After 19 hours of hands on testing, crowdsourcing opinion and evaluation, we have decided that the Vdomus Non-Slip Microfiber Shag Mat is the best among all bath rugs in our list. It stood above the rest thanks to its non-skid backing as well as comfortable feel and high absorbency [Read more].

Isn’t it annoying when you rush to the toilet and suddenly have that slight heart attack whenever you accidently slip because of your bath rug?

Just imagine a bathroom with constant wet floor, all because your bathroom rug is not absorbent enough?

This is a common scenario among households across the globe and sometimes, these instances become hazardous or even deadly accidents. We know that you want to grab a hold of a bath rug that is both safe and reliable, which is why you have come across our article.

With all the lacklustre and cheap bath rugs abounding the market, we do not want you to end up scratching your head in disappointment. This is why we have done the tedious work for you by doing hours of research, hands on testing and crowdsourcing only to give you the best bath rugs of 2018.

We have reviewed each product we come across by highlighting the essential points. At the end of the article, we will discuss to you our top pick and honourable mentions.

So without further ado, here are the best bath rugs available in 2018.

Product NameMaximum Weight LimitProduct WeightProduct Dimensions
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EVO Mobility HD Multi-Fit Adult Bicycle Training Wheels - SM-906 125 pounds4.65 pounds2 x 7.25 x 12.25 inches
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Sunlite HD Adjustable Training Wheels220 pounds7.29 pounds3.2 x 8.3 x 9.45 inches
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Things to Consider When Buying a Bath Rug.

We have narrowed some of the most important factors you should consider before getting the product such as color, size, material, durability, safety as well as the required maintenance.

Over here, we will discuss each one of these factors in depth.

1. Size

The first thing that you need to do when buying a new bath rug is to measure the entire floor space of the bathroom, or the area wherein you will place the rug. The common areas of placement are usually the center of the bathroom or the space in front of the tub. Placing a rug in front of a tub is important to avoid harmful slips on the tile floor.

If ever you end up buying a rug that is too small, there is a greater possibility that it will look out of place and can lead to reduced safety. A large rug on the other hand, may not lie snugly on bathroom fixtures and can also overwhelm the entire look of the bathroom.

Measuring the size of the area before buying a rug will also help you come up with the best shape of the rug that will complement the look of the room. mentions that in most cases, rugs that measure 17 by 24 inches are suitable to be placed in front of sinks and shower stalls.​

2. Colors

When we are talking about the overall aesthetic of a room, we should never skip out on the right colors. This is why we should buy a rug with colors that blend in with the overall look of the bathroom.

In regards to color, several rugs come with a myriad of choices. You can opt for solid colors with minimalistic accents or you can also buy rugs with several patterns. The decision heavily rests on your personal style and preference.

In the end, colors have a huge impact to the overall feel and comfort of the bathroom.​

3.​ Material

According to, the overall construction or build of the rug will rely heavily on the material used. Because rugs are meant to be exposed to water almost all the time, the rug needs to be durable.

Cotton rugs as you would expect, excel in terms of absorbency while also providing better comfort to your feet. However, they are notorious for being difficult to clean afterwards. So if you opt for a cotton rug, be ready for some heavy lifting while washing it, well not exactly, but you get the point. Another downside of cotton rugs is that they take more time too dry.

There are also rugs that are woven from fibers such as chenille. These rugs, while not as silky soft as cotton rugs, are known to be water resistant which means that they will endure more even with constant exposure to water.

Synthetic or polyester or nylon rugs do not absorb water as well as water, just like fabric woven rugs they tend to repel moisture because of their hydrophobic nature. Because of this, they tend to dry faster compared to cotton rugs.

Rugs made with memory foam are much more expensive. However, they give exceptional comfort and are able to dry faster. The best memory foam rugs have a thickness of a ½ inch. says wooden rugs are basically the most interesting kinds of rugs. As you can imagine, the amount of water they are able to absorb is very minimal, this is why wooden rugs are usually placed in outdoor showers or bathrooms.

The best thing about these types of rugs is that they are sturdy and can last for more months or years. Wooden rugs, however are prone to slippage, this is why it is advisable that you place another rug under them.

All these factors should be considered before buying a new bath rug. Take note of them so that you will never have to worry about unsafe and tacky rugs in the future.​

How We Assessed and Evaluated These Products

In our evaluation and assessment of the products, we have searched hard over the internet and looked over every review site that mentions about bathroom rugs. In our search we have shortlisted approximately 20 for our list. This was not an easy task as we had to pick only 5 that stood above the rest.

In this evaluation, we narrowed down the bath rugs by focusing on the important features and specifications. These include their ability to absorb water, how easily you can wash them, their ability to resist slippage, overall size, design and most especially, durability.

We have subjected all the 20 rugs to an objective scoring method concentrating on the factors mentioned above. We then collated these scores and organized them in accordance to which one is higher.

higher.The methods in which we have assessed the products is through crowdsourcing from other review sites, as well as product testing by ourselves. The review sites we based our evaluation are from reputable ones which include and

A combination of consumer feedback and product testing added more rigor and objectiveness in our evaluation. Moreover, we did not receive any kickback from vendors or manufacturers to write favourable review.

The output of this rigorous process allowed us to come up with 5 of the best bath rugs of 2018. In here we will give critical observations with each product and balance out pros of each bath rug with honest cons. After all these reviews that are mentioned, we will finally reveal our highly recommended product.

Our Top Picks

The first entry on our list is the Vdomus Non-Slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat which offers a comfortable overall feel thanks to its top surface made of microfiber.

This excellent product really delivers on all the essential aspects.

The product comes in four colors and also comes in a large size measuring 20 x 32 inches.

The design of the Vdomus Shag Mat makes it suitable for the bathroom, toilet, shower, floor and even kitchen.

With its large size, it is able to cover a large surface area.

The chenille fabric microfiber is constructed to absorb water ensuring you of a floor that is dry and clean. With thousands of microfibers in its surface, the Vdomus shag mat is able to hold water without it smelling offensive as opposed to most rugs nowadays.

It also features an anti skid latex backing that keeps it in place even on wet surfaces. Even though with all its water absorbing capabilities, the product can be easily machine washed and dried after. However, take note that it should not be placed in the dryer or in hot water.

In our test though, we recognized that after washing the rug, a small portion of the bottom somewhat detached from the top portion. This is why we suggest that you take extra care when washing the rug.​

What We Liked

  • Anti Skid Latex Backing
  • Excellent absorbency
  • Large
  • Simplistic yet elegant design
  • Comfortable

What We Didn't Like

  • Bottom detaches easily

2. Chesapeake 2-Piece Pebbles –First Runner up

As the name implies, the second entry on our list dons a plush pebble pattern that adds that added aesthetic appeal as well as relaxation to your bathroom.

It comes in 4 beautiful color combinations that will match your bathroom décor.

The purchase includes two bath rugs which measure 21 x 34 inches and 24 by 40 inches.

The product is spun with 100% cotton giving you that comfortable feeling whenever you take a step on it. This allows good absorption in water so there is no possibility of slippage.

To further add the safety factor of the Chesapeake, the bottom is infused with anti skid spraylatex. This feature allows the rug to stay in place despite wet conditions.

The Chesapeake is easy to maintain as you can have it machine washed and it will also dry up easily. Muddy paw prints from your dog all over your rug? No need to worry, the Chesapeake can be washed easily.

During our test, we noticed that the anti skid spraylatex incorporated bottom is not that efficient. There were times wherein we would accidentally slip on wet floor.

What We Liked

  • Unique design
  • Purchase comes with two rugs
  • Comfortable
  • Good absorbing capacity
  • Comes with beautiful color combinations

What We Didn't Like

  • Rug will not stay in place in wet floors

The next entry on our list is the InterDesign Stripz Microfiber Bath Rug.

The Interdesign is also one of the most beautiful looking rug available in the market nowadays.

The product can complement well with the accents and designs of your bathroom. You can always pair it with your shower curtains and other décor.

This will of course add more aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

The entire product is constructed of 100% microfiber polyester. The product measures 34 by 21 inches which is large enough to occupy the important parts of the bathroom like the front of the tub.

The surface ensures a very comfortable feel, it is definitely soft to touch while also being able to absorb water quickly. With this, you will never worry about excess water on the floor. It also dries up easily.

The bottom of the product is equipped with a non-skid, no slip backing so that safety is ensured. In this case, the product stays in place despite wet conditions.

In addition, the product can be cleaned easily by using a machine wash. With that said,it easily dries in a matter of hours.

Overall, we felt that the product was adequate in terms of design and functionality, however, we noticed that it was thinner compared to the other bath rugs that we have reviewed for this article.

What We Liked

  • Large enough
  • Highly absorbent
  • Dries up easily
  • Equipped with non-skid backing
  • Comfortable feel
  • Stylish design

What We Didn't Like

  • Thin compared to counterparts

The fourth entry on our list is the Cotton craft 2 Piece Reversible Step Out Bath Rug.

This comfortable and durable bath rug measures 17 x 24 inches.

The purchase comes with two bath rugs which are colored white.

The product has a plush pile on both sides and can be used on both sides.

This assures that you can flip the rug whenever one side has stains.

This will come in handy when you have guests coming over to your house.

The rugs are hand tufted and are made from 100% pure cotton making it highly absorbent and easy to dry out. Despite this, the product can be easily cleaned through machine wash. It is highly durable and is assured that it will last for several years.

However, one major caveat with this product is the fact that it does not have a non-skid bottom. Because of this, it strays far behind the other options in terms of safety.​

What We Liked

  • Highly absorbent
  • Durable
  • Reversible
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Wash

What We Didn't Like

  • No non-skid bottom
  • Simplistic design

The last entry on our list is the STAINMASTER TruSoft Luxurious Bath Rug.

True to its name, the product has a very soft feel to it like touching velvet.

The STAINMASTER is made from 100% cotton and with this, it ultimately delivers on comfort as well as absorption.

To fortify the safety features of this product, it is equipped with a rubber backing that prevents it from sliding, especially in wet floors and situations.

Despite it being highly absorbent, the STAINMASTER was surprisingly very fast to dry.

The STAINMASTER can be easily machine washed. However take note that you can only that on a gentle cycle. The rugs measure 17 by 24 inches, large enough to accommodate the important parts of the bathroom.

All these features are packaged in a simple yet elegant design and the product is very durable.

However after a few days of use in our test, we noticed that the product shed a lot of threads, aside from that when we placed it in the washing machine, after a few cycles, we noticed that the non-skid backing detached a little from the top surface.​

What We Liked

  • Durable
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Highly absorbent
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Has non-skid backing

What We Didn't Like

  • Sheds threads after a couple of weeks
  • Bottom detaches when washed

Our Recommendations:

Editor's PickVdomus Non-Slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat

Choosing the best bath rug among these 5 equally excellent products is definitely a hard task. However, after careful deliberation we have chosen the Vdomus Non-Slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat.

This product basically stood above the rest because of its microfiber construction. This gives it more capacity to reabsorb water or any fluids while being able to dry up easily.

The non-skid backing allows it to become safer as it keeps the rug in place. This will come in handy especially in wet floors. Coming in four colors, you have the freedom to customize and choose whatever blends in better in your bathroom.

Take note! A bathroom rug need not to be boring, it can always add more beauty and punctuate the overall loom of your bathroom.

Overall, with the Shag bathroom Mat, you get a product that is durable, comfortable, safe as well as good looking. This is why it deserves the top spot of our list.

Runners Up: Chesapeake 2-Piece Pebbles and STAINMASTER TruSoft Luxurious Bath Rug

Coming in at close first runner up is the Chesapeake rug. This product features an admirable and cute pebble stone pattern giving it a unique look which can definitely complement the overall design of your bathroom.

The product also delivers in durability and absorbency.

The second runner up on our list is the STAINMASTER TruSoft rug. AS the name implies, this product offers excellent comfort and sheer softness. In addition, the product excels in durability, absorbency and design.