Not Sure If The Product Is Right For You?

Here's how we can help:

  1. Uncertain whether it is the right product or not?
  2. Unable to decide whether you should choose product A or product B?
  3. Couldn't find any information on the product you thought of buying?

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- Research & Process -

Step 1: Product Ideation

We receive product ideas from our readers and keep a close look on what is lacking on the web. 

Step 2: Scoring & Ranking

We then gather a list of products from experts and users. The products are then scored and ranked based on key buying criteria.

Step 3: Best 10 Products

Only the top ten highest scored products will be selected for hands-on testing, evaluation and review. 

Step 4: Hands-on Testing and Evaluation

We are committed to obtaining and using the products we review. However, due to budget constraint, we couldn't possibly purchase all of them. Hence, we could either borrow them from manufacturers, with no conditions attached, purchase them as regular consumers, or review based on online research.

Step 5: Independent Recommendation

Once we access the products, we will make independent, unbiased and thorough product recommendations. We present them in the form of Editor's Choice, first runners-up and second runners-up. We also welcome buyers' feedback should they disagree with our recommendation.

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Scholarship Programme [CLOSED]

The mission of AuthorityAdviser is to present independent, thorough and reliable information to help buyers make complex buying decisions easily. We conduct our research and analysis through hands-on product testing, expert feedback and data analytic. 

We present our research through independent buyer's guide and product recommendations. By being an online community, we recognize the power of the written words, so we want to give opportunities and help creative minds exhibit their abilities in this area.

​So, we are happy to announce the opening of our AuthorityAdviser Scholarship Program to highly motivated individuals and with burning passion in writing.

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