After spending 5 full days on research, speaking to friends and consideration. We concluded that the Black Jack Beard Grooming Kit is one of the best kit around. The grooming kit is great for any type of skin, even those that are extremely sensitive. It’s fully packed with a beard shampoo, a beard oil, a conditioning shave and a scissor - a complete starter-pack for any beardsman. [Read more]

Before shaving razors and creams were invented, the early man lived fashionably with his beard. Fast forward to the present, the modern man still considered the beard as a timeless accessory to one's facial appearance. When maintained and grown properly, beards are attractive to look at but can also look messy and disgusting when not properly taken cared of. It's no secret among beard connoisseurs that for the beard to look good, you must definitely take care of it.

Luckily, modern science invented various tools to better take care of the beard. There are beard wash formulas, beard oils, conditioners, scissors and other paraphernalia. Normally, you'd go to separate stores to get different maintenance products. However, what most men don't know is that it actually makes more sense to get products in a complete set. It costs less to and it also saves time and effort on your part.

At present, the market is flooded with bogus and overpriced products, some of which are bombarded with inorganic chemicals that are bad for your beard. To help you sift through the clutter of bad deals, we compiled a list of trustworthy (we think) beard grooming kits that are safe and penny-worthy.

Top 10 Beard Grooming Kits for 2018

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What Should I Consider Before Buying a Beard Grooming Kit?

Beard grooming kits spares you from the tedious effort of going to different stores to get various beard maintenance products.

Ideally, a beard grooming kit is complete with everything that you need from beard oils to combs. If you're planning to secure yourself a kit, here's a list of the essentials and what you should consider when evaluating them.

#1 Beard Wash, no to shampoo!

Your beard, as exposed as it is in your facial area, is constantly exposed to everyday pollutants and dust. As a consequence, it's a sensitive area where bacteria and fungi can thrive. This makes your beard vulnerable to dandruff, split ends and other unwanted features. One thing that helps in preventing these nuisances is to use a beard wash.

A beard wash is an essential component of a beard grooming kit. It washes away all the foreign matter in your beard which causes irritation and itchiness. It's a hygienic necessity and dermatologists recommend applying it at most three times a week. If you’re thinking about using a regular shampoo to save money, you’re literally killing your beard. Regular shampoos contain strong and heavy detergents, agents which are very great in keeping your skin dry which inevitably causes flaking, dandruff and other ugly by-products.

#2 Beard Oils, Beard Balms and Beard Conditioners

I've lumped these three items because they perform mostly the same function for the beard. Oils, Balms and conditioners are important items for maintaining a healthy, shiny and smooth beard. These things ensure that your skin is hydrated and healthy enough to allow the growth of your beard without experiencing itchiness or skin flaking. Your beard, just like your scalp hair, also needs nourishment which can be provided by a beard conditioner.

At the very least, make sure you have at least one of these items. Also, when choosing the right kit, make sure the beard oil or balm is made up of organic oils extracted or distillated from plants. Beware of mass produced products, especially those that are made up of synthetic silicone. It will definitely ruin the health of your beard.

#3 Beard Comb/Beard Hair Bristle

Combing your beard is indeed a serious matter. It may sound funny and goofy to have a customized comb for your beard, but it’s actually necessary. Combing your beard helps in avoiding entanglement which causes it to loop in an endless mess. You surely don’t like to own a beard that looks like Medusa's head but why exactly can you just use a regular, common comb?

The difference, apparently, lies in the quality of both combs. Some combs, happen to have very sharp, jagged edges which causes irritation or might even wound your skin. Your beard always get stuck in the middle of these combs, which inevitably damages what you've waited for months to grow. On the other hand, customized combs for the beard have softer edges and are better suited to be used for beards. Hence, make sure to look for a beard comb in any beard grooming kit you are planning to purchase.

#4 Scissors

At some point, you may want to cut parts of your beard or probably reduce its thickness level. While any sharp scissor may do the job, you want to save some time trying to find a reliable beard cutter. For convenience sake, it’s ideal that a beard grooming kit has a scissor with it.

Hate them or love them, you will need these tools in growing and maintaining a handsome beard. The good news is, you would not need to break a bank to be able to afford your beard the tender-loving care it deserves. The challenge, though, is to avoid bogus beard grooming kits which does more damage than good to your beard.

How did We Assessed & Evaluated These Products?

I am a beardsman myself so assessing beard grooming kits is my niche. Nonetheless, setting aside my personal expertise, this list was produced after a thorough process of researching, testing and deliberating. I gathered some intel about what previous testers can say about the product. After synthesizing what the tester have said about the products, we then came up with a shortlist. What follows is the testing phase, by which me and five of my bearded friends have tried the products in the shortlist. After weeks of usage, we then carefully deliberated our top picks based on its holistic effect, over-all feel to the beard, scent and other factors.

All-over Facial Wash

This facial wash, which also functions as a beard wash, cleanses your beard to eliminate harmful foreign matter. It’s made up of wheat oil and Panthenol (a common substance used for skin care products) which makes it safe for skin application. It’s also sulphate-free, which means that it does not wash away essential oils and materials naturally produced by the skin. Unlike sulphate-based cleansers, the Black Jack Facial wash washes away the toxic dirt while keeping the essential oils needed to keep your skin nourished. It’s powerful enough but not excessively strong to the skin. The Jack Black had mastered the combination of anti-bacterial strength and sensitivity to the skin.

Beard Oil 

​Like any other parts of the body, the beard also needs its fair share of hydration and nourishment. The beard oil formulated by Jack Black knows well how to fulfil those demands. It is made up of Kalahari melon oil and vitamin, which means it’s totally organic. Applying this oil keeps your beard and the skin underneath it healthy and dandruff-free.

Beard Lube Conditioning Shave 

If ever you do decide to shave parts of your beard, the Beard Lube Conditioning Shave is a helping hand for you. It has a 3-in-1 function which serves as a pre-shave oil, a shaving cream, and an after-shave oil all at the same time. More importantly, this liquid is transparent so you can actually see the area you are trying to shave. It’s also made up eucalyptus and jojoba plants, which makes it good for your beard and your skin.


Styling and trimming your beard is made more accessible, thanks to its custom-made scissor that is made especially for your beard.

It’s a complete set which has everything that you need to keep the handsomeness of your beard. Jack Black products have a well known reputation when it comes to taking care of your beard and the skin underneath it.

Beard Wash 

The Mountaineer Brand’s beard wash is potent enough to kill bacteria yet sufficiently mild to soothe the skin underneath your beard. It’s made up of mild castile soap and lathers so it’s free from extremely strong detergents which causes skin dryness and irritation. Plus, it has a great, manly timber scent which is just right for every manly gentleman.

Beard Oil 

For hydration and nourishment, the beard oil in this package has an incredible, woodsy scent. It’s clean and soothing smell comes from cedar and fir needle. This beard oil keeps your beard healthy and shiny, so you won’t worry about rough patches. Beards usually feel like sandpaper, but with this oil, it will feel like a newly rebounded hair.

Beard Balm

This beard balm is also made up of 100% natural materials and it’s an accompaniment to your beard oil. It adds more oils and nutrients to your skin and beard. It also holds it together so it’s easier to arrange your beard according to your liking. Scent wise, it’s seasoned with grapefruit, lime and fir needle which blends just right with its timber scent.

Oval military-style Brush​

This brush glides smoothly with your beard so you’re not going to ruin your beard by combing it. It’s also synthetic unlike those that are made from boars so it’s totally environmental-friendly.

The scissors may be absent, but apart from it, this kit has everything you need to take care of your beard. There’s more than enough stuff to hydrate, cleanse and nourish your beloved beard. It also comes with a burlap bag and the logo also looks old-school so the packaging looks really like a ‘traditional man’ ad. The materials are natural and potent, so it’s definitely a great deal for the beard.

3. DapperGanger Beard Kit

Beard Shampoo

Like the other products in this list, the DapperGanger beard shampoo is 100% organic so it’s good for the skin where your beard grows. This shampoo can also be applied all over your face so it works like a facial foam as well. It cleanses and keeps your skin away from bacterial reactions in your beard area.

Beard Oil 

This kit’s beard oil is made of organic safflower, sunflower, almond, avocado, rosemary and other essential oils. The nourishment and hydration coming from nature is a great agent in softening your beard.

Beard Conditioner Balm 

You surely don’t want your beard going all over your face like little snakes in Medusa’s head. This beard balm, which is also made from natural ingredients, will help you in keeping your beard in place. If it’s thick and long enough, you can also use this balm to style it according to your taste.

Beard Comb​

The beard comb is good enough and it has soft edges which are healthy for your beard and the skin underneath it. It also has a can opener keychain, a feeble attempt of DapperGanger to add another detail to the ‘manly’ aura of the product. It’s cool but I don’t think it’s necessary.


Just a caveat: these scissors may or may not work well with your beard. It looks like a scissor you used before in your grade school art class so you may lower your expectations a bit with the scissors.

From what I can see, the DapperGanger Kit is packed with beard essentials. In addition, the scent which the manufacturer describes as ‘refreshing, has indeed a more aromatic scent, which can be directly contrasted to the ultra-manly lumberjack scents of other beard care products. Its nice scent definitely gives it a slight edge to other products in the market.

4. Percy Nobleman Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Shampoo

This beard shampoo from the Barbero Beard Kit has an incredible combination of ingredients which gently cleanse and refresh you beard. Barbero’s beard shampoo is a combination of pure Aloe, Boswella and Brazilian Joazerio extracts, natural menthol and Vitamin B5. This organic shampoo understands what the skin underneath the beard needs in a shampoo.

Beard Oil 

The bear oil from this kit is an awesome combination of grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, cedarwood oil, clove oil which helps in revitalizing and nourishing your beard and the skin underneath it.

Beard Balm

It’s also natural and it’s made up of botanical Brazilian Joazeiro and Boswelia extracts blended with a rich conction of Patchouli, Red Cedar and Clove oils. It helps in further nourishing and softening your beard. What I like about this balm is that it’s non-greasy so it won’t feel like a heavy and oily ointment in your beard.

Beard Wax 

This comes very handy when your beard start to go rogue. Beard hairs are naturally not very obedient so some of them start to twirl or go the opposite direction to where they’re supposed to be. This beard wax is great for straightening out and fixing rogue hairs to maintain a neatly arranged beard. It’s also 100% natural.

Overall, it’s obvious that the Barbero Kit knows exactly what beard connoisseurs need. The wax is an impressive addition to the usual elements of a beard grooming kit, and all the products are also organic. You may want to give it a try.

6. Craft Beard Grooming Kit

Organic Beard Soap

Instead of a beard shampoo, this kit offers a beard soap to clean and wash away all the dirt and bacteria in your beard. It lathers up very well and it’s entirely organic. It’s made up of a rich concoction of organic ingredients, namely: organic aloe Vera, organic coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, bentonite clay, cedarwood, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, and lime.

Organic Beard Oil​

This organic beard oil is another rich mixture of essential oils which create its fragrant smell. It smells great but is not too overwhelming. This beard oil is great at keeping your beard hydrated and nourished, which keeps dandruff and itchiness away from your precious beard.

Organic Beard Balm​

The set would not be complete without a beard balm that you can use in styling or keeping your beard together. It’s organic and smells just as great as its soap and beard oil.

Beard Comb​

The wooden beard comb in Maison Lambert’s Kit is just as good as the other products in the kit. Unlike other kits, the beard comb in this kit is not just a display accessory to improve the kit’s marketability. It glides well and can fix rogue hairs so it’s conducive for your beard.

Organic Body Soap​

A little freebie couldn’t hurt and this organic body soap is a generous freebie from this kit. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that it’s organic.

Undoubtedly, there’s a lot of beard care products in this kit. All of it is packaged in a nice, wooden cigar box which makes it a great gift to your father, husband or to yourself. It’s a family business and all the products are hand-made so you won’t need to worry about big conglomerates adding heavy doses of detergent to your beard care product.

8. Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Shampoo

There’s no doubt that this beard shampoo can effectively wash away all the unwanted debris in your beard. A major selling point, however, of this beard shampoo is its soothing, pine-infused fragrance. It’s a manly scent but not too strong. The smell is aromatic enough to make you close your eyes after a casual deep breath.

Beard Oil 

It’s probably already a standard protocol for beard oils to be organic and the beard oil in this kit is no different. There are no synthetic materials in this beard oil and it’s also rich in Omega 6 and 9 oils, an important agent for promoting beard growth. Like the beard shampoo in this kit, it also has a manly, pine infused scent. If you ever tried walking into a forest that has a very aromatic scent, that’s how this beard oil pretty much smells like.

Beard Balm 

This beard balm is great at doing two things: making your hair look shiny and holding your beard together. Rogue hairs can be easily disciplined with this beard balm, thanks to its slight hold. Smell wise, it shares almost similar scents with the first two products mentioned earlier.

Beard Brush​

The military style, boar bristle in this kit will treat your beard like royalty. The boar bristles are soft yet strong enough to disentangle rogue hairs and remove dust in your beard. Also, you can use this boar bristle regardless if your hair is wet or dry.

Big Forest, as the name suggests, does indeed smell like a fragrant forest. It’s manly yet gentle scent is definitely its greatest selling point, alongside with its efficiency in doing its job, which is to take care of your beard. 

9. Zeus Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Shampoo 

This beard shampoo is not just a cleaning agent but also a shampoo for keeping your beard hairs healthy, shiny and strong. It boasts a formula of anti-oxidants such as green tea, Dragon’s blood and chamomile which works together to keep dandruff and itchiness away from your body.

Beard Conditioner​

An extra care which makes your beard shinier and fuller is what this beard conditioner offers to the table. It provides extra nourishment to the hair and it also moisturizes the skin where your beard grows. Plus, this conditioner also reduces and prevents the breakage and falling of your facial hair.

Beard Oil​

This kit does everything in its power to maintain a clean, shiny and healthy beard for beardsmen. The beard oil from this kit does a lot of things such as improving blood circulation in your beard area, hydrating your beard and preventing the skin underneath your beard from flaking.

Beard Comb​

It’s fair to say that this beard comb is not the ‘deluxe’ type of comb but it is functional.

You can choose from three available scents (Verbana Lime, Sandalwood and Vanilla Rum), all of which are pleasant fragrances. If you are looking for a kit that maintains the cleanliness and the handsomeness of you beard, Zeus Kit may be a good choice for you.

10. Repsol Care Beard Comb Kit

If you’re planning to go au naturale or if you are no longer on the look-out for oils because you already have them, the Repsol Care Beard Comb Kit may be a fit for you. Unlike other combs, these set is of good quality that is meant to be used to your beard.

Two things: a wooden comb and a boar bristle brush.

This wooden comb works on any type of hair, from thick ones to short ones. It has a fine teeth and a course teeth on the other end so you can choose which side to use depending on the thickness and length of your facial hair. More importantly, it’s handmade so you wouldn’t need to worry about your hair snagging against the comb.

As for the boar bristle brush, it’s stiff but not excessively stiff which is just enough to comb you beard with ease. It also has a contour shape for maximum contact to you beard so you won’t miss any edges. It’s 100% boar brush and it’s definitely not a knock-off version of some boar brush.

Overall, this comb set is probably one of the most reliable set of combing materials in the market. It’s also a terrific gift, given its attractive box packaging which also comes with a free cotton bag. 

Our Recommendations: 

Editor's Pick: Black Jack Beard Grooming Kit

It’s a tough choice, especially when almost everything are organic and full-packed. Nevertheless, the reputation of Black Jack gives it an edge over the other products in this list. It’s one of the most popular beard grooming products out there, thanks to its stellar record of being sensitive to the skin. It’s great even for the most sensitive types of skin and it greatly helps in preventing or removing flaking skin, dandruff and itchiness. It’s also a full-packed kit, complete with a beard shampoo, a beard oil, a conditioning shave and a pair of scissors. It has everything you need to maintain a clean and shiny beard, which you can secure for yourself with a very affordable budget. It’s definitely one of the best beard grooming kit deals out in the market.

Runner-up: Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit

Its name is pretty much indicative of what its greatest treat is - the Big Forest. It’s one of the most aromatic grooming kit in this list. It has a manly, pine-infused scent that smells exactly like an aromatic forest. Its power to maintain your beard to its shiny and healthy status cannot also be discounted, thanks to its potent share of organic essential oils. Its beard oil is also very rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9 oils, which means that it also helps in encouraging the growth of your facial hair. 

Honourable Mention:​ Repsol Comb Kit

Sometimes, all you need is a great pair of comb and brush and that’s exactly what this comb kit offers. No oils, shampoos or whatever liquid there is, just a comb and a brush. For sure, lots of combs and brushes come with the full-packed kits but you’re bound to be disappointed with most of them. This comb kit, comprised of a wooden comb and a 100% pure boar bristle brush, offers you one of the best comb set out there that does not snag or tear your beard apart.