With about 112 hours used to do its research and hands-on testing, we have chosen the Santeen Sanitary Automatic Hands-free Touchless Flush as the best auto-flush toilet for home in this review as it maximizes its features. It does give you the ultimate benefits of automation from its easy installment process without needing significant changes; good sensitivity of its sensors, single and dual flush settings. Though battery powered, it can give as much as 20,000 flushes for you to enjoy.

Have you ever gone to a mall and dreamed to have their posh toilets?

While you can always have a do-it-yourself project for its interior design, a luxurious toilet also begins with cleanliness.

You think it’s hard? Well, you’re wrong!

You can start your deluxe comfort and a clean comfort room with a simple auto flush toilet for home.

Auto flush toilets are common in public areas as malls, offices, hospitals, and schools.
What you might not know is that it can also be used at home.

It only gets better!

This equipment will not require you to change toilets or your plumbing with less mess.

The question now is how you can choose which is right. This is a bit tricky because not all toilets are the same.

In this review, we came up with a list of a diverse auto flush toilet for home that we think rises from the rest of the market through thorough research and testing.

Let’s go!

How do they work?

For the non-plumbers (like us), auto flush toilets for home (also called automatic flushers) can be vague and intimidating creatures. This equipment, however, is not as complicated as we think. Most of us may believe that installing it will alter a huge part of our toilet and plumbing system, but, this is not the case.

Instead of pressing the handle or button of the toilet to lift the flapper, there is a sensor that makes use of infrared light. The infrared then forward electric current, which in turn activates the valve of the toilet. By simply standing in front of the sensor or placing a hand near it, the toilet flushes automatically.

The equipment runs on batteries such as AA and C types depending on the auto flush toilet. There are different kinds and installation process that also depends on what kind of toilet you have at home. 

​Buyer’s Guide

Who can use?

With auto flush toilets anybody can benefit as it is part and parcel of our biological needs and functions. While this review focuses on auto flush toilets for home, small to large establishments like public areas, offices, malls, schools and hospitals among many others can have this equipment installed in their toilet or comfort rooms.

In homes, this is very useful for those who are potty training little kids or even pets, forgetful adults and those that may have difficulty in their movements. Even with responsible adults, you can have benefits of auto flush toilets like minimizing the spread of germs for one.

Advantage and Disadvantages

Here are some of the benefits of having auto flush toilet for home:

  • It promotes cleanliness as there is no touching of any handle or valve to since the toilet uses sensors to flush. Hence, it minimizes the spread of hand-to-hand germs.
  • It makes things easy for those who have limitations as to their memory and physical movements as it does not need to push handles or buttons.
  • It can fit and is easy to install in different settings as homes, business establishments, and the likes. 
  • It encourages you to make improvements on your old toilets and make use of recent technology for convenience.

Here are also some of the drawbacks:

  • Some auto flush toilets flush a couple of times, where it can be an issue of water wastage
  • Some does not flush immediately even if the user is within the range and has been in there long enough to detect presence. 

Buying guide

1. Sensor range

There are different users of an auto flush toilet for home with different concept of distance. Even if living along each has different height and size of toilets that affect the reach of the auto flush toilet’s sensor range. It might be useful to have a flusher that has enough range to accommodate various users

2. Sensor location

Sensor location depends on the type of toilet you have at home. Some sensors are facing the user, and others are facing the ceiling. User-facing sensors may be more convenient because it will flush while you are in the ‘using position.’ However, even this kind of location can still differ. 

3. Sensitivity

Nothing is more frustrating than this equipment not flushing despite standing for several minutes in the toilet. It is convenient to have an auto flush toilet that is sensitive enough requiring you to spend time in the ‘using position’ or standing or having to wave your hand for it to work. 

4. Battery power

Each equipment requires distinct battery types from C to A batteries. It also has different power, where some can flush as many as 100 thousand flushes or as little as 10 thousand.

5. Installation

As it will be used for homes, it is essential that it is easy to install and can be done without calling an expert. 

​​​How We Assessed & Evaluated These Auto Flush Toilet for Home

Auto flush toilets for homes are one of that equipment that requires proper understanding before you can have a comprehensive review of each product. It is challenging for us to find suitable material to begin.

We started off with online research, where we first look at forums to know the product better other than our knowledge about it. We looked into forum sites to crowdsource information asking the power source of the auto-flush toilets and how it works. Then, we also visited online sellers and manufacturers to understand its features and benefits.

To support our online data, we further talk with offline sellers and family and friends who are using an auto flush toilet for their homes. We tried seeing how it works, its installations, their concerns, and recommendations.

We then created a list of auto flush toilets and gathered 11 products as our first top auto flush toilets. We narrowed it down to five based on the selection criteria we have developed from our data research.

After having the top five choices, we formed a group of testers to make use of the product from installation to its usage. This part is the most challenging because we need to find the right toilet that fits our top five. We also have to get a plumber to guide us to prevent breaking our sample toilets. 

​Top 5 Auto Flush Toilet for Home Product Reviews

First on our list is the Santeen Sanitary Automatic Hands-free Touchless Flush.
This auto flush toilet for home looks similar to the FlushMinder Automatic Dual-Flush System DIY Complete Kit with its wire connectivity, flush systems and the power of 6 AA batteries.

With the installation, this product is relatively straightforward. According to the testers, it has a comparatively longer wire allowing more choices in setting the sensor depending on the users’ preferences.

The sensor location is again outside the tank with its wired connection with the mechanical part of the flusher inside the tank. It is also similar to that FlushMinder with the dual flush setting. Hence, the sensor is also fronting the user making it convenient to use as it flushes without the need to activate the sensor manually.

The sensor of this auto flush toilet is also decent, where it flushes when needed. It also conforms to its dual setting giving the users pre and the standard flush. However, there are instances the sensor might be too sensitive that the automatic flush activates prematurely.

What our testers love about the Santeen Sanitary Automatic Hands-free Touchless Flush is its capability to set it to single or dual flush. The dual flush allows half and full flush setting, while the other is the standard flushing mechanism. The testers noted that this feature not only gives you more choices but also remedies the issue of water wasting.

This equipment is powered by 6 AA batteries, which its description said that it could fuel more than 20, 000 flushes. We were not able to hit this flush times, but it works even with the several flushes during the testing. 

What We Liked

  • Fairly easy installation
  • Single and dual flush settings
  • No hands needed 
  • Batteries seem powerful

What We Didn't Like

  • Sensor seems to be too sensitive for some users

Our second auto flush toilet for home is the FlushMinder Automatic Dual-Flush System DIY Complete Kit attaches to the flush handle on standard toilets. The ONE and ONLY autoflush kit that converts single-flush toilets into fully automatic dual-flush. Great Cat Potty Training Accessory. Model: ASFS-TA1.

This equipment can be placed outside of the tank of the toilet, which is compatible with most of the standard lever flush toilets. Thus, our testers believe that it can be used with most of the homes. It is still vital that you check your own toilet to check its suitability.

As to the installation, our testers (even the first timers) found it easy to work on it. It took them a few minutes to figure out what goes with where and how to place the parts accurately. However, compared to the other equipment this has relatively easier.

The sensor location of the FlushMinder Automatic Dual-Flush System DIY Complete Kit should be facing the user to activate the dual flush systems. There is no need to wave hands to flush because it uses the user’s presence even while using for it to function. It can be suspended on top of the tank or lever.

There are issues with the wire connecting the sensor and its mechanical system. Some users think that it is too short to have liberty in hanging. Other testers feel that it is enough because it has a dual flush detecting the user’s presence while in use and after.

According to the testing, the sensitivity of the sensor is good and well-working for the first half and second full-flush. But, there are testers who believes that double (1-½) can be a waste of water.

The battery of this equipment is said to provide as many as 10,000 flushes. 

What We Liked

  • Compatible with most home toilets
  • Easy installation
  • No hand-waving

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Dual flush can be an issue of water conservation

The third stop is the Zurn ZERK-CPM E-Z Flush Automatic Retrofit Kit for Closet and Urinal Valves with Metal Cover.

Now, this auto flush is quite limited as to its compatibility with the toilets for home use. Its description provides that it can be used with urinal and/or water closet flush valves. The valve of the toilet is outside the tank. Again, check your toilet because most of the home toilets of our testers have different flush settings.

Since it requires external installation, the process was smooth and without complications and need of other tools. Our testers especially the first time users find this to be among the easiest and speediest equipment to install.

As it replaces the handle of the toilet flush its sensor is also located outside and facing the user. Thus, you can simply zip up, and while doing so, the flusher automatically works. There is no need to hover hands to make it work/

This Zurn ZERK-CPM E-Z Flush Automatic Retrofit Kit for Closet and Urinal Valves with Metal Cover has a 3-second delayed feature to ensure that there is no false flushing. Our testers have different views on this feature.

All of the testers think that this is advantageous as it can help in conserving the water by preventing premature flushes. But, there are those who experienced more than a 3-second delay that they have to do a mini dance before it flushes.

There are reported incidents that this equipment has repeated flushing causing flooding. For the entire duration of the testing, there was no continued flushing. Our testers pointed out that it might also be coupled with plumbing issues. 

What We Liked

  • Easy installation
  • No need for a hand-hovering mechanism
  • Prevents premature flushes

What We Didn't Like

  • Limitation with toilet compatibility

The TECHO Touchless Toilet Flush Kit, Battery Operated, 8" Sense Range, Tool-less installation, Automatic Motion Sensor Toilet Flush Kit is a type of auto flush toilet for the home that is meant to be placed in the tank of the toilet, which can be connected with the flapper or canister type of toilets. You need to check what kind of toilet you have at home before choosing since this flusher is limited to flapper and canister.

Its description provides that 10 minutes is all it takes to install the flusher fully. During the testing, the installation took more than 10 minutes considering that these testers are not experts. They have to repeatedly check the manual to ensure that they are doing it correctly. The testers, however, note that it is important to read the instructions carefully than to end up with a faulty flusher.

With our sample toilet, the sensor location is facing the ceiling. That is, you need to wave your hands on top of the sensor for no-touch flushing. Our testers have different views on this feature.

Some of them believe that it is okay because it still promotes no-touching on the handle. The others think that it still requires manual flushing by hand-waving, which can be inconvenient for those who have special considerations like small children and the elderly.

The promised range is up to eight (8) inches. Our testers think that this range fine since you need to hold your hand over it rather than detecting presence while in use. It also comes with more than 30,000 flushes with its 4 AA batteries.

There are reports that the sensor does not work after several weeks. Our testing period cannot determine such because it is only within a week. However, some testers experienced delayed flushing even after several minutes.
ntar Fasciitis, Sore Joint has the biggest volume at 16 ounces.

The ounce can be considered a minor criterion because our focus is on the actual performance of the product. Although, our testers pointed out that a large ounce makes it convenient for those that use it regularly as they don’t have to buy several jars or tubes.

If the Biofreeze Professional Pain Relieving Gel is green, this pain relief gel comes in blue color. You don’t have to be anxious about its color though as like the Biofreeze is also has a very small hint of stain and even none to other testers.

They also like that its odor is not overpowering. You can still tell that there is some minty scent to the gel, but, it is not as strong as the other products in this review. Some of the testers even said that it is milder than the product they are currently using. S

With its pain-relieving effects, its cooling effect is fast. You can feel the coldness and the dulling of the pain seconds after you applied the product.

An issue that they have observed from this pain relief gel is that even with the fast-acting relief, it is not very strong. It might be because it has 2% menthol as an active ingredient.

This pain relief gel also does not last very long. The relief and coolness last only a few minutes then you have to reapply.

What We Liked

  • Relatively easy installation
    8 inches sensor range
  • Works with most flapper and canister toilets

What We Didn't Like

  • Sensitivity seems weak
  • Requires hand waving to flush

Completing our top five auto flush toilet for home is the Rubbermaid Tank Auto Flush, Wireless.

The first impression of our testers with this product is its complicated parts. It was confirmed when they tried to put it all together. It is not very difficult that you will have to call in an expert. Although, its instructions need to be read and reread carefully as it seems a bit vague.

This product is similar to the Santeen Sanitary Automatic Hands-free Touchless Flush and the FlushMinder Automatic Dual-Flush System DIY Complete Kit, which can work with most valve retrofit kit and fixture type tank toilet. It can fit the most common toilets built for homes.

Its sensor may be located outside of the tank where it can be pinned over it to detect the presence of the user. The equipment uses the similar mechanisms as other products in the review with sensors located outside. This auto flush toilet also faces the user to detect their presence for its activation.

The testers love that the Rubbermaid Tank Auto Flush, Wireless can have several settings or adjustments. It can be adjusted to have it on object detection that flushes when an object is detected, or you can add a delay. There is also hand-waving feature, where you wave your hand.

Our testers find the product to be less sensitive than the other products on review. Despite the settings and adjustment, the flusher takes time more than the other products before it can flush.

This equipment is powered with 4 D batteries and is said to flush up to 100,000 flushes, which is quite powerful. We were not able to test it up to 100,000, but every flush as the right pressure. The testers also said that good-working toilet might also add to such performance. 

What We Liked

  • Various sensor setting types
  • Compatible with most home toilets
  • External sensors for easy activation

What We Didn't Like

  • A bit hard to install
  • Sensor seems a little weak

Our Recommendations ​

Editor’s Choice

From the top five auto flush toilet for home, the Santeen Sanitary Automatic Hands-free Touchless Flush is our Editor’s Choice.

A toilet equipment power up to 20,000 flushes, this flusher put together convenience, ease, and power. From its installation to use, the users can go smoothly with its good wiring and decent sensor sensitivity that faces users. You have to be careful though to set it correctly to prevent untimely flushes.

It further provides two flush settings, which is the standard one flush and the dual flush. The feature gives the user more liberty to manage their technology in accordance to their usage.

First Runner-Up

Our First Runner-Up closely follows the Editor’s Choice with their feature similarities. The the FlushMinder Automatic Dual-Flush System DIY Complete Kit attaches to the flush handle on standard toilets. The ONE and ONLY autoflush kit that converts single-flush toilets into fully automatic dual-flush. Great Cat Potty Training Accessory. Model: ASFS-TA1 offers the users easy installation for most of the standard lever flush toilets at home.

This equipment also has dual flush settings for pre-flush while in use and the full flush after using, which is spells convenience and ease for users.

It didn’t make it as Editor’s Choice due to its wiring system and limited flush settings.

Second Runner-Up

The Second Runner-Up is a distinct. The Zurn ZERK-CPM E-Z Flush Automatic Retrofit Kit for Closet and Urinal Valves with Metal Cover requires installation only on urinal and/or water closet flush valves. It can be attached externally with less difficulty and gets you going in no time.

This equipment’s sensor is also competitive in performance, while providing delay to prevent unwanted flushes. Thus, helping water conservation practices.