We’ve ridden over 12 km over the past month, and the Razor A5 Lux Scooter is still our favorite adult scooter. For a versatile, foldable, and compact transportation unit, the Razor is the best balance of performance and price we’ve found. This one is really great for commuting on different terrains. It also handles a wide range of riding tasks and tricks with ease. We loved that Razor A5 is lightweight and durable- we could easily carry it anywhere when we couldn’t ride it on some places. Its versatility makes it an ideal scooter for all ages and abilities.

Looking to get a scooter to use as a transport for work or school?

We know there are countless of brands and manufacturers you can choose from in the market. And well as you could probably guess it’s rather confusing and time consuming to know which are good and which are not.

You probably agree with us that the last thing you want is buying an inferior scooter which breakdown after riding it a few months later.

Then we have got a good news for you. ver here we have done the research for you. So scroll down and view the list we picked after conducting a series of test and research.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started.

Best Adult Scooters 2018

Ankle Ice PackDual Therapy (Hot/Cold)CoverageAdjustable
Ankle Cold Compression Therapy WrapYes360 (Full with feet)Yes
Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Compression Ankle WrapYes360 (Full with feet)Yes
O2 Ice Cold Therapy Reusable Ankle / Foot Support BraceHot not indicated360 (Full with feet)Yes
Mueller Cold/Hot WrapYesRound wrapYes
Bodyprox Cold & Hot Therapy WrapYesRound wrapYes

How Do Adult Scooters Work?

It’s a portable means of transportation that’s powered by pushing yourself off the ground to accelerate forward. Scooters are vehicles that have a set of wheels, a deck, and a handlebar. It is like a longboard but with a handlebar for steering.

The most common materials used to make these are steel, titanium, and aluminum. There are special scooters that were made for adults. These are specially designed to have wider decks, more durable parts, larger wheels, and a handbrake to ensure a smoother ride.

Most adult scooters can carry a maximum load of 220 lbs. and has an average of 7.1 inches wheel size. Others have a rear spoon brake instead of a handbrake for more durability.

"What Should I Consider Before Buying an Adult Scooter?"

There are some essential things you might want to note before getting a scooter. It’s important to stay smart and know all the necessary points in choosing one. If you don’t, you might have to compromise its longevity and durability.

1. Weight and Design

Your scooter’s weight, design, and overall configuration have a significant impact on your whole riding experience. If you’re a rider who is a little bit heavier, you might want to choose a design that can support you and your weight. Many manufacturers today have started to design scooters that are light-weight but durable that can withstand a heftier load. So it’s important to also look at the specs and the expected weight before making your final decision.

2. What’s it for?

Using it as a transportation solution is generally the idea of wanting to get one, but you also need to find out what your primary and other possible purpose are. Are you getting a scooter for commuting 2 -3 miles a day or more? If you are traveling for more than 2 – 3 miles, then you need to check if it’s comfortable and durable enough to ride for whatever purpose you have for getting it. 

3. The Access to Service and Support

If you’re looking to get an adult scooter from an established brand, then it certainly has its after-sales benefits. But, what is important is also to consider the availability of a wide range of support centers whether it be by a renowned brand or a smaller manufacturer. This consideration is beneficial because after buying it, you’ll be able to get services for repairs and maintenance.

4. Availability of Its Spare Parts

It’s crucial to see if your scooter’s spare parts are widely available. That’s why it’s vital to choose a brand with readily available parts. So, it’s imperative that you check with your dealer if the spare parts of your scooter are easily available or not.

How We Assessed and Evaluated These Products

We read through buying guides and ratings online then swept through hundreds of customer feedbacks on retail sites. We also contacted product managers and experts at Razor, Fuzion, and Hudora to talk about key considerations when choosing a scooter.

Our list originally had ten scooters, but after spending hours on researching and testing, we came up with a list of five. Since they don’t exactly take substantial leaps in terms of structure, and design, we decided to focus reviewing more on the fundamental and more crucial things.

It was surprising to see that the ten scooters we evaluated had almost identical hardware (build, structure, etc.). Our group consisted of 5 people, and each of us used the five scooters for three days over the course of a 4-week testing period.

We made sure to use the scooters on a variety of terrains, set a certain time period on each test, and noted how each performed based on each of our assessments. 

We knew that buying the most expensive scooter did not mean getting the best. That’s why we came up with five criteria for judging each one: overall structure, ergonomics, features, and durability. We believe that these five criteria would give us a good measurement of how buyers would assess the value of the scooter. 

Our Top Picks

1. Razor A5 Lux Scooter – Editor’s Choice

When we tested the Razor A5 Lux Scooter, we reached the same judgment that it’s a strong and compact unit. We loved that its wheels are big enough and that it has a ball bearing system that we can easily stroll over bumps, curb cuts, and brick sidewalks.

We initially thought of it as a transportation device- a good alternative for walking. But as it turned out, it’s really fun to use it for commuting.

We tried also it in wet weather conditions, however, we all had the same conclusion that it’s not an advisable scooter to use. We had a hard time stopping, turning, and slowing down when the road is wet.

Wet leaves are also a thing to watch out for when you’re using this scooter. One of us slipped and fell while riding over wet leaves one morning. Our colleague was trying to make a turn, but then after moving over the wet leaves, he slid and fell.

When we tested it going downhill, we liked how we breezed through the pavement. Uphill proved to be a tougher challenge as we all had to constantly kick to get to the top. On a level pavement, though, we coasted for a good amount of distance with just a kick.

What We Liked

  • Foldable
  • Gives you a smooth ride compared to scooters that have smaller wheels
  • Has a micro kick stand

What We Didn't Like

  • Rear brake doesn’t work when pavement is wet
  • exclamation-triangle
    The front wheel rises off the ground when pushed too hard

On evaluating this scooter, we liked that it cut our normal commuting time by 50%. When we each had our turn riding it, what normally took us 30 minutes to walk to reach our parking area, we got there in about 15 minutes less.

We also loved that it’s capable of folding- very convenient to store away in the trunk of our cars when we didn’t need it anymore.

We also tested it and brought it to a train station. We like that it doesn’t get in anybody’s way onboard. It’s foldable, so it’s a very compact thing to have. We tried skidding on turns, going off of ramps, and jumping off of curbs- it wore the tires a bit but it didn’t compromise any of the fun since it worked really well.

The heaviest of our colleagues weighs 215 lbs. and he wore a size 12 shoe- the scooter can accommodate him and his foot well since we measured about 1 to 1.5 inches of space between his shoe and the scooter frame and its brake.

Using it on cobblestone or brick roads wasn't a comfortable experience as each of us could feel the sharp jarring vibrations it made. 

What We Liked

  • Easy handling
  • Sturdy build
  • plus
    Easy to carry and rolls smoothly

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Doesn’t have much of a traction on asphalt pavements
  • exclamation-triangle
    Doesn’t ride well on brick and cobblestone roads

On assessing the Hudora RX-205 LUX, we think it was a plus that the scooter came in fully assembled. We only had to pop in the adjustable handlebar, and then we were good to go.

We liked that it came with a sporty black and white design. We also noticed that it had the rubbery kind of wheels which made strolling quieter and had more traction and grip on the pavement.

We also loved that there’s a lever that needs to be pulled when folding. To unfold, all it needs is a little push with a foot until there’s a gentle snap that confirms that the latch was properly engaged.

A huge advantage of this scooter is its shoulder strap- we think this is very useful for commuting. We also found it nice that it has big wheels and a steady frame that allowed us to move quickly along the road. Its frame doesn’t rattle unlike the other scooters that didn’t make it to our list, and that can mean it was very well built.

What We Liked

  • Fits right under the seats of public transportation like buses because it doesn’t take that much room
  • Coasts smoothly on level pavement
  • Very handy because it comes with its own attached carrying strap

What We Didn't Like

  • Some people have reported that they found the folding and unfolding part hard to do
  • exclamation-triangle
    Sometimes it rattles when ridden

4. Mongoose Expo Scooter – 1st Runner Up

When the package arrived, we loved that it was packed really well. Its box was sturdy, and we found that all of the components were wrapped up nicely with no damages.

Assembling the Mongoose Expo Scooter was quite a difficult task, especially with the bike brakes. We had to go over to the nearest bike shop to get it properly assembled. It turns out that it was because of the rotor assembly on the handlebar stem that made installation of the brakes a bit tricky.

We didn’t really like that it had plastic rims as we noticed that the plastic was considerably obstructing the braking power which ends up losing its grip. But we also found that if we adjusted the brakes well, they made a great job of slowing down the speed- just not enough to lock the tires into some power skids.

We tried it on the street, grass, and even gravel and found that it rides nicely. We thought it was a great idea that the brake cables were floating freely because then we could rotate the handle around without binding the cables.

Although the adjustment was a little tricky, once the cables were in place, everything looked and felt right.

What We Liked

  • Rides well in gravel, grass, and on the street
  • Well packaged
  • plus
    Can withstand potholed roads

What We Didn't Like

  • The brakes are a bit lacking because when we cruised downhill, we needed to stop using our foot
  • exclamation-triangle
    Some people claimed that they had to loosen the wheels since they wouldn’t spin on the axles

When we first laid our eyes on this scooter, we really liked its fine carbon fiber finishing. When we tested the brakes, we found that its brakes are nice and sharp. The headlamp and anti-slip board are also two handy features that we loved.

Upon inspection, we noticed that this scooter is made of quality material and only the brake, throttle, and part of its headlamp is made of plastic. We liked that the handlebar is made of rubber and that its core is made of metal.

Assembling the scooter was a comparatively simple process. The instructions were written in good English, so we didn’t really had much difficulty in setting the whole unit up. It came with its own tools – and that’s a bonus because the leg and the handlebars needed to be screwed in.

While testing this scooter downhill, we noticed that we needed to use a combination of the foot and the electronic brake to balance it out and not get thrown off the scooter.

We liked that there are three gears- the fastest we’ve tried was going 16mph. We also observed that the acceleration is relatively fast when setting the gear to the highest.

What We Liked

  • The head lamp switch is well situated
  • Has a nice carbon fiber weave at the bottom of the board and the shaft
  • Has a non-slip boardx

What We Didn't Like

  • Battery life isn’t trustworthy
  • exclamation-triangle
    Riding on a rocky path might get you thrown off the scooter 

Our Recommendations:

Editor's Pick: Razor A5 Lux Scooter

After extensively evaluating each of the five scooters that topped our list, we made a unanimous decision that the Razor A5 Lux Scooter is the best among all of the ones we tested.

One thing that set this scooter apart from the others is that it has an innovative braking system on the rear wheel. We found that this made stopping easier as we didn’t have to awkwardly shift our weights just to slow and brake the scooter. 

We also loved that it has a ball bearing system which allows the rider to take sharp turns on any dry pavement. And its wheels will help you maneuver on rocky surfaces easily.

Runners Up: Mongoose Expo Scooter & 2nd Runner Up: Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

We really liked that this scooter rolls on two 12 inches pneumatic tires. It’s a breath of fresh air from the common scooters that sport 7 inches wheels. We love that it rides well over cobblestones, bricks, packed earth, sidewalks, and even on grass.

So if you’re daily commute involves no bus rides and just brick paths and the like, the Mongoose Expo Scooter is a great alternative to our first pick.

Compact, lightweight, and fun to ride on, the Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter is a great way to coast along smooth city pavements. Its chic design and fun colours make it ideal if you’re looking for a stylish scooter to match your persona.