured for different terrain. Some bikes are made to ride off-road trails, or urban, suburban, and twisty roads. Every bike is featured to ride on recommended terrains. Therefore, buying a bike that fits your riding area is advantageous.

#6 Road legal license:

Currently, a large number of companies are manufacturing electric motorbikes. However, many of them do not hold road legal license. Buying products from such companies may lead to legal issues for riding. Therefore, we strongly recommend buying a road legal licensed electric bike.

#7 Weight

The weight of the electric bike is less than the traditional bike because of less equipment. However, heavy weight provides better road grip. Moreover, the higher weight is also indicative of good material used in the manufacturing of the bike. However, many lightweight bikes are also strong and reliable. For smooth roads, heavy bikes are good whereas low weight bikes are suitable for mountainous land and twisty roads because of manoeuvrability.

Alright, let's look at some of the best electric motorbikes in 2018!

1. Razor MX350 electric motorbike – Good for younger riders

Razor is a well-known company for manufacturing electric motorbikes. Currently, many of the Razor electric bike models are available in the market.

Razor MX350 is one of the most user-friendly electric motorbikes out there.

This dirt rocket bike has been designed for the off-road ride. The youngster can enjoy this e-bike for learning and enjoying riding off-road.

The steel construction framework provides easy control even riding on rough and twisty terrains.

12 inch knobby tires are installed in Razor MX350 motorbikes. The pneumatic knobby tires allow maximum power transfer, which prevents slipping when riding during the rain. With the combination of knobby tires and high torque chain driving the motor, the Razor MX350 moves smoothly on rough surfaces.

MX350 electric bike is equipped with twist-grip acceleration control. The rider can drive with 14 mph. The bike is good for the continuous fun ride up to 30 minutes. So, MX350 e-bike is very suitable for short range rides of up to 6-7 kilometers. This range is sufficient for the younger riders.

Razor MX2350 is a quiet single speed bike, which is operated with twist grip throttle control. Hand operated rear brake builds more confidence to the rider to accelerate to the maximum speed of the bike. The product is suitable for 13 years and above age group.

Dual suspensions are good for the smooth and controllable drive. Moreover, the e-bike is installed with the adjustable handlebar, which allows you to adjust according to the rider’s height.

The bike is equipped with 24 volts (2 x 12 volt) rechargeable battery system. The company offers with the bike complete charging accessories. You can easily recharge the battery by connecting with domestic electric power supply. Moving with noise free phenomenon, Razor has made this bike quiet and calm.

What We Liked

  • Large pneumatic knobby tires
  • Twist grip acceleration control just like a traditional motorbike
  • Hand operated rear brake
  • Lightweight steel construction
  • Dirt rocket feature
  • Dirt rocket feature
  • Adjustable riser handlebar

What We Didn't Like

  • Low speed (14 kph)
  • Low range (lasts just 30 minutes)

2. Razor SX500 McGrath – A good bike for climbing dirt hills

The Razor SX500 is an advanced electric bike with McGrath graphics and fairing design.

The company has manufactured this e-bike with enhanced range and speed. Now you can enjoy 40 minutes of continuous riding up to 15mph in a single charge.

As the SX500 bike is designed for more mature riders (14 years and up), the company has focused more on the reliability and strength of the frame. The framework and structure are purely constructed with steel material.

The dual suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The rider can drive with full acceleration even when moving on rough surfaces. Razor SX500 McGrath has been equipped with a high torque, variable speed chain driven motor. Witha variable speed feature, the rider can maintain any low or high speed.

Razor SX500 McGrath is equipped with twist-grip throttle acceleration control. Also the hand operated dual disk brake system is good for the safety of the rider.

The company has selected front/rear specific tread tires for this electric motorbike. The rear large (16 inch) knobby tire provides sufficient road grip, which is suitable for riding through slippery terrain whereas the front 14-inch tire allows better control over the bike. The knobby pneumatic tires enhance the performance of the electric bike by transferring the maximum power for riding uphill.

Razor SX500 is equipped with the adjustable handlebar. The handlebar can be adjusted at different angles and  positions. Multiple position adjustments allow you to set the handlebar according to your posture and height. The handlebars are covered with rubber grips for a comfortable and soft ride.

To increase the stability and framework of the bike, the company has installed the double crown fork. The scaled-down design is responsible for the stability and strength of SX500 McGrath electric bike. Due to scaled down dirt rocket design, the bike can carry a rider of up to 175-pound weight.

For continuous 40 minute rides, SX500 is equipped with 36V (3 x 12 Volt) sealed acid battery system. The company has offered the bike along with a compatible battery charger. For getting the full-time performance, you need to charge the battery for 12 hours.

What We Liked

  • Variable speed motor
  • Supports riders up to 175 pounds
  • Hand operated dual disc brake
  • Large knobby tires (16” R and 14” F)
  • Enhanced range
  • Enhanced speed
  • Dual crown fork

What We Didn't Like

  • Long charge time (12 hours)
  • Loses the charge quickly

3. Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike – Solid Choice for Street Riding

Pocket Rocket is a special addition of Razor to their line of electric bikes. Razor USA has manufactured this electric bike for the street ride.

As the Pocket Rocket is a street bike, a considerable priority has been placed on the safety features while designing and manufacturing this special bike.

The miniature electric steel bike is built with powerful steel construction to carry the maximum 150lb weight. Therefore, a healthy and heavy weight rider can operate this Pocket Rocket e-bike.

The enhanced battery timing allows you to continue riding for 45 minutes on a single charge at a speed of 15 mph. Unlike many other electric bikes, the battery recharges quickly. At least 4-5 hours of recharging time is required to make it ready for reuse.

Its 10-inch pneumatic tires provide a smooth and safe ride in the narrow streets of the city. Moreover, the slick aerodynamic design of the bike minimizes the air resistance while riding. The combination of slick aerodynamic design and variable motor make the bike friendly for the street environment.

The twist grip throttle and hand operated rear brake provide better control while driving through busy roads and streets.

The Pocket Rocket is an economical bike regarding maintenance as the parts and accessories are easily available in the market. Also, the bike needs less repair work if you drive carefully and as per company instructions.

Overall, the Razor Pocket Rocket is a solid e-motor choice because of its generous feature set and its quality build.  

What We Liked

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Steel construction
  • Variable speed chain drive motor
  • 10inch thick pneumatic tires
  • Quick battery charging
  • Street bike (easily controllable)
  • Includes pit stand and tools

What We Didn't Like

  • Thick and small tires may limit maneuverability
  • Fixed handlebar

4. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike – Great for heavy riders

Razor MX650 is a unique model of MX motocross electric bike series. A powerful 650-watt electric motor plays a very important role in the bike’s popularity. The rider can go beyond 17 mph, which is why MX650 is considered an adult electric bike, and the company recommends for the 16 years old and above.

MX650 is an authentic dirt bike designed with a frame geometry. Dual suspension and riser handlebar are good features for a comfortable and smooth ride. Moreover, the variable speed motor and knobby tires are are great for power transfer. This feature enhances the bike performance by transferring the full motor power to speeding up the bike. With these qualities and power features, MX650 is recommended for off-road and uphill riding.

With a powerful 36-volt (3 x12v) battery, the bike allows you to cover more distance in a 40-minute period. The battery charging timing is similar to previous versions; however, the higher speed provides extra mileage for one charge. Charging for 12 hours can give you 40 minutes continuous riding at a speed of 17 mph.

Razor MX650 dirt bike is equipped with 16 inches rear and 14inch front tires. This combination of tires provides a comfortable ride. The hand operated disc brake and twist grip acceleration control are the great features regarding the safety of the rider. The rider can easily control the bike while riding uphill and downhill.

MX650 motocross e-bike is scaled down and constructed with heavy-duty material. The bike can support a rider of up to 220lbs. 

With a heavy duty scaled down frame, powerful motor, battery, comfort features, and a relatively affordable price, the MX650 is a notable product. 

What We Liked

  • Powerful 650watt motor with variable speed
  • Adjustable riser handlebar
  • Extended speed limit
  • High carrying capacity (220 pounds)
  • Disc brake
  • High performance knobby tires

What We Didn't Like

5. Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w – Enhanced safety and controls

Moto Tec is a unique dirt bike which offers multiple features for the riders. Many of the operations of this dirt bike are identical with traditional bikes.

The bike feels just like riding a traditional motorbike.

Moto Tech is a lightweight electric bike but has heavy duty electronics.

The bike is equipped with a 500-watt powerful motor, which is installed in heavy electric bikes.

Handy control and safety features are the main benefits of this dirt bike. For easy control and learning purpose, Moto Tec has been installed with 3-speed gear system. On the first speed, you can go up to 5 mph. The second gear takes you up to 10 mph and the third gear goes up to 16 mph.

Most of electric bikes have only a rear brake system but Moto Tec is equipped with a dual (front and rear) brake system. The dual brake system provides extra safety for riders. 

The dual shock system enhances the comfort and stability of the bike and rider. Moto Tec has two:one in the front and one on its rear shock. Due to the front suspension, the rider can get the control over the bike whereas the rear suspension is good for positioning while riding in bumpy and rough surfaces.

Moto Tec has improved the charging system of the electric bike. Usually, the battery of an e-bike can take 8-12 hours to get charged. Moto Tec battery can be fully charged in 4-6 hours, which is considerably lesser than other units.

The compact design improves the performance of the Moto Tec bike. With a 500-watt motor, you can reach up to 16 mph speed even while riding off-road.

Due to the comfort and safety features of this e-bike, we recommend this bike for younger riders. The slow acceleration provides the rider with easy control over the bike. This e-bike is suitable for aged 12 and up. 

What We Liked

  • 3-speed gear system
  • Front and rear shocks
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Quick charge
  • Twist grip variable throttle
  • 45+ minutes battery timing

What We Didn't Like

  • May have compatibility issues with domestic charging port

6. Razor Pocket Euro Electric Scooter – Great gift for vintage-style lovers

Razor Pocket Scooter is an electric bike mostly known for its vintage design. The Euro scooter does not only call back to era but also provides a comfortable and safe ride. 

The design and finishing of this vintage-inspired scooter looks elegant. The front headlight showcases a classic Italian scooter look. Razor Pocket Scooter's height is quite low, which is why its great for riding on smooth surfaces.  

Razor vintage style scooter includes the features and qualities of an advanced electric bike. Like other models of Razor, the Mod Miniature Euro scooter has been installed with a variable speed motor. With the powerful high torque electric motor, the bike can reach speeds higher than 15 mph.

Mod Euro Pocket bike has 12-inch pneumatic tires with a rear suspension system.

Built-in 24-volt (2 x12 volts) battery allows 40 miles of continuous riding on a single charge. Although, the scooter is comparatively small in size, it is still reliable and strong. A rider having 170-pound weight can drive this Euro scooter confidently. Also, this scooter is designed for riders aged 13 and above.

Razor Pocket scooter is the combination of strong steel construction and high power chain driven electric motor. For a safe and trouble free ride, hand-operated rear brake and twist-grip acceleration system have been installed in this scooter. A retractable center mount kickstand is easily accessible for starting the scooter.

Like vintage scooters, the Mo Euro has under seat storage for keeping tools and other necessary items. A compatible battery charger along with accessories are also available also comes with this scooter. See our AuthorityAdviser's guide on adult scooter reviews. 

What We Liked

  • Vintage design
  • Powerful chain driven motor
  • Under seat storage
  • 40 minute ride time
  • Bell and handlebar streamer

What We Didn't Like

  • Low belly (not good for off-road ride)

7. GIGABYKE GROOVE 48V 750W – heavy duty electric bike for adults

The Gigabike 48 Volt electric bike is powered by a 750-watt motor. The bike covers 35 miles per charge and has a maximum speed of 20 mph.

The pedal system installed in the Gigabike is helpful for riding uphill. Moreover, the pedals work as a standby system to reach the destination if the battery dies on the way. A rider weighing 120lbs can easily cover 35 miles.

The Gigabike Groove is equipped with a 48-volt, 14 AH powerful battery. The boosted charging system takes 6 hours to fully charge the battery. 

Additionally, the company has installed LED headlights in the Gigabike Groove. For the very first time, the company has installed turning indicators in this electric bike. With complete traffic indicators and back view mirrors, the bike can be used safely even in busy roads and streets.

By and large, we loved this e-bike's  durable construction and its high carrying capacity of 250lbs and not to mention the generous feature set it offers.

What We Liked

  • Extended carrying capacity (250 pounds)
  • Extended speed (20 mph)
  • 48 Volt 14 AH powerful battery
  • Digital speedometer
  • LED headlight
  • Alternate pedal system

What We Didn't Like

  • No suspension
  • Only has a front disc brake

8. Razor RSF650 Street Bike – High Performance

 The RSF650 street bike is the street-geometry designed electric machine for bike lovers. The construction of RSF650 is similar to traditional high-speed racing bikes

RSF650 electric bike is powered with a 650-watt high torque chain driven motor. The motor runs on a 36-volt (3 x12 volts) battery which allows 50 minutes of continuous riding. The twist grip throttle accelerates the bike up to a speed of 17mph. The lead acid battery is placed in an easy and quick-change compartment.

Battery replacement is easy and simple. You can keep two batteries as additional power. If a battery needs to be charged, you can replace it with a standby battery.

The low-profile windscreen of the bike protects your face and eyes from wind and insects. This feature is rarely available in electric bikes.

Razor RSF650 Street Bike is equipped with custom 12-inch 10-spoke mag wheels. These wheels are covered with street tires, which allow reasonable maneuverability while riding through busy streets. Moreover, the mag wheels look stylish and luxurious. The combination of mag wheel and rear disc brake increases the safety and controllability of the bike.

The angle riser adjustable handlebar allows a convenient adjustment of the handlebar. With very suitable handle positions, you can control the bike comfortably. The rear suspension improves the stability of the rider on the seat. 

The soft grip, retractable kickstand, hidden storage, and folding foot pegs are the basic accessories included in the package of the bike. Usually, these accessories are not included in the package of other bikes. The user needs to search for these accessories through other platforms. Razor has brought the RSF650 bike in the market along with all possible accessories.

Razor has manufactured this bike for the 16 years and up age group. Included with the powerful motor, mag wheels, and strong structure, the bike can carry up 220 pounds of weight. 

What We Liked

  • Steel trellis-frame Chassis design
  • Extended battery timing (50 minutes)
  • custom 12 inch 10-spoke mag wheels
  • Rear disk brake
  • Low profile windscreen
  • Hidden storage compartment
  • Adjustable angle riser style handlebars

What We Didn't Like

  • Occasional incorrect battery timing

9. Razor MX400 Motocross Electric Bike – Dirt Pocket Bike

MX400 is a unique bike for younger riders who are not afraid to get dirty. Razor has introduced this for the younger riders who want to go off-roading. 

The MX400 Motocross e-bike is a scaled down electric bike with a high torque chain driven motor. With a 400-watt motor, the bike can reach speeds up to 12 miles per hour. As the MX400 has been manufactured for off-roading, the company has installed 12-inch knobby tires. The knobby tires are better for gripping the road and power transfer. Moreover, the knobby tires also prevent slipping.

The starting age for the recommended rider is 13 years old. However, the bike is easy to accelerate because it speeds up using the throttle. The bike has a carrying capacity of 140lbs.

The design of MX400 e-bike is similar to traditional dirt bikes. The seat construction is inclined inward, which keeps the rider stable. The seat construction is good for maintaining your body position when off-roading, allowing the rider to focus on the road.

Razor MX400 Motocross is one of the most popular models of the MX electric bike series. The company has designed the bike with an eco-friendly structure. The bike is noiseless when in use.

What We Liked

  • Large knobby tires (good for pocket dirt)
  • Chain driven motor
  • Comfortable seat structure
  • Mostly noiseless
  • High torque motor

What We Didn't Like

  • Chain may come off frequently 

10. Pulse Performance Products Em-1000- First off-road bike for children

Pulse Performance Em-1000 is one of the lightest electric bike out there. This e-bike is suitable mostly for younger riders. 

Like heavy electric bikes, Pulse performance Em-1000 is a two-wheeled bike. Most of the operations and components are identical with large bikes. However, the bike is equipped with a 100-watt power motor which speeds the bike up to 10 mph. This speed allows younger riders to stay in control of the bike.​

The Em-1000 bike has been designed for learning; therefore, much priority is placed on the reliability and strength of the structure, including a puncture-proof knobby front tire. For enhanced absorption of bumps, the air filled rear tire is ok.​

Pulse Em-1000 includes a Moto-inspired twist throttle for instant response. Moreover, the bike is equipped with a caliper hand brake. 

This small electric bike is equipped with a 24-volt battery. The battery provides up to 40 minutes of continuous riding. EM-1000 e-bike comes with a charger and power converter. With the power converter, you can connect the charger with domestic electricity sources.​

The Moto-style handbrake and instant throttle response have made the bike handy and safe. It can be the first off-road dirt bike for your child because the company has concentrated on the safety of the rider.​

What We Liked

  • Puncture-proof front tire
  • Instant Throttle Response
  • Caliper hand brake
  • Comfortable seat

What We Didn't Like

  • Low power motor
  • Limited speed

Our Recommendations

Editor's Pick: GIGABYKE GROOVE 48V 750W  

The Gigabyke Groove particularly prevailed as our top pick because of its topnotch specifications. It's powered by a 48-volt battery, which is considerably more powerful in comparison to the batteries of other products in our list. The speed is also decently fast, running a max speed of 20 miles per hour. The LED headlights installed in it also makes it conducive to drive in busy streets. 

Runner-up: Razor RSF650

The Razor RSF650 Street Bike is also laudable for its powerful yet rugged overall design. It's designed for off-roading, which is clearly manifested in the structure of its dirt tires. Its motor is also designed to keep up with this purpose, being powered by a 36-volt battery. It has a maximum speed of 17 miles per hour. While it slightly lags behind the Gigabyke Groove in terms of maximum speed and battery power, the Razor RSF650 is still considerably a powerful motorbike.